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Link exchanges whose rating speaks for itself

Faced for the first time with the need to build up the reference mass for external optimization the site that is planned to be promoted to TOP, many do not know which link purchase exchange is best suited for this purpose. 

After all, there is a rather high probability of “leading” on the beautiful promises of the link exchange, the rating of which will be high among its kind, and get the effect of build up the external reference mass directly opposite to expected.

This can happen if the link purchase exchange does not follow the quality of donor sites well.

How to make no mistake and choose exchanges that you can trust
Especially for those who are poorly oriented in this topic, we have chosen link exchanges, the rating of which allows us to cooperate with them without much risk and have compiled a kind of TOP.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Place No. 1 -

Today GoGetLinks - The best exchange of eternal links.

Its advantages:

  • Takes pride of first place in site quality, on which references are placed.
  • Because it is eternal link exchange, they won’t succeed in buying temporary ones. Which once again testifies to quality.
  • Enough large base donor sites (more than 10 thousand).
  • The presence of web resources is practically any subject.
  • The best link exchange for the site in view of hard manual selection sites for posting references.
  • They write articles themselves, which will mention your web resource and publish them only after your consent. They will correct until you are satisfied.
  • Quantity Restriction references - one per article.

Total: the best link exchange for the site. Having tried to cooperate with her once, you will forever remain her client. You can only be scared away by slightly “bite” prices.

Place No. 2 -

Another high-quality exchange of eternal links.


  • Quality of donor sites somewhat inferior to the previous exchange.
  • Articles for publication, the client provides himself
  • Maybe buy only eternal links.
  • Very volume base donor sites (approximately 13.4 thousand).
  • Adequate amount web resources any subject.
  • Selection donor sites are not as tough as their predecessor, but still high quality.
  • Accommodation allowed up to 3 -x mention in one article.

Conclusions: a good link exchange for the site, which for a price of 1.5– 2 times lower than the previous one offers services of a very worthy level. The best option for price-quality ratio.

Place No. 3 -

An eternal link exchange, distinguished by the fact that it specializes only in blogs as sites for placement.


  • Web Resource Quality, available for accommodation, slightly worse than the two previous ones, but still on a good level.
  • Bloggers write articles, but client provides post - small text blocks with the necessary mention inside, which are placed in the body of the article. 
  • Also specializes in sales only eternal links.
  • Huge site base for placement (more than 50 thousand sites).
  • A wide selection of necessary topics.
  • Not very hard selection sites for placement. Subject to certain requirements, almost any site owner can register on it.

Summing up: a good link purchase exchange that provides the ability to place them on very good quality blogs at prices in 3 - 5 times less than on

From this list, almost any link purchase exchange will suit you. All are checked and reliable enough. So you can safely make purchases from them and not be afraid for the quality of the increased reference mass.

Thanks for the attention. Ask questions in the comments!