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Rotapost Exchange. Use Guide

If you don’t know, how to perform quality reference mass buildup your website, which needs to be promoted, this article will be a real opening for you. 

In it we will tell you what the Rotapost exchange is like, how to work with it and how it stands out among its kind. In general, everything is detailed and in order.

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Rotapost Exchange - Features and Benefits

Among main characteristics, which the Rotapost exchange has can distinguish:

  1. Availability more than 70 thousand sites, on which you can place a link.
  2. As link hosting sites only blogs used.
  3. High quality donor sites (several inferior to the first (GoGetLinks) and second place (Miralinks) from TOP 3 link exchange). 
  4. Rotapost Exchange allows you to purchase only eternal links
  5. A variety of topics sites.

Rotapost Guide on How to Work with the Exchange

In order to understand in general terms, how does the Rotapost exchange work, take a look at the diagram: 



Also, if you choose Rotapost for the purchase of external links, the instructions for working with it will be completely useful, especially step-by-step:

  1. Registration on the Rotapost exchange is the most common: mail, first name, last name, password or simplified entry into the system using an account in one of the social. networks.

  2. Next, you can execute login using the data specified during registration.

  3. Immediately after the first entrance, the Rotapost exchange will bring to your attention system rules (Rotapost manual), which you will need to agree to after familiarization.
  4. Receive access to your account on the Rotapost exchange, the first thing you turn to the menu item "Buy-- > Sites".

  5. In the window that opens, you can search for sites for placing links, but first you need to create a campaign for the purchase of links on the Rotapost exchange. 

    In the form of creating a campaign, indicate only the name, budget - not necessary.

  6. As a result, the first item (just created by you) will appear in the list of campaigns. Next, choose “Add a sentence”

    The opened proposal creation window will contain a fairly extensive list of Rotapost settings (completion instructions below).

    a) Type of offer. It is recommended to choose "Post". In this case, your link will be placed in a post with a given anchor and a near-reference thematic text.

    b) Name of offer (does not play a special role, only for you).

    c) A table for specifying links, anchors and their numbers.

    d) Comment (arbitrary or addition of the proposed conditions).

    e) All other settings recommended leave as follows on the screenshot below and press the button "Create"

  7. A proposal will appear in a previously created campaign that allows start searching. To do this, choose "Buy-- > Sites".

    Initially, the Rotapost exchange offers sites suitable for the conditions specified by you when creating the offer in a sufficiently large amount. For that to narrow down the search, in the search window that opens, you must use filters

    The screenshot below provides an example filter block settings. For yourself, you can use this data as recommended, with a change in those items that depend on the specifics of your site (cash in the catalog, domain zones, etc.).

    Also do not forget to note “Only second-level domains”.
  8. In the end, you will become available search results taking into account all these wishes, in which you can familiarize yourself with the data for each site site. It is also advisable to go directly to each of them to make sure that the placement of the link is appropriate on the subject.

  9. After choosing the right sites, you need send them to the basket Rotapost exchanges, how to work with which we will now tell in more detail:

    a) Press to the appropriate button opposite the site, which you choose. 

    b) In the list that forms in the basket, each site needs to add a task indicating the specific link and anchor to be placed.

    c) In the end, it remains only to make sure that everything displayed in the basket suits you and press the button "Buy". If you have a lack of funds, Rotapost will offer to replenish the balance of your account.

Here, in general, is the whole manual "Rotapost, how to work with the system", which you will need to purchase external links using this exchange.

Choose sites as you wish, don't skimp to purchase links (“better less and better”) and get the results in the form high-quality external optimization of your site (which the Rotapost exchange guarantees).