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The influence of behavioral factors on website ranking

Those who set out to cover all possible methods of promoting their sites as leaders in the issuance of search engines must also take into account the behavioral factors of the site. This term involves the search engines evaluating the aggregate characteristics of user behavior while viewing your pages.

Currently, there is often debate between gray hairstyles about how behavioral factors influence the promotion of the site. It is believed that they do not affect. But it is erroneous. After all, the existence of search engine algorithms aimed at assessing user behavior has been known since 2011. Every year they are becoming more and more improving and learn to distinguish real results from windings.

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What elements of behavior are taken into account

The influence of behavioral factors on ranking should be considered in two directions.
Firstly, the most important thing for any search engine is the result - user finding the response, who will satisfy his request. That is, it is tracked which of the results of the issue he will stop at. If the visitor no longer goes to the search engine at the same request, then on your site he found what he needed.

In the interest of PS, raise your web resource higher in extradition, so that in the future other users can find answers faster. This is the real behavioral promotion, which is also for you "playing on hand". Therefore, it is necessary to try to fill your pages with texts that are as relevant as possible to the requests by which they are promoted.

Secondly, Search engines keep track of user behavior within the site:

  1. How much time does he spend on the pages.
  2. How many views each page has.
  3. Depth of views (whether they read all the information or do not advance further than the first paragraphs).
  4. % failures (the number of cases when the user closes your page for a period of less than 10 seconds).
  5. Re-return. The influence of behavioral factors on ranking is especially noticeable in situations where the visitor comes to you from the search engine, and then returns again and again. This means that you really were able to satisfy his request and provide quality content. A couple of "plus" from the PS are provided to you.


How search engines track site behavior

For those who want to make sure that the behavioral factor affects the promotion of the site, there are special services (for example, Yandex.Metrik) that make it possible to track the impact of behavioral factors on extradition yourself. By providing you with information about user visits to the pages of your site, they simultaneously fill their databases with the necessary data to which you so kindly provide them with access during registration on services. So, we will spread the methods of collecting behavioral statistics by search engines:

  1. Specialized Services, which were described above (another popular one is Google Analytics).

  2. Browsers. Almost every browser “cooperates” with some search engine. Chrome spies on you in favor of Google, Internet Explorer shares data with Bing, Yandex also has products in this niche.
  3. Browser Add-in. If you use the browsers not mentioned above, add-ons (for example, Yandex.Bar) turn them into employees for transmitting data about your behavior to the corresponding search engine.

How to use behavioral promotion correctly

Now you know how behavioral factors influence the site promotion. The next step will be to warn you against hasty actions. If you try to quickly, by any means, begin to improve the satisfaction of visitors to your resource, this can end very deplorable. Therefore, such an event must be carefully considered.

If you decide to go dishonest and use "Birges of clicks" and robots for artificial winding, which only imitate the actions of site visitors, in if exposed, your site will go under the filter and disappear from the issuance of a search engine. And from there you can get out for a very long time (this is not about 1 - 2 months).

Therefore, it is recommended to promote their sites in this direction only "natural" by. For example, by posting on pages is really high quality and useful texts. Do not forget about convenience for visitors. Design also plays far from the last role.

How did you make sure, site behavioral factors significantly affect its chances of getting into the TOP of search engines, and an attempt to match them can both positively affect his rating and negatively (in case of fraud).

Good luck in this difficult business!
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