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Miralinks. How to work with the exchange

In this article, we will talk about how the Miralinks exchange can help you in the process of external optimization of an promoted website. That is, it will be about the purchase of external links, which the Miralinks article exchange sells by slightly unusual conditions.

To use its services you will need a copywriter who writes articles very cheaply. Since the Miralinks exchange sells links only subject to customer provision of articles, in the text of which they should be placed.

The minimum volume of articles is 2000 characters without spaces. Besides texts undergo preliminary moderation and only after that posted on donor sites. 

But there is a positive point in all this: given the provision of the article, the Miralinks exchange sells links at prices that significantly lower, than in GoGetLinks.

Among the advantages can be distinguished:

  • presence around 13400 sites almost any topic;
  • in one article you can place up to 3 links;
  • Miralinks article exchange only works with eternal links;
  • enough quality selection of donor sites.

Instruction "Miralinks, how to work with the service"

Especially for you, we have compiled a detailed Miralinks manual, which will greatly simplify your familiarization with it.

  1. Exchange Registration elementary, but since we undertook to draw up the leadership of Miralinks, we will describe here this stage:

    - come up with a username,
    - password (required length),
    - indicate the address of your inbox,
    - enter the numbers from the provided picture (to confirm that you are not a robot),
    - check the clause on the acceptance of the terms of the user agreement and press "Register".

    After confirmation of registration (by clicking on the link in the letter that the Miralinks exchange will send) You will be asked to choose the status (in your case - "Advertising machine", since you came to buy links).

  2. Adding an article in the office "Advertising machine". You will have access to a project office (naturally, which is initially empty).

    First thing you need to click "Add a project", so that the Miralinks article exchange can begin to provide you with its services. We recommend choosing a level "Professional", since in this case the services will cost less and you will be able to customize the implementation of all processes yourself.

    Further: come up with the name of the project - > it appears in the general list of projects - > enter it and choose “Add an article”

    As a result, open the window in which you need:

    a) indicate the title of the article;

    b) enter the desired page address, on which it will be placed (a wish that the Miralinks article exchange will try to implement);

    c) article description (for you);

    d) fill in meta tags title and description according to the rules already known to you (keywords can not be filled); 

    e) write a brief announcement articles (description can be copied);

    f) insert text in the corresponding field pre-written article and in the text attach to the desired anchors up to 3 links;

    g) also possible check the text of the article for uniqueness (Miralinks's barge provides 10 free checks). 

    After filling in all the fields and performing the available settings, click "Send to moderation".
  3. Search for sites to place an article with a link. When the article passes the moderation (or does not pass and the reason for this will be indicated to you), check it in the general list with a checkmark and press the button "To the site", to go on to finding donor sites that the Miralinks article exchange organized quite thoroughly.

You will be available a search box from an existing directory in which you need to select Filter, to specify the requirements for the sites that suit you.

It is recommended that special attention be paid. on the parameters: domain zone, maximum number of domains, region, keywords, placement price, nested articles do not contain a link (so as not to re-plain your link where it already is). 

The screenshot below shows recommended parameter values (thematic keywords, domains and region indicate the appropriate for your case) that will help you find quality sites with reasonable prices.

After pressing the button "Search by catalog", You will see the search results taking into account the filter you configured. The Miralinks Exchange will show you the data on proposed sites and the cost of placing on them Your articles with links.

Choosing the right ones, You will see the total amount (excluding insurance), that you have to pay for the publication and if it suits you, choose “Displacing articles” over the list of donor sites. 

That's actually the whole leadership of Miralinks. Keep this article "at hand" during the first attempts to purchase links provided by the Miralinks article exchange, how to work with which we just told in detail.

If you need more detailed instructions, Miralinks contains the “F.A.Q” section with detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

Using the Miralinks manual, You can easily get high-quality links from reputable sites (if there are written articles).