Advertising is an effective tool for sales and business development. But it does not always bring the expected benefit. Often, investments do not pay off at all, depleting the project budget. 

Perhaps advertisements simply click bots or competitors. Or requests, audience or content of advertising text may be incorrectly selected. In highly competitive niches, advertising may not be profitable due to too high a rate. But most often the source of the problem is the site itself. Therefore, changing the performer usually does not significantly improve the result, only taking precious time.

When contextual or targeted advertising is not effective, it is important to clearly define the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Below we will consider the key issues that impede business development so that you can understand what slows down your project.

Why advertising does not pay off:

  1. Unattractive site
  2. Low user confidence
  3. Unrelevant price
  4. Offer irrelevant
  5. Refusal of remarketing

Why advertising does not work: errors and options for correcting them

Consider 5 the most common reasons why advertising does not attract customers. 

1. Unattractive site

Investments in advertising will not pay off if the user sees outdated design, tasteless design, annoying elements, ill-conceived usability and other shortcomings of the web resource. All this from the first seconds annoys and scares away. 

The owner may like the site, but the main one in the business is not him, but target audience, so it is important that most potential buyers like it.

What to do

To understand what is in the trend and what ideas of design are exemplary today, you need to constantly analyze sites of competitors from search engine. If they are in TOP, then likes not only search engines, but also users. And it is on them to be equal.

Consider design features, common elements and chips to understand what an attractive and popular web resource looks like. 

2. Low user confidence

Even the most beautiful advertising will not be effective if the site is not credible. But the lack of a bad story and negative reviews do not make the company reliable in the eyes of potential customers. 

Without creating the impression of a serious and honest seller, it is difficult to hope for a choice of buyers at the most attractive prices and expensive advertising. Trust is one of the key factors in choice..

What to do

The trust of users consists of a mass of components:

  • expertness, confirmed by the usefulness and reliability of the content; 
  • high-quality and appropriate design corresponding to the subject of business;
  • proven usability;
  • availability company details: owner, experience, partners;
  • availability of quality certificates, licenses, diplomas;
  • well-known brands among partners / customers / suppliers;
  • security guarantees for the transaction and return;
  • diverse service;
  • adequate pricing policy;
  • positive reviews from real customers.

Check if your site meets all this requirement. Perhaps the main reason why advertising does not sell your offer lies in the low degree of trust on the part of users.

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3. Unrelevant price

The cost of your offer does not correspond to the buyer's ideas about its correct price, which is one of the main reasons why contextual or targeted advertising does not pay off. The right price, which affects the decision of the site visitor to purchase, - it's not big and not even the lowest. This is the price that:

  • corresponds to the value of the product for the user;
  • justified by the proposal: parameters and quality of goods, service, bonuses, guarantees.
  • not much different from competitive offers similar in terms of basic characteristics.

If visitors may find that the proposed price is inadequate, the purchase will not be perfect, whatever the advertisement.

What to do

  1. Spend competitive price monitoring and determine the boundaries acceptable by the market.
  2. Test visitors' response to price changes.
  3. To increase the value of goods for the target audience using bonuses, additional guarantees, service.
  4. Justify the price, describing the goods as much as possible and more accurately and indicating the benefits of their acquisition.

The absence of questions to pricing accelerates the decision of the user and increases the efficiency of advertising, which he drew attention to.

4. Offer irrelevant

Targeted advertising - not the only tool for online sales. This is especially important to remember when it comes to goods or services that are not constantly relevant. Repair of equipment is required when it has broken, new furniture is required when moving or wanting to update the situation. This means that not the whole audience is interested in buying right now, which means that advertising will not be sold.

What to do

Advertising is then effective when it responds to current user pains. In the case of SEO propulsion you do not impose your offer - a person himself is looking for your goods or services. And your main task is to make him find your site in search engines. You can read more about how to do this in the article “How to promote a site in TOP on your own.

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In addition to SEO, you can use other methods of attracting customers: contextual advertising in search engines, content marketing, promotion on social networks, YouTube, marketplay.

5. Refusal of remarketing

Users are not always ready to decide on the purchase immediately, they need time to choose, raise funds, compare offers. It happens that visitors are distracted by something from making a purchase, and then they simply forget about their intention. Perhaps the desire to buy just needs to mature, and it takes time.

In all of these cases the advertisement worked, but did not end with the purchase immediately. You risk losing a potential buyer without paying attention to his interest. Or you have a chance to “catch up” with it and without large additional investments get an order a little later.

What to do

Configuring remarketing on advertising platforms, such as the Google Adwords Context Media Network, Yandex.Direct or social networks Facebook, Instagram, will help catch up with users who have already shown interest in your offer. It requires less investment, pays off faster and more efficient than other types of advertising.


When advertising does not pay off, the reason usually lies in the flaws of the site or offer. Analyze your web resource, compare with other similar offers, make changes and respond to user feedback.