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Why the title should be effective

It would seem like one short line of name can affect the fate of the whole article? And you will remember the well-known expression for everyone: "As you call the yacht, so it will float. So from how you call your article, will depend on how readers respond to it.. If the title is clinginging, the reader will decide to immerse himself in the text, but no - it will indifferently “swim” by.

Sometimes writing a spectacular name is much harder than an entire article. Indeed, in the article we are not so limited to the required number of words and symbols, and we can paint everything in bright colors, interesting and exciting. But to determine, how much he wants to read this article, the reader will first of all focus on the name. So let's figure out how to create a clinginging title, and what words to use to make it look most spectacular.

Пример эффектных заголовков для статей

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How to write explosive headlines

Behind the seemingly ease of a short and spectacular phrase, there is the author’s work, and a whole set of rules that should be taken into account so that it turns out to be just like that - clinginginging and calling for reading.

So take a closer look, what rules help the author create a clinginging effect title.

  1. It is worth considering the name after writing the article. Mark the strongest key points in the text, and try to reflect the very essence of the article in the title. Do not try to come up with an interesting, clinginging, but not related to the content of the title. The fraud will open after a couple of paragraphs, and they will not read the article to the end. 
  2. Shortness is not only a sister of talent, she is also a way of focusing attention, as well as a tool for SEO promotion with filling H1. The long name is less perceived by both users and search engines. So do them as brief as possible, but informative - tentatively no more than 8 words.
  3. Use numbers, if appropriate, readers love statistics and specifics.
    For example:

    Пример притягивающего заголовка с цифрами
  4. People love it very much when they are interested in their opinion, asking them about something. Therefore question asked in the title readers perceive as an invitation to dialogue addressed to them personally. Subconsciously, they begin to try to answer him, and are drawn into reading the article. 
    For example:

    Пример названия статьи в виде вопроса
  5. Promise a person to solve his problems - and he will take advantage of this with pleasure, showing interest in an article useful to him. The best word to start this heading is “How”. Usually all useful tips begin with this word, and people most often start with it to type their question in a search engine.
    For example:

    Пример решения проблемы в заголовке
  6. Promise to share experiences, one’s own or some famous person, usually clings to the audience and builds trust.
    For example:

    Пример статьи с обещанием поделиться опытом
  7. Add intrigue to the title, to make it clinginging. Promise to reveal some secret, or make public a carefully hidden secret that will help readers, or simply satisfy their curiosity. 
    For example:

    Название текста с интригой
  8. One of the methods for creating clinging headers is focus on simplicity and ease. Stressing that the laid out materials will help you quickly and fully understand the problem, you will achieve increased emotional sending and reader interest.
    For example:

    Акцент на легкость и простоту в тексте
  9. Sometimes, to create a clinginging title, readers are required scare or add a little negative. Instinctively trying to defend themselves against this, people will definitely read the article.
    For example:

    Эффектный заголовок за счет нотки негатива
  10. To write a spectacular title you need most clinginging words, affecting the psychology of a person. It will be a great solution to use such words: amazing, one, unique, legendary, best.
    For example:

    Цепляющие слова в заголовке пример


Summing up

We have reviewed 10 methods for creating spectacular headlines, and we hope that they will be useful to you. But simply following the rules is not enough. Need to turn on your imagination, and based on templates, come up with something original. A creative title to the text, knocking out of the total mass, will definitely pay attention. 

Perhaps you know other interesting ways to write clinginging names for articles? Share your experience in the comments.