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What links to buy to promote the site

As you know, for high-quality external optimization, you need to constantly increase the reference mass of the promoted web resource. Given what to do it naturally too long and difficult, you have to resort to procurement. But not everyone knows what external links to buy to promote the site. This leads to negative results due to the recognition by search engines of a poor external reference mass of the site.

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How to find out which links is better to buy

What external links are worth buying so that as a result this leads to the expected rating up Your site to the desired heights? Which links work best?

The answer is very short - high-quality.
Well, in order for them to be considered high-quality, the web resources on which they are posted must be at the right level.

Options that tell you which links are best to buy

It doesn’t matter how you decide to receive external links - to buy or exchange each other. It is important that donor sites comply with the main quality indicators, by which you can judge the advisability of posting their mention of you:

  1. Subjects. Any web resource on which you want to buy links to promote the site should be closely related to your target pages (at least approximately). It means that when you decide which links work better, do not prefer the site of construction subjects if your site is about dance courses.
  2. Yuzabilitis. Also a very important parameter that helps to understand why this web resource was created: specifically for selling links or it has another significant goal. If it sparkles with its pattern and is not particularly convenient for use, the output begs itself.
  3. Collaboration with exchanges. Trying to understand which links are better to buy to promote the site, give preference to those that can be placed on web resources that do not cooperate with blacklist exchanges (like Sape).
  4. Domain age. The older he is, the more likely it is to get better returns. Some exchanges provide this information. If not, you can use services like Whois.

  5. The age of the web resource. Similarly to the previous paragraph, the age of the site affects its credibility. But the domain age is not always equal to the age of the site. This must be taken into account. A young web resource created specifically to become a donor tied to a domain with a 10-year history cannot be considered a good choice. 
  6. Number of indexed pages. A very important parameter for evaluating a donor site. It is clear that the more such pages, the better this site is suitable for it to buy links to promote the site.
  7. The ratio of indexed by Yandex and Google pages. Oddly enough, this indicator may be different. When you decide which links are better to buy, prefer donor sites where the difference in the number of pages indexed by different search engines varies between 3 - 5 % <TAG1>.
  8. Outgoing links. When there are many, then less weight is transmitted for each of them. 
  9. Incoming links. If their number is large, then the development of the site is engaged and it is not a standard platform for placing links.
  10. Availability of content without links. If the site periodically hosts high-quality, useful and unique articles without external links, then donation is not the only purpose of its existence.
  11. Site attendance. Everything is clear here. The higher the attendance of the donor site, the more weight it will have and transmit to your destination page. In addition, there is a greater likelihood of a transition to you from there.
  12. Price, which you are offered to pay. You should always compare it with offers of similar web resources. If they try to take 3 - 5 more expensive from you, do not hope that this link will be better. Most likely, you are faced with a more greedy seller and just spend the extra money.

Qualitative external links. Purchase Features

If you try to find a donor site that meets all of the above requirements, a situation may happen that there will be nothing to choose from. For example, deciding which links is better to buy on stock exchange, You will set the values of the available indicators, which can lead to a search result equal to zero. 

In this case, you will have to make concessions for some parameters (reduction in the value of the site’s age, its attendance, etc.) in order to start getting options for choice.

And one more point, if you have already recklessly bought external links that do not work very well, you can’t take and refuse all of them right now. This will lead to a sharp drop in your ratings or even to falling under the filters of search engines, which will notice the loss of all links and consider this inappropriate to the natural promotion.

 Therefore, when you decide which links to buy for website promotion, It is recommended to smoothly replace bad quality (for example, buy 1 good, shoot 3 bad). And do this process until you bring your web resource to the desired TOP searchout.

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