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Where to get free links to promote

As you already know, sites are used for external site optimization paid and free links. But not all optimizers know where to place links for free.

In addition, even knowing where, you need to remember what they should be. Their quality should not raise questions in search engines in the TOP of which you want to promote your web resource. In other words, even if you use free links, your site should have natural reference profile.

Therefore, first of all, you should be interested in how to get free quality links. You will find out more about this in each of the following subsections.

Learning competitors

When thinking about where to place a link to the site for free, the first thing to do is pay attention to competitors who have successfully managed to promote their web resources.

You can view their external reference mass using specialized services (, and the like). 

Another option is to use the Google search and ask a request in the form of a competitor’s website address in "kawkowki":

All results of the issue will contain links to the resource you are interested in.

The sites for posting references obtained by both methods must be analyzed for credibility and quality, and don't just clone the competitors reference profile. Sort resources where you can leave free links. Next, from the selected ones, draw up a content plan, plan how many links a day you will create and begin to consistently increase the reference mass.

Posting information in company catalogs

Free links to promote the site can be obtained by registering with thematic catalogs of companies. This option is suitable if your activity can be defined in some specific niche. For example, a directory "Motor industry sites, wedding, construction sites" etc.

This will require careful cool network for the availability of catalogs of companies suitable for you, from which to create a list for a content plan. Then start once a week to do one registration.

Registration in site directories

A site catalog is another place where it will not be difficult to place a link for free. In most cases, simple registrations are required, filling out data on the site (thematic, description) and indicating its address.

Sometimes a link to your web resource appears in the catalog only after being checked by the moderator (from a few minutes to several months). It basically happens in really good catalogs.

Another very important point is to get free links to promote the site sometimes you need to place a back link to the catalog. And this, as you know, is not recommended to do not distribute your weight right and left. In this case, you can place the link temporarily, until the registrar confirms the registration and then delete it. The likelihood that this will be someone to be tested confidently tends to zero.

But by no means cannot be used so-called automatic promotion - run through the catalogs. It almost always leads to a runaway web resource under search engines.


When solving the problem of how to place links for free, do not forget about forums. Using them is very simple. Find a thematic forum, register two accounts on it. One ask you to recommend something specific (“Tell me where you can order high-quality video shooting”). Using a different profile, you yourself respond to this message (“Recently ordered a professional video operator on this site http://...» for his wedding).

Thus, in many forums you can leave free links. Their advantage is that they look the most natural. Search engines define this as a real recommendation, which is proof of the usefulness of your web resource.

But do not abuse this way. The reference mass should increase gradually and stably, regardless of the selected method. Therefore, draw up a schedule and place several such posts every day. And it is advisable to publish the question and answer on different days.

Social networks

You can get free links using social networks. They also may include recommendations for "A very useful site" and ask to repost them.

Comments on Articles

Another good place to post links for free is comments under articles. To get such a link, it is very important to write interesting comments that will look as natural as possible and supplement the information in the article.

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You can place a link to the site for free on resources that are designed to create user feedback about a particular product / service / site.

Free site aggregators

Great to place links for free. In addition to receiving a link, after registration, it is likely that the user who is interested in certain goods or services will find your site in the results of the issue on the aggregator. What will also have a very positive effect on external optimization. Your web resource.

Friends / Familiar Sites

Ask your friends and acquaintances who have their own web resources for free to place a link to your site. She will be very valuable. Especially? if this acquaintance / friend is not engaged in the sale of sites under links. Perhaps you will be the only one to be honored with such honor. And this in the eyes of the search engine will look truly authoritative.

Products for review

You can place a link to the site for free in another way. If you are selling certain goods from time to time suggest posting reviews on them. By sending samples for free to those who will review, you will significantly increase the chance of such publications. 

Besides? if the published review is interesting and useful, it will also be reposted. Thus, you can get free links in a very unexpected amount.

Link exchange

This method allows you to place links for free on other sites, but implies a response. If you really want to try it too, host backlinks with rel tag attribute "nofollow", so as not to transfer further the weight of the pages of your resource.

Quality Content

Still thinking about where to get free links? Write quality articles! Create and publish really useful texts by reading which people will recommend you to others! The links thus obtained are considered the most valuable and natural.

Guest posts

And finally - guest hosting also no one canceled. Yes, there are rumors that it does not work, but this way of obtaining external links is still used and brings positive results.

Parting words to the optimizer

Now that you know quite a few places where you can post links for free, You need to carefully plan the buildup of the reference mass. Do not forget that you need to do this gradually, smoothly, stably, in accordance with the necessary proportions of different types of links.

Sharp jumps in the volume of the link profile are carefully monitored by search engines and entail punishment in the form of filters. And you don’t need it!

If you have any questions, welcome to the comments for further conversation!