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What is call-to-action

Call to action - a call to action - an expression quite common and is used in many areas of life, in particular, in the most interesting online marketing for us. The meaning of such a call is bring the user to the target action, which you expect from him and for many purposes created the site.

To make a site visitor turn into a buyer, client or subscriber, we write useful content, think over the promotion strategy, launch stocks. Call-to-action is another effective tool, helping user make the right decision. With it, you directly inform the user what he needs to do, and “pack” this action in a convenient form. How to make a seductive call to action and get a client as quickly as possible? Let's figure it out.

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Call-to-action Rules

To understand how to make a call to action effective, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for its creation.

Before considering the appearance and text of the call, important preparatory work should be done:

  • Define Call Objectives

    In fact, there can be several of them, they can differ from page to page. In the product card it will be “Buy” or “Go to the basket”, on the blog page - “Share” or “Leave a comment”, in contacts - “Call” or “Order” call back. Do not rush and think carefully about the user's behavior strategy on the site and on each of its pages, so that set goals and create a call for them. And remember, the more actively you use call-to-action, the more you get the return, so do not get lazy and come up with calls on each page, almost everywhere it is appropriate. Moreover, often even on one page you can place several call-up buttons at once, the main thing is that they do not interfere with getting to know the basic information, do not distract attention and are not intrusive.

    Пример нескольких call-to-action на странице сайта
  • Learn the nature of the target audience

    The place of placement of the call, the text, and the appearance depend on this. If you are dealing with young, ambitious, active - there should not be too much content, but call-to-action is better place in the most prominent place and generally make it the main significant element of the page. Turning to a more “adult” and a solid audience who likes to study, compare and analyze, it is better not to “wip” with active buttons. First, familiarize yourself with the useful information that will push to the solution, and only after that offer the action.

    Understanding the needs of users of your site and their goals is a prerequisite for the competent use of call-to-action.
  • Thinking through an analytics system

    Without analytics, any chips cannot work to the fullest. In any case, you will not be able to understand how effective the use of a call-to-action or any other element of communication with users is. This is a serious mistake that can lead to very sad consequences. Mandatory study visitor behavior site after adding a call. Perhaps he does not push the right thought, but annoys and makes you leave the page in search of a more peaceful cozy place.

After careful preparation, you will understand more what your call to action should be and how to test its work. Now we turn to the tips on how to write a call-to-action that will help you achieve what you want.

How to write a call to action

There is no single recipe for compiling an effective call-to-action for all sites and goals, but some psychological aspects of the call and general recommendations for working with this element of communication should be taken into account.

  • Time limit

    Artificially creating a time deficit is very motivating to do something here and now. Excessive thoughts alienate the user from the action and your offer. The ability to postpone decision-making for the future often attracts us more than the need to do something right now. Choose this feature and thereby push the user to action. There are various solutions to limit time, for example:

    - start now;
    - indicate the number and wait for the call within 30 seconds;
    - have time to buy at a special price before * *: * *: * *.

    There can be a lot of options, the main task is to stimulate a quick action.
  • Command

    In fact, for the most part, people do not like to make decisions. It is as if inherent in nature. And, despite the apparent desire for freedom of choice, a person seeks to relieve himself of responsibility, obeying someone’s order. It’s easier, I guess. And it is important for us to take this feature into account for our own purposes. Create a call using verbs in imperative inclination: call, write, sign, share, buy, etc.
  • Underlined benefit

    Visitors come to the site for useful information or discounts, solving a problem or performing another action. How sad it is, but even doing good, we thereby acquire something for ourselves. Show the benefits of the action and you will get the expected. “Get free”, “Keep up to date”, “Get a discount”, etc. Emphasize the benefits for your user, it works much better than a long description of the overall product qualities.

    Подчеркивание выгоды в призыве к действию
  • Short and substantive

    To understand which call to action works better, analyze the data obtained after testing various call-to-action options. As practice shows, the most effective calls are short. The main task is to simply, briefly and clearly explain what is required of the user and what he will receive. “Invite a friend - get a gift,” “Learn more.”.
  • Numbers work

    The numbers give solidity and accuracy to information. They are pushing for a decision. Indicate how many subscribers already receive useful mailing, how many happy buyers use the product, what place the company occupies in the rating. Numeric data perfectly illustrates the usefulness and importance of the action.

    Another effect of using numbers is the creation of some semblance of a club of the elite. It is pleasant to feel like one of the most perspicacious and smart purchasers of a service or product. 

    Пример призыва к действию с цифрами


Having talked about how to create a call to action using useful recommendations, we move on to design. It plays a very important role in making user choices.

How to make a call to action

We mentioned above that for greater efficiency, calls to action are desirable to use not only on different pages of the site, but also several times on one page. This may be a re-placing of the same form or different calls depending on the content of the page. 

Consistently enter call-to-action items in the main content pages. To understand how best to make a call to action in the text, carefully study it (if the author is another person) and divide it into separate significant parts, each of which can end in action. For example, under the part of the text with general information about the product group, it is possible to successfully place the “learn more” button, below, describing the advantages of such products, you can bring the user to “Go to the directory section”, under the whole article to offer "Share.


Призыв к действию читать блог

It is worth remembering that call-to-action should help users make the right choice or take the right step. Make sure that the object is in the visitor’s field of vision: by making a decision at any stage of the site’s study, it should be able to immediately perform the treasured action. However, the call should not be intrusive and interfere. Overdo it - you will lose the visitor and, most likely, forever. 

Utility pop-up windows with active buttons that you can both turn and open if necessary at any time.

Good color solution is of great importance. Highlighting in color in itself works as a call to action. It’s good to use noticeable, bright colors. But keep in mind: call-to-action is an element of the site’s page and your company as a whole, its design must be consistent with resource design and corporate identity. If the color scheme of the brand consists of yellow-green elements, the red or pink button will look strange, alien and even ridiculous. In addition, the field of activity is important: on the website of the wedding salon, the bright blue element will clearly not be in the subject.

Сочетание цветов сайта и кнопки call to action

Graphic elements are an excellent tool for Internet marketing, which can be effectively used in relation to call-to-action objects. The more interesting the graphics, the more attention it attracts. But remember about relevance and harm of excesses. Connect a professional designer or typesetter to the work, they will help make the call to action interesting and visible.

We examined how to make the call to action on the site effective and get more orders, subscribers and customers. Have you tried using call-to-action items? Was there a noticeable increase in the activity of site users with buttons calling for action?