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Modern SEO and natural links

Every year, search algorithms become more complex, becoming more legible and picky. If earlier it was enough to form its external link profile for the successful promotion of the website, while emphasizing the thematic and authority of donors, now search engines want to see in him only natural links

More and more often there are situations when, at best, links purchased through exchanges are not taken into account when ranking, and at worst, such actions are imposed search engine filters

As a result, optimizers you need to take a more responsible approach to the selection of sites for placing links. After all, it is clear that if you hope only for the appearance of completely natural links to the site, the promotion will go at a very slow pace. 

Therefore in modern SEO, natural links have to be imitated: basically it comes down to all the same purchases through link exchanges, but at the same time, donors need to be chosen so that search engines are considered reference mass buildup  as believable as possible. 

To successfully cope with this task, you need to once and for all learn what criteria such links should meet.

Преимущества естественных ссылок на биржах

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Natural links. The main signs

  1. Posting a link on the page at the time of its publication. Do you think that the links in the example where they appear on the web page after months and even years from the moment of their initial indexation by the search engine look natural. Definitely, this is suspicious.
  2. Content Link Location always looks more natural than in end-to-end blocks. In this case, it is more likely that it will be perceived by search engines as SDL (link for people).
  3. The similarity of the subject and the presence of a semantic connection of the text in which the link is placed with the content of the page to which it leads, also perceived as an indicator of naturalness.

    Пример неудачного размещения ссылки в тексте
  4. User transitions by Link - the main signs of her naturalness. Therefore, when choosing a donor site analyze his attendance and traffic from search engines.
  5. To get natural links to the site, they must be placed on the donor in a place where its visitors will be visible and accessible. If the link is hidden from the user's eyes or located on a page to which it cannot have access, this immediately gives out its unnaturalness.
  6. Another problem for SEO is natural links are rarely repeated in content, written by people and, most importantly, for people, more 1 - 3 times, while hiding behind clearly commercial anchors. It is more believable if the anchor is to repeat the title of the page to which the link leads, although it is even better if it is unlawfully.

    Повторение ссылки в тексте
  7. Attachment of the image link also perceived by search engines as an indicator of its naturalness. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with the use of natural links of this kind in SEO.
  8. Closed with nofollow attribute the link is ignored by search bots, which means it is a priori for a person.
  9. The value of the link in the eyes of the search engine increases significantly if the page of its placement has its own incoming links. After all, this means that she is recommended. If we talk about purchased links, then in most cases the pages with them are not interesting to anyone and are referred to very rarely, which is readily taken into account by search engines as a clear sign of unnaturalness.
  10. The search engines are best perceived as natural references if examples of previous donor activities also indicate the naturalness of his “behavior”. We are talking about the authority and “purity of reputation” of the donor. If the site has high rates of trust, it contains only thematic links to quality resources, it was not previously convicted of participating in dubious spam events, this significantly increases the naturalness of the links placed on it.

From today - only natural links to the site!

If you use exclusively SEO tools to advance in search engines, natural links must be one of them. In modern realities, it will be very difficult for you to succeed and withdraw your web resource to the TOP if the bulk of the reference mass of your web resource does not meet the above criteria. In this case, you should consider amending the used link promotion strategy.