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Why you may need attendance at someone else's site

Now for a successful online marketing strategy, it’s not enough to know only your site attendance, It is also important to analyze strangers. The reasons and goals for this can be different, for example:

  1. This is your competitor 
    Data on the attendance of a competitor’s site will make it clear how approximate the number of users has entered the resource over a certain time. In addition, there are online services that can perform a deeper analysis and determine the sources of traffic, the number of sessions and their duration, the percentage of failure, the type of devices, the gender and geographical location of users, as well as other useful information for analyzing competitors.

    Knowing all this, you can understand:
    - How popular is the niche as a whole among users;
    - What potential traffic a site can get when it is in the TOP of issuing search engines. 
    - Which channels for attracting customers work most efficiently among competitors and, possibly, adjust their marketing strategy.
    - Are there seasonal fluctuations in attendance on someone else's site.
  2. You want to post a paid link on someone else's site
    One of the indicators by which you should choose a site for posting external links is its attendance. The more traffic comes to it, the more weight the link placed on it will have. And there is also the possibility that users will go to your site on it and even become your customers.
  3. Plan to post your ad on someone else's site
    In this case, it is not so important for you to receive a link for SEO promotion. The paramount is the number of people who can see the advertisement, and how much is the target audience for you. Therefore, it will be necessary not only to determine the attendance of another's site, but also to analyze the geography of users, traffic sources, the percentage of failure, etc. 

How to identify competitors in SEO

To assess the attendance of a competitor’s site and further build a SEO strategy, you should understand, who exactly is a competitor. If your goal is to get into TOP search engines, then you need to take into account exactly those sites that are already there. 

For this, in the tab of the browser “Incognito” search your destination request and view the issue. Contextual advertising, bulletin boards, aggregators are not taken into account. Collecting a list of competing sites is most convenient in Google Tables or Excel

Кто является конкурентов в seo

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Checking the attendance of another's site using counters

The most truthful data on attendance can be found from special counters, but competitors, of course, do not provide access to them. In a few cases, open counters can be installed, for example, such as: Liveinternet, Rambler Top 100, Rating @

Информер счетчиков посещаемости стороннего сайта

If it so happened that in the basement of your competitor’s website, the counter is still available, click on it and you can see information about resource attendance. 

Открытый счетчик посещаемости на чужом сайте

Sometimes only partial statistics open with quantity information:

  • views in 24 hours;
  • visitors in 24 hours;
  • visitors for today.

Based on these data, approximate attendance per month can be assumed.

There is another way to see the attendance of another's site, if it is Liveinternet installed on it. You must enter the “”, combination into the browser search bar where instead of “” substitute the domain you are interested in. Thus, you can see data on the number of visitors and visits per month, week, day, today and how many people are now on the site.

анализ посещаемости чужого сайта в Liveinternet

If such information is not available and no information has been established, you can find out the attendance of another's site without a counter, but using online services. 

It should be understood here that each such service has errors and each has its own algorithms for calculating the number of visitors. They can display different information and will differ from the one that the installed counter can calculate. But when analyzing the traffic of competitors, it is important for us to understand the overall picture and inaccuracies can be neglected. 

Online Attendance Checkers

Online service in Russian, which has a fairly understandable and simple interface. The main functions are available for free. 

Проверка количества пользователей на сайте конкурента

In order to determine the attendance of any site, it is necessary to enter the domain of interest in the search and find the “Traphics” block among the data received. Here you can find out the approximate number of visits and visitors, as well as their geographical location.  

pr-cy сервис проверки посещаемости

In the paid version, you can additionally determine the sources of traffic, failures, time on the site and the number of pages per visit.


English-language online service, in which there is a free and paid version. For registered users, even in the free version, information is provided a little more than for unregistered users, so it is better to immediately log in.

Here you can check the statistics on the attendance of the competitor's site for a certain period. In the free version, you can choose 28 days, a month and 3 months. In paid - up to 2 -x years. 

Трафик чужого сайта в сервисе similarweb

For unregistered users, data for the last month is displayed by default. 

similarweb total visit за месяц

In addition, you can:

  • find out the percentage of failure, duration of visit, the number of pages viewed per session, the type of user device, their gender and age; 

    Определить пол и возраст посетителей в similarweb
  • analyze the dynamics of attendance of another's site for the selected period;

    similarweb динамика трафика сайта конкурентов
  • check the geographical location of visitors;

    Гео-расположение посетителей чужого сайта
  • see data on the source of traffic, etc.

    Как проверить источники трафика конкурентов

In the “Channel Analysis” section, you can see distribution schedule of traffic through channels. This allows you to analyze the audience that came from a certain source of traffic: how many users came, what percentage of failure they had, duration of the session, and how many pages they looked at. 

аналитика каналов трафика любого сайта с similarweb

Important! If you are not registered with Similarweb, then the attendance of competitor sites will be displayed only if it is higher than 12 thousand users per month. If registered, then it will be possible to see info starting with 5 thousand visitors per month. 

similarweb не покажет низкую посещаемость


A service that allows you to check the attendance of another's site and analyze the traffic of competitors. It is paid, but a limited Free tariff plan is available. There is a Russian version. 

In the section “Analysis of traffic” enter the domain address in the search and check. Similar to the previous service, here you can find out:

  • number of visitors and the pages they viewed; 
  • session duration;
  • failure percentage;
  • share of traffic from PCs and mobile devices;
  • traffic sources;
  • geo-location of users.

semrush оценка трафика любого ресурса


Paid Russian-language online service that allows you to find out the attendance of competitors' sites from Google search engine. Users who come from other sources are not taken into account.

Анализ органического трафика конкурентов в Serpstat


English-language paid online service (available 7-day trial period), in which you can also see data on the organic traffic of another person’s resource.

ahrefs трафик чужого сайта из поисковой выдачи


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to find out the attendance of competitor sites or any other resource. Choose more convenient for you and analyze the data. 

Services can display different information. To calculate the approximate percentage of error, you can first analyze your site, the exact attendance of which you know, and compare the results. 

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