Color range of the site in design plays an important role in creating a resource. She can have a significant impact to the mood of a person and push to a certain behavior. A good color design can attract the attention of the user, forcing him to stay on the site longer, which already positively affects the promotion of the resource. Such a visitor may later become a client of the company or make a purchase. Inappropriate shades can, on the contrary, push users away.

The correct color design of the site is best entrusted to professional designers. However general view on the formation of a harmonious range of colors must have every owner of the Internet resource.


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Color selection rules

The main tool when combining color solutions in the design of the site is the color circle. It allows you to identify attractive combinations, but for its effective use you need to know the principles of use.

цветовой круг для дизайна сайта

You can build harmonious combinations according to such schemes:

  • Monochrome. On the color circle, one main color is selected and several variations in the degree of saturation. Image contrast is achieved by adding white and black. Such a color scheme for the site always looks harmonious, but for some topics it may be too boring.
  • Contrast. The combination of two colors, which are opposite in the circle. For example, red and green, yellow and blue. Their use on an equal footing is highly undesirable. One of the colors should become the main, the second - auxiliary for the arrangement of accents.
  • Triad. An equilateral triangle is created on the color circle. The peaks will correspond to certain colors, from which one will become the main, and the other two will be auxiliary.
  • The analogy. With this scheme, 3 colors are also used for site design - one main shade is selected, and two additional ones are located on both sides of it.
  • Tetrad. Color combinations for the site consist of 4 options. The choice is made by creating a kind of rectangle on a color circle. This is a complex scheme that implies that one color will be primary, two additional, and another will be used to emphasize the emphasis.
  • Accent. They take 3 neighboring (analog) colors and are supplemented by one contrasting hue.

как подобрать цветовую гамму для сайта

There are quite a few rules on how to choose a color scheme for a site, as well as ready-made schemes. However, today a number of services are available that can help the designer and just a curious user to easily choose the optimal combination:

  • Adobe color CC - A Russian-language option is available, several operating color selection modes and different palette options.
  • - a fully Russian-language service with a simple and understandable interface.
  • - a resource easy to manage, but exclusively in English.

Enough use of one assistant - it remains only to choose which one to use. Color selection is a rather complicated matter that is purely subjective.

сервис для подбора цветового оформления сайта

The only way to make the task easier is know the corporate identity, if this is already used by the company. In such cases, it becomes clear which colors are priority.

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Subject and color of the site

The correct approach to how to choose colors for the design of the site will make the site unique and memorable for visitors in the future. They will begin to linger longer on the resource, which will positively affect behavioral factors and promotion.

When choosing the colors of the site, it is important to consider the topic., because it often sets the tone and dictates certain rules. 

  • Green - associated with nature, freshness and health, therefore, it is excellent for online stores of natural cosmetics, eco-products, plant seedlings, as well as companies that are engaged in landscape design and landscaping.
  • Brown - the color of chocolate, coffee beans and wood. It is used for the design of confectionery, caffeine, furniture manufacturing workshops.
  • Blue - symbolizes purity and stability, associated with heaven and water. Often used for sites of travel companies, water delivery, swimming pools, online stores of treatment filters, plumbers, air conditioners.
  • Pink - the color of tenderness and femininity. Often used on various resources of women's or children's subjects.
  • Golden (or yellow) will be a good solution for sites dedicated to banking, financial or insurance topics.

To implement color design, it is important to consider the features target audience, for which it is designed.

How to choose a color scheme for a site by its type

The use of different palette is associated not only with the topic, but also with the type of sites. For understanding, you can find these examples:

  • For news portals it’s better to opt for neutral colors. They allow you to focus users on content as much as possible. Sometimes rigor is diluted by using one bright accent.
  • A similar trend is observed among financial and legal sites. Such a business primarily prefers a rigorous design using calm tones.
  • Online stores mainly use a bright and spectacular design that matches the presented products.

How many colors should be on the site, how to combine and use them to achieve goals - the question is complex, and no one can give an unambiguous answer to it. There are a number of some general rules, the non-compliance of which does not carry a negative. The main thing is harmony and a good combination.