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Why your site has a high failure rate

Do you know that sagging site positions in searchable delivery can happen if he has bad ones behavioral factors. In this case, one of the most significant characteristics is considered to be the site failure rate.

If you do not know what the indicator of failures on the site means, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the terminology and basic concepts.

The failure rate is the percentage of the ratio of visits, during which no more than one page of the site was viewed, to the total number of visits. This definition is given to us by Google. 

Yandex considers it the same, but a minimum stay time is added. on the website’s open page. A visit less than 15 seconds long is considered a refusal.

For those who do not know where to see the site failure rate, we inform you that Google Analytics provides this opportunity. You can also use the Webview in Yandex. Metric.

Показатель отказов в отчетах Google Analytics


On the network, you can often meet discussions on what a normal indicator of failures should be. Accurate values do not exist, but there are averaged, formed in the process of monitoring various types of sites - 70 %. If the failure rate is 40-70 % this is normal. Although, for example, well-known online stores can only have 15 %.

If your site has a high failure rate (more than 70 %), you should think about the causes of this phenomenon and try to make appropriate amendments.

By the way, we will talk about the reasons for this in the following subsections.

  1. Your site is a one-page

    If this is so, then you can’t count on a normal failure rate. After all visitors simply cannot fulfill the condition of non-refusal (go to another page of the site), because the page is only one. 

    The way out of the situation will be to add additional pages and interest visitors in viewing them. 
  2. Low page download speed

    If site download speed exceeds the average value in 3 seconds, the number of failures will increase rapidly with each extra second. Think for yourself how much you are willing to wait for the page to download?

    Показатель скорости загрузки страницы

    There can be quite a few reasons for this. Maybe, affects hosting influence, whose servers simply cannot handle the load. Or the fault of that too heavy design. Or maybe it’s business in code errors, that will help identify site validation

    In any case, if there is a similar problem, it must be solved as soon as possible.
  3. Navigation problems 

    A high failure rate can often indicate that users simply could not or did not want to go to other web resource pages because of the too confusing menu, absence "bread crumbs" or internal skipping.
  4. Lack of adaptability

    Every day, the share of mobile traffic is growing rapidly. Therefore, if you have not taken care that site adaptability was at the proper level, do not count on a normal failure rate. Also do not forget about crossbrowser.
  5. Visitors do not know why they should go to other pages.

    Do not forget that most of the traffic from search engines comes to the internal pages a website, not the main one on which you posted your advantageous offer. If not worry about a call to action on all pages, high failure rate guaranteed.
  6. Pop-up windows and advertising

    Most Internet users deeply annoy all kinds of pop-up elements web resources. If this is an advertisement, the probability of an increase in the number of failures is rapidly increasing. 

    Изображение надоедливой всплывающей рекламы

    In the case of pop-up windows with an offer to subscribe to the newsletter or register, it is better to postpone this action for those who have already begun to study the site and have made at least one transition.
  7. Sheer text canvas

    If, for example, write blog article without dividing it into paragraphs, using subheadings and adding graphic, video and others types of content, be sure that units will be decided to read it. Therefore, the site will have a high failure rate.

    Therefore writing SEO texts must be done in view of the fact that they must be present relevance, expertness, utility and visual elements, making reading easier.
  8. Design that users don't like

    About what could be the impact of design on site promotion we already told. Poor design is also the cause., according to which the normal site failure rate can only be reduced. After all, you will agree, it happens that when you go to the page and look around it, I want to leave immediately.

    Изображение неудачного дизайна сайта
  9. Low content relevance

    Correct text optimization for search promotion is not given to everyone. The introduction of keywords in texts that do not correspond to them within their meaning can cause only one reaction among visitors who came from search engines - the desire to leave as soon as possible. 

    A high failure rate is a logical consequence of attracting an inappropriate audience to the site. due to advances on requests that can be interpreted ambiguously.
  10. Wrong external links

    It is understood that links leading from the pages of your site can simply “lead” visitors, thereby increasing the number of failures. It happens, if you are not configured to open links in a new window. The correct link should look like this:

    Пример правильно настроенной внешней ссылки

Summing up

Now that you know what the indicator of failures on the site means and what are the reasons for its increase, you can only fix the existing problems.

And what is the failure rate of your site?