We have been recommending use for several years external links to promote the site. And this is not a mistake. Links are incredibly important! They indicate that the resource is interesting and discuss by users. It is they who bring visitors who do not yet know that they just need to visit our site and that it is here that information useful to them is located. Therefore, search engines highly value sites that are referenced by many links. All this suggests that we need links, including paid ones.

So why don’t we spend money on buying external links, while we get thousands of new visitors daily? That's because our project has long been popular and no new paid links are required to promote it. Seo-akademiya.com already has a huge number of links and their number is growing every day without financial investments on our part. 

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We get links using 5 important components, over which they have worked tirelessly all these years, now they work for us:

  1. Brand
  2. Content Marketing
  3. SEO services
  4. Free workshops
  5. Expertity


Brand is not just the name of the project. This is an interaction with your target audience.. The SEO Academy in many is associated with the best courses on SEO and the extensive knowledge base necessary for effective promotion.

There are many options for interacting with users:

  • advertising (online and offline);
  • references in articles, directories, retail outlets, etc.;
  • discussions in which on behalf of the brand you can benefit by proving the usefulness of your project.

Experience shows that to remember a brand you need to implement at least 7 touch with target audience. It is about every opportunity to recall the name of the project, for which we use:

  1. A blog with useful information from our specialists, with which visitors will be able to get answers to any questions regarding SEO;
  2. YouTube video content;

    Способы качания с целевой аудиторией пример
  3. Free online workshops about the most interesting chips in SEO, using which even a novice optimizer will be able to promote his site in TOP;
  4. Telegram channel, whose subscribers regularly receive useful recommendations and a lot of information from the world of Internet marketing from us;
  5. Social networks on the pages of which our specialists are happy to share their knowledge and experience with users;
  6. Conferences on SEO-promotion;
  7. Personal communication with the target audience at various events related to business development.

Remember: the more touch, the more your brand we recognize and works for your benefit.

On the SEO Academy website, we have published a lot of useful and important information for you, including what a brand is and branding traffic, what is its significance and with what tools it can be developed.

Content Marketing

For links to multiply by themselves, you must create cool content. Our team is constantly working on writing useful articles, conducts research, checks in practice the tools and new chips available in the SEO environment. 

We monitor all issues related to SEO that interest both professionals and beginners who want independently promote your project. And we give detailed answers to these topical questions. 

In response to our actions, people want to not only study the information published on the seo-akademiya.com website, but also share links to it with their friends and colleagues. Often this works like this: a question has appeared from the SEO area, in response to it they immediately throw off the link to us, which we receive for free.

How to achieve the same result? Work actively, expanding your own knowledge and sharing it with your audience. For example, with us you will find more than 500 useful and relevant articles about SEO and every week they become 3 more. All this works for us, creating a reputation and allowing you to save on the purchase of links.

Работа над созданием контента на сайте картинка

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SEO services

On our site we offer visitors a lot of interesting and necessary things. It's not just about the articles. Here users find useful services, including free. For example, we give everyone the opportunity conduct SEO audit of your site.

Similar services that users can use for free are an excellent reference mass generator. After all, their users share with great pleasure and our benefit.

создание сервиса ссылкой на которые делятся пример

Free workshops

The SEO Academy team regularly holds master classes with the most relevant recommendations regarding site optimization. Over 5 years, we have held more than 500 of these workshops with which users share with each other and leave links to our website. With their help, thousands of site owners have learned to do their projects better and have received real benefits from SEO. And all this is completely free.

The question may arise, why do we need this? Actually such gifts benefit us:

  • Firstly, it is user loyalty, which in itself is priceless;
  • Secondly, this is an excellent method of generating links for which we do not pay.

Note that these are not just links posted where and why. These are “working” links, without our help, taking places where our target audience will see them. Our materials are shared, so the site receives thousands of new users for free.


Creating an expert image is a necessary option for those who want to be a leader. You can’t do without it. Therefore, we are constantly developing not only our project, but also developing personally, gaining experience, gaining knowledge, coming up with new chips, generating and implementing interesting ideas.

But your knowledge and skills need to be able to demonstrate, sharing them with the audience. To do this, we actively give interviews, participate in podcasts, record video, take part in online conferences, conduct master classes at friendly venues, webinars, take part with pleasure and speak at events, related to internet marketing and SEO. Now we have become experts in this field and this is how we are perceived by the audience.

So we get thousands of free links from various sources that link to the seo-akademiya.com website whenever the question arises of increasing traffic or promoting an Internet project. And this is understandable: if you share an opinion, then only expert.

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At the very beginning of the journey is necessary invest time and money in reference mass buildup. Without links, you cannot take the TOP positions in the search engine and promote your site. But the methods of SEO optimization actively and competently implemented at the start over time lead to the fact that promotion requires less time and cost, saving these resources and bringing additional benefits to project owners.

We have long gone the initial way and put all our strength and knowledge into it. Therefore, at this stage there is no need to purchase links. They are generated without our direct help, but not without our participation.

Develop your site, develop yourself, find common ground with your audience, benefit them, help answer their questions, become experts. As a result of this work, you will also receive a lot of effective external links for free.

If you want to promote your site and manage your online reputation, we recommend that you go course "Search engine". During this time, you can bring your business to a completely new level and receive extremely cheap customers from search engines. Register at the link above, and with promo code "seo-akademiya-06" you will receive an additional bonus to purchase.