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How to set comments on the site

The more activity visitors to the site show and the more time they spend on its pages, the better they will be behavioral factors and the higher he will rise in the search issue. Besides, the opportunity to speak out often attracts user attention no less than getting discounts. Therefore, installing a comment module for a site is an excellent solution not only for feedback from users, but also an effective tool for promoting.

In many CMS and designers there are built-in plugins comments for site visitors, but in most cases they are characterized by limited opportunities and poor functionality. In addition, often the “commentator” needs to register for the opportunity to participate in the conversation. This takes time and often discourages speaking. 

For small commercial sites that are not configured to get a large number of detailed discussions, built-in plugins are quite suitable. But if you want to get the most from each article and want to involve the largest possible audience in the discussion, you should pay attention to third-party comment systems for the site. They can be more convenient for both the owner of the resource and its visitors. 

After selecting a system and registering, you can set the comment widget for the site on each of its pages and thereby initiate a discussion on the proposed content. In this article, we will figure out if there is a better script for comments and how to add it to your site block of the selected system. For our review, we have chosen the most popular and functional scripts.

Benefits of using alternative systems for comment

External services have several advantages over standard management system capabilities. Most of them allow:

  • quickly log in with a social media account or mail;
  • form the database of users who left comments;
  • participants in the discussion receive notifications of new messages, which helps to increase the involvement rate of site visitors;
  • indefinitely store the database on the service servers and save your own server space;
  • evaluate other people's statements;
  • add photos and even videos.

It not a complete list of additional features, that provide certain services for comment. Moreover, not all of them can be considered advantages, in some cases, for example, storing a discussion base not on our own servers can be considered a disadvantage. However, many comment scripts give the right to choose the owner of the site, who using individual settings can set opportunities beneficial for himself and his users.

Disqus: A Leader Among Alternative Commenting Systems

The Disqus service was founded in 2007 and has gained popularity among most owners of information sites over its more than 10 years of history. System specialists claim that it processes more than 50,000,000 comments per month. Initially, the service was free, and paid package offers were later added.

System Features

The script is suitable for installation on almost all types of sites. System characterized by flexibility of settings and wide functionality. Adapted for various devices and for any design. You can insert multimedia files in the comment. Disqus protects the resource from spam.

To register with Disqus, you can create a new account or log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. After authorization, you can choose how you want to use the system - to receive notifications about discussions on the sites to which you are subscribed, or to set comment widgets for your resource.

Как установить виджет disqus

All comments, left by users on the site, stored on Disqus servers. On the one hand, this avoids overloading of your own servers, saves space and money to expand it, protects against spammers and viruses. On the other hand, it will not allow the use of data after refusing to work in the system, which binds the owner of the site for a long time.

Users registered in the system can leave comments not only on the source site, but also on the website itself. 

Disqus widget allows you to use accounts most English-language social networks. A minus for runet users is the absence of Vkontakte social networks and Odnoklassniki among the supported social networks.

How to set comments on the site

After registering on the site, you must confirm your desire to complete the installation on your own website. You will be taken to the page with the form in which you want to enter the site data - URL, direction (select from the drop-down list) and working language.

Next step tariff plan determined. Three options are available now.

Как подключить систему Disqus

Add a widget for comments you can:

  • through plugins and pre-installed modules of your platform (available to most popular CMSs);
  • by receiving and posting on the site code from Disqus.

By choosing the right tariff, you are on the CMS refinement page

Как подключить комментирование с disqus

If your control system is not in the proposed list or for some reason you do not want to indicate it, click on the “I don’t see my platform listed, install manually with Universal Code.

Подключение disqus к сайту

If the installation is done through the plugin, you must download and install Disqus comment system. Configuring the plugin will be available after it is activated. As Shortname, to be requested by the system, you must specify the unique code that is in the Settings tab in the website menu.

Установка системы комментирования

Final plugin installation step - confirmation of account authorization in the Disqus system. Next copy sinc token and paste it into the installation page of your CMS. Now your site has a widget for comments from Disqus.

The installation principles of other alternative systems are very similar to the Disqus service, and the steps may vary slightly depending on the control system you use. Therefore, we will not consider them in detail.

Disqus System Settings

If comments have already been entered on your site using the standard CMS solution, you can export them to disqus through the platform settings.

The service allows you to enter text to designate a moderator, select the rules for sorting comments (top new, old or most interesting). You can also grant the right to “voice” to anonymous users.

By ticking in the field Links in Comments, You will connect the automatic need for moderation of comments containing links.
In order for users to be able to place media files in their messages, you should note the field Enable Media Attachment.
In the settings section Flagged comments you can ask the right to any participant in the discussion to note dubious comments. They will be hidden until the moment of verification after receiving the number of signals specified by you in the settings.

You also have the opportunity indicate stop words, the presence of which will automatically detect it as spam (Word Filter Function). 
The service provides the site owner with a track of the number of comments, the “Like” / “Like” marks, and give access to moderation to specific individuals. You can configure the import and export of messages from the system, as well as save backups to your computer.

HyperComments: functionality and simplicity available to social network lovers

Another alternative commenting system for the site we recommend is HyperComments. Its distinctive feature and main plus compared to Disqus is the ability to register and authorization through most Russian-language social networks. In addition, the service has a Russified version, which is very convenient to use.

System Features

HyperComments - a universal comment script, It is suitable for blogs, information sites, online schools, retail outlets, etc. There are three tariff plans in the current offer, each of which can be connected free of charge for a test period of 14 days.

Тарифы HyperComments

With the HyperComments system, the so-called hypercomments are available to you - the ability to select and comment on a specific part of the text. Another characteristic feature of this service is message citation. With these functions, the discussion process becomes more convenient. In addition, they contribute to better engagement and audience engagement.

Особенности HyperComments
Registration and authorization on is done through a Google account. If you don’t have it yet, you will have to start, otherwise, if you don’t try, you will not be able to connect the comments of this system to the site. 

HyperComments Comment System Settings

All settings are available through the plugin of the installed site management system. Here you can configure the import of comments previously posted on the site.
In the general settings of the widget, you can connect the ability to receive notifications about each posted message and the premoderation of each message.
In the “Structure” subsection, you can prohibit or allow non-authorized users to leave comments. Here is also a field for connecting cross-posting (automatic posting of comments on the user's page). It is worth noting that in many cases this can lead to a refusal to communicate on your site.

HyperComments Disadvantages

The serious shortcomings of the system include the fact that it does not allow any actions even during the period of free testing until the payment card data is entered. This stops many because they are afraid to pay for an unknown product.

The “friendship” of the service with most popular social networks, including Russian-speaking ones, does not greatly justify the rejection of users who are not registered in any of them. Visitors to the site who do not have social accounts will not be able to leave messages on it if you have banned comments from anonymity.
Users participating in the discussions do not receive notifications of new comments in topics of interest to them. This fact cannot but affect the decline in involvement.

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Cackle: from interest to comment - one click

Cackle - An alternative system for adding a widget of comments to the site, in its features very similar to Disqus. But the creators have finalized something and improved some points. This is primarily true. quick authorization of users, registered on social networks, with the help of one click on the icon of their social.

System Features

Comments on your site after installing Cackle can be left by users of most large social networks, including those popular in Runet. This compares the system favorably with Disqus. The service has a Russified version.
Users for authorization do not need to enter through their account in social media, but in this case registration in the Cackle system will be required.
Left on the site comments indexed in search engines, that has a good effect on website promotion. In addition, after installation, a page score can be displayed in the site’s snippet.
Registration for site owners is fast and simple, you must enter an e-mail and password, and also confirm that you are not a robot. Everything from now on you can start installation. Before a free installation, you do not need to enter information about the bank card.
The service offers a choice of 4 package. A flexible system allows you to adjust the tariff for your needs, adding the necessary functions.

Чем Cackle лучше

Customize the cackle

In Cackle, you can export early comments from CMS and configure synchronization with the platform database.
Immediately after posting widgets on the pages of the site, users can leave messages on behalf of their account on the social network, as well as evaluate the content or comments of other site visitors, publish a discussion or part of it on your page, subscribe to an interesting discussion.
Settings allow you to disable the ability of users to delete their comments or set the time during which they can delete their own message.
It is also available for you to change the order of social network icons at your discretion, pushing the less popular among your audience to the end, so that it is easier for users to find the icon of their social network.
The cross-posting function with importing a comment on the user's page in Vkontakte is activated in the basic settings. To disable it in order to maintain good relations with users, you need to make changes to the extended settings.

Using advanced settings, you can also:

  • establish the need for premoderation;
  • allow or prohibit anonymous comments;
  • make links in messages active, etc.
  • In addition, the system allows you to connect antispam.

System disadvantages

When comparing Cackle with Disqus, the main disadvantage is lack of a free version of the script.
Also, the disadvantages include the fact that not all users know that for authorization it is not necessary to use your account on social networks. 

Comments from Facebook: free, but not for everyone

Easy widget installation and free comments from the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, available only to Facebook users.

System Features

If you are not ready to spend time studying the question of how to add a form of comments to the site, then you will most likely like the service from Facebook. To install a widget on your own site, just go to the page for developers, select the appropriate plugin, request automatic code generation and add it to your site. Everything, the widget has already loaded and is ready to post messages.

Disadvantages of installing a widget for Facebook comments

Of course, choosing the system from the largest social network in the world, you should not expect the same variety of functions and chips. This service enough "poor" compared to others popular scripts.

But the main disadvantage is still the inability to leave comments to users who do not have a Facebook account. 

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IntenseDebate: a free service for WordPress

An external comment system on the IntenseDebate website was developed by the same team that worked to create the most popular CMS. Therefore, it integrates best with WordPress.

System Features

A completely free script. To authorize, also just log in to your account on a social network. The only nuance: like Disqus, IntenseDebate is not familiar with Russian-speaking socialists. Service comments are indexed by search engines.

IntenseDabate settings allow you to:

  • receive notifications of new comments on the site;
  • duplicate them to the user on his Twitter;
  • import them from WordPress;
  • change the appearance of the buttons and the size of the avatars;
  • add the ability to leave complaints about other people's comments;
  • track the appearance of messages containing links.

InenseDebate Disadvantages

The main minus of the system is the neglect of social networks popular on the expanses of the Russian-language Internet.
With all its capabilities, the functionality of the service is not as wide as that of the main competitors.

Tolstoy comments: creating a community of users without investments
The service is significantly different from other external systems for comment. With it, you will create a chat widget of users on your site, giving them the opportunity to freely communicate with each other online.
For authorization, users can use either their account in Vkontakte, Facebook, Google or Odnoklassniki, as well as go through quick registration.
Tolstoy comments allows you to evaluate other users and respond to specific messages from interlocutors. The service also gives badges to the most sociable commentators. 

System disadvantages

Messages in chat rooms cannot be indexed, search engines do not see them and, therefore, cannot add points to your site.


There is no universal and better external service for comments on the site. It all depends on your tasks, audience characteristics and goals for which you decided to set a widget on your site. Do you have experience using alternative commenting systems or do you prefer to use the regular capabilities of CMS?