Why checking donor links is so important

Previously, search engines highly appreciated sites to which a huge number of external links led. In those days, SEO specialists and site owners promoted the resource by purchasing links to exchanges and running catalogs, and did not care much about which donors they would be placed on. A lot of time passed, search engines became smarter and more legible, and the SEO-provement turned from a banal buying into a real skill requiring knowledge, experience, patience and professional intuition.

New smart algorithms learned conduct a comprehensive donor analysis, and not just count their number. Therefore, for a SEO specialist or the owner of a site that works to build up the reference mass of the resource, the most relevant question is how to choose a donor to purchase links that will be appreciated by search engines, and will not cause sanctions to fall under sanctions.

The value of the external link that leads to the site, the higher best results it allows you to achieve, that is:

  • Positive affects the promotion and growth of position in search output;
  • Helps increase traffic;
  • Attracts new target users to the site;
  • Promotes an increase in the number of targeted actions (purchase, mailing, repost, etc.);
  • Increases user loyalty.

When the link allows you to get everything above, the situation is perfect. In this case, the return on working on building the reference mass will be greatest. Let's just say this is the task of maximum. But what about the minimum task? It can include at least some changes for the better visibility and positions, let even on low-frequency requests.

By placing links to the right and left and not really thinking about checking the donor, we are not just wasting money on the “desert”, the main risk is associated with the hit of our own site under the approval of the search engine. This can happen for many reasons, so donor selection should be given due attention.

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How to choose a good link donor

Before you start checking the donor, you should draw up a check list of the characteristics of the resource, which will contain signs of a good platform for placing links to your own website. So it should be:

  • The same or related topics
    An indicator that we recommend not to neglect. It is strange to see an article on choosing styling for hair on a site dedicated to car maintenance. And it's not just about the loyalty of search engines to such a choice. In fact, only such resources are your target audience, the participants of which, in gratitude for interesting and useful information, will gladly go to the site, put likes, sign up and perform any other targeted action. But by and large, for this we are engaged in SEO-promotion.

    Анализ сайта донора на тематичность
  • Moving in the same region
    Priority is to choose donors with the closest region to you. 
  • "Living" 
    It is worth paying attention only to those donor sites on which place high quality unique content and regularly update information, actively discussed and commented by visitors. An additional plus is the presence of groups on social networks, the use of comment systems.

    Walk past sites that do not care about users, do not try to be useful and interesting, do not make efforts to promote and optimize. Also, micro-sites are of little interest, on which there are only a couple of articles and then with links to other resources. The price of a link placed on it is usually much higher than its value.

    To verify the content, we use our own flair and knowledge. Often enough cursory glance, to understand that such a donor is not our friend. This thought can be suggested by solid text without headings of different levels (H1-H3 tags), inserted illustrations, incoherent content and mass of grammatical and semantic errors. For a deeper analysis, you can use anti-plagiarism - Advego, Content Watch and others. A resource worthy of attention publishes unique content not inundated with spam.

    Проверка контента на сайтах донорах ссылок 

    When evaluating donor content, we use the same method that is suitable for analyzing information published on our own website. Earlier, we repeatedly wrote about what it is quality content and what should it be to increase the loyalty of search engines. Now is the time to refresh memory and put knowledge into practice to determine whether a particular resource is suitable for linking or not.
  • We visit
    Check attendance of another's site can be used with special services such as:, Similarweb, Semrush and others. The higher the traffic, the better the donor.

    Как выбрать хорошего донора для покупки ссылок
  • "Clean 
    It is understood that the donor should not be under sanctions or search engine filters. To check the site, you can use online services, for example:, and others.

    Анализ сайтов доноров на санкции пс
  • We index well
    Check the number of pages in the Google and Yandex index. If you see that they are clearly smaller than those on the site, or not at all in the index, then you should refuse to place a link on it. Another signal for failure is a very large difference between indexed pages on Google and Yandex. 

    Как выбрать сайт для покупки ссылок по индексации
  • With an uncomplicated advertising banner interface
    Advertising allows website owners to earn money and, with the right approach, add utility to the resource. So, advertising related products can be great for visitors, and if the owner also checks what is advertised on his site, then readers get double benefits. If the resource varnishes with advertising of motley goods, which overlaps all the content, and also leads to dubious or prohibited sites, we recommend that you refuse the offer to place an external link.
  • Age
    Not in terms of the nature of the audience, but in terms of site age. Again, indicators need to be checked in a complex: if the donor is young, but he already has good attendance, then why not buy a link on it. But if the resource is several months old, it has low traffic and a small number of incoming links, then it is better to refuse to place.
  • Useful for users, not existing exclusively for earnings
    The best sites, including donors, are created primarily for users, and not for making money by posting third-party links. 

    Well characterizes this indicator comparison of the number of incoming and outgoing links. For analysis, you can use various online services, for example, Ahrefs or Serpstat. For a suitable site, the number of incoming links should be approximately equal to or greater than outgoing. It is also necessary to pay attention to the growth dynamics of the reference mass so that there are no sharp jumps.

    Проверка соотношения ссылок у доноров

Additional important parameters affecting the purchase decision

In addition to the above parameters, it is important to take into account the rating indicators of the audited page of the donor site. The most important of them are ISS Yandex, which gives us an idea of assessing the quality of the donor. Accordingly, the higher the figure, the better.

Will not be superfluous general SEO analysis link donors that can be executed online through analyzer services. High download speed, meta tags Title, Description, headers and subheadings and other signs of quality optimization will help make the best choice.

Select page links to place with response code 200, not 301. The latter can be considered as a donor, but only as a fallback.

Given that pages containing GET parameters in an address (print, forum, etc.) are often not indexed by search robots, you should not choose them as a source for publishing your own material.

Equally important is the one provided page attachment level to place a link. The closer the article with the link to the main one and the higher your material is located, the better.

Get a free consultation from an expert on your project

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

How to choose donors to buy links: reliability versus simplicity

Personal site verification, or long but effective

In fact, this is a “manual” check of each donor site. The way we recommend using website owners and their full-time SEO specialists who are responsible for one or more projects.

To manually check the link donor, we compile Google or Excel Table applicants and note their quality according to the check sheet, referred to above. To start the selection, through the search we look for thematically close sites and begin a detailed analysis.

The manual search process for the link placement is long, but with its help you can achieve impressive results: get a natural increase in the target audience, increase the number of subscribers and customers, in addition, improve your position in search engine output.

Automation of the link donor selection process

Perhaps the easiest and most common way to quickly choose a donor. But it cannot be called as reliable as possible. The quality of the links is not the person interested in the result, but the program that sorts the entire mass of sites that provide paid links to those who wish. 

Most popular exchanges independently analyze donor sites and discard dubious resources. However, you can never be sure that all 100 % software filter works for conscience, so the risk of wasting money or even getting under the approval of a search engine is maintained.

Анализ сайтов доноров на биржах ссылок

In order to at least theoretically reduce possible risks, we advise you to use only proven and long-existing link exchanges that provide ample opportunities for choosing a site. For example, GoGetLinks and miralinks offer sufficiently expanded list of parameters for filtering donor sites, it is advisable not to neglect the opportunity and set strict limits for choosing a resource.

Summing up

We are for honesty and a conscientious approach to work, so always, when there is even minimal opportunity, we recommend that you carefully check donors. When stopping on an automated way to select a link donor, do not be lazy to conduct additional independent verification of the proposed sites.

And you have already decided how best to choose a donor to buy links, and what way do you prefer to optimize your own site?