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What content should be like people

We have repeatedly talked about how to create quality content, optimized for website promotion. There was also an article to help copywriters “How to write SEO text.

In all such topics, we constantly insist that the content should be interesting, expert, useful, relevant and unique. This is all right, but too abstract.

Want to know what the content should be like so that people read it out of bread and tirelessly improve the behavioral factors of your site? What content is the most popular on the Internet today?

Then read on!

There will be nothing superfluous in this article. Only listing 20 species of what people on the Internet like and interpreting each case.

1. Reminder that life is short

This topic is always relevant. It can be successfully used both in articles for blogs and in social. networks in the form of short reposts with "smart" thoughts and pictures on the topic. The stories in the spirit of “how quickly life flew by ... children became such adults ... life is so fleeting ... you should not put off for tomorrow what can be done today...»Two p. Similar content is the most popular among Internet users over the age of 35.

2. Confirmation that dreams come true

What should be the content to like people? One that is based on touching stories about how someone finally managed to achieve something that he had dreamed of all his life.

An example of the title of such an article is “A Girl Who Was able to Fly into Space”.

Such stories attract the attention of readers and, as a rule, are read to the end. With the proper skill level of copywriter, they are also shared with friends.

3. Belief that you are lucky in life

It is impossible to say with certainty which content is the most popular, but strengthening the belief that not everything is so bad in life is definitely one of those that are gladly “swallowed” by Internet users.

4. Everyone wants to be loved

Articles on the topic of relationships, love, finding a soulmate, especially practical tips - what people on the Internet like. Sites dedicated to similar topics usually have a fairly large number of regular visitors.

5. Simple truths

This topic includes everything that recalls:

  •  humanity;
  •  the need to take care of children, the elderly, those in need and how this can affect each of us;
  •  the inevitable victory of good over evil, etc.

This is what content people like who spend a lot of time on the Internet, in particular in social. networks.

6. Unexpected ending

Do you like books and films that end unexpectedly, completely unpredictably? This leading question will help you understand what the content should be like in order to delay the visitor on the site longer.

It is advisable that a person understand that he has not read this yet and from the first lines he could not guess how it would end.

7. Fascinating story

What do people like on the Internet? Yes, the same as in real life. Everyone loves interesting, exciting stories, gossip.

In principle, no matter what exactly you write about. The main thing is that this be done talentedly, purposefully “capturing” the reader from the first lines and “not letting go” to the very end.

8. Motivating content

The average Internet user is particularly interested in publications that tell how someone: lost 50 kg; won the competition, being disabled; earned a lot of money, starting a career with a cleaner, etc.

Such topics always spur self-motivation and make you at least think about the need to rise from the couch and start acting. This is what kind of content people like.

9. Content that causes a smile

Funny, funny stories, pictures, videos - people on the Internet and not only in it all like it. What causes a smile is always to your liking.

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10. Everything makes you cry

It doesn’t matter what a person cries when viewing content of any kind - with joy or sadness. Tears only prove that the copywriter did a good job.

eleven. Secrets

Do you know which content is the most popular on the Internet? Undoubtedly, this is all connected with ancient secrets, secrets of ancient civilizations, UFOs, and Bigfoot. This is the first option.

The second provides for the disclosure of secrets, such as “The secret of prolonging youth is finally revealed... This method of treatment was used in ancient times ... ”, etc.

12. Surprisingly Content

This may be news of some incident with serious consequences, a crime with particular cruelty, unusual achievement, in general, anything that causes a person to be shocked or surprised.

That is what content should be like, familiarization with which is breathtaking.

thirteen. Belief in self and opportunity

Soulful stories about people who, being mortally ill, rise to Everest or cross the ocean, or about those who, despite their cruel fate, continued to go towards their goal and achieved it - that’s it, what people on the Internet like, because it makes us believe in the reality of fulfilling their desires.

14. Reminder of the unity of all people

About things that are important to all of humanity (diseases, terrorists, hunger, climate, space exploration); about holidays that are celebrated around the world - people always like this content.

fifteen. Content reminding you to have something more

What should be the content of this category? It can be anything that distracts from daily problems and makes it clear that the Universe is so huge and our planet is only a grain of sand in it (the possibility of life on other planets, new photos from Mars, the discovery of new stars and planets, the study of black holes and dark matter).

sixteen. Confirmation of Assumptions

Which of us does not like to find information on the network and confirm our point of view?

These can be all kinds of articles about interesting facts, which in principle are known to everyone, but scientists only now have finally been able to prove them. Such content cannot be called the most popular, but it is in demand enough.

17. Confirmation of assumptions

Even more than the previous paragraph, people are “chained” by headlines like “Incredible! In fact, the children are brought not by a stork, but ... ”. This should be content that refutes the well-known facts that highlight a new (before that unknown) point of view.

eighteen. Training + entertainment

Such content is the most popular among young people, whom boring science is tired of at school and university. When publishing articles with valuable knowledge, it is worth diluting them from time to time with jokes, witty examples on the topic, etc.

nineteen. “David defeats Goliath”

People like this kind of content in the form of news and stories about the victory of something weak (or fair) over the strong (unfair). For example, “A small kitten fought off a huge dog and drove it into a corner” or “A fifth grader who is no longer afraid of high school students.”.

twenty. A new look at ordinary things

An unusual way to apply old things is what people on the Internet like, regardless of age and social status. After all, it is always much more pleasant to take note of advice on how to give a second life to an old tape recorder or worn boots than just taking and throwing away your favorite thing.

Now you know what the content should be like in order to attract the attention of the visitor, keep it longer on your site and even turn it into a permanent one.

But do not go in cycles in any one form. Do not be afraid to experiment, combine! And people will definitely like it, and therefore search engines (if you do not forget about SEO optimization).

Can you supplement the list provided? Share your experience in the comments on this article!