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How to write articles for Miralinks

If you decide to make external links for your site using the services that it provides Miralinks Exchange, must remember that you will have to provide items for accommodation

If you want, write for yourself. Although more profitable, if you have a copywriter who provides his services very cheaply.

Regardless of who writes the articles for Miralinks, the requirements for them are always the same. We will talk about this in detail in the article presented to your attention.

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Articles for Miralinks, Requirements and Recommendations

The basic principle of the Miralinks exchange is the promotion of articles that you write yourself.

In order for the articles you provided to Miralinks to accept into their system, they must not violate such requirements:

  1. Theme. The text of the article should be fully suited to the subject of the site on which it will be posted.
  2. Uniqueness texts, which are allowed to moderate should be at least 85 %. This indicator is determined by the internal algorithms of the exchange and in case of non-compliance, the article will be sent for revision. The system provides the user 10 free checks texts daily.

    If you check other services for articles for Miralinks, the requirements will remain unchanged - uniqueness should be higher than 85 % during internal inspection on the stock exchange. No other third-party results affect the moder’s decision.
  3. Article size must be at least 2000 characters without spaces.
  4. In articles whose volumes are equal to the minimum allowable value not allowed to use the same key request more than 15 times. That is, this condition concerns every 2000 characters of text.
  5. Text quality should be on a level - for people. Surface reright and synonymization is not allowed to use as a tool to create an article, Miralinks follow this very carefully.

    When understanding for yourself how to write articles for Miralinks, it is important not to forget about the monitoring of the presence in the articles errors (and not only spelling, but also punctuation), which also quite often causes them to return as a moderator for revision.
  6. Article structure must comply with generally accepted standards (entry, main text, results). The text must be broken down into paragraphs.
  7. It is also important to create recommendations that we have previously indicated thematic and unique title articles, title and description. Do not forget that the title and title should not be the same.

  8. Keywords should be an integral part of written text and do not distort the semantic perception of offers.
  9. In one article up to 3 links allowed inclusive, provided that they point to different pages.

  10. Link anchors must be relevant pages, to which they refer.

For more information on how to write articles for Miralinks, read on the official website of the exchange in the section “Requirements to Articles”

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If you manage to learn to comply with the above text requirements for the miralinks exchange, promoting articles will be an indispensable way for you to help form natural reference profile Your site (at least from the point of view of search engines).

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