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Both people and search engines need expert text

This statement may seem a little strange, but that is precisely the reality of today regarding SEO promoting web resources. The expert text attracts visitors, makes them trust you and ultimately become your customers. Search engines take this into account and promote your site above in the results of the outstanding.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

What should be the correct expert text

Ideally, information should be published on your pages that is no longer anywhere else. If this condition were possible to comply, you would easily break into the necessary TOP and stay there forever. 
But, given the development of the Internet and the abundance of sites with similar topics, writing expert SEO text means collecting as much useful, unique information as possible that will most fully meet user's request.
Search engines believe that expert SEO text should contain a lot of things:

  1. The digital. The more digital data in the text, the better. This may be an indication of the number of successful transactions, the years of your company's existence, percentage statistics, etc. 
  2. Table. The data mentioned above for any statistics are convenient enough to place in the form of tables. You can also indicate in them all kinds of pros and cons of something, stages of some process, etc.

  3. The picture. This expert SEO text should contain as much as possible in its body thematic illustrations (cards, photos, graphs), which should also be unique.

  4. Thematic words. This is one of the most important points. The presence of terminology that fits the meaning of the page theme adds to it several at once "plus" from search engines. 

    Do not be afraid to use too complex terms that may seem uninteresting and unnecessary to an ordinary reader. Just immediately quote the meaning of these words. This will make the user think that he is reading a truly expert text, spend more time on his study, which, in turn, will be positively evaluated by search engines.

Nuances to consider

Not only you know about what expert SEO text should be. A lot of competitors will use the same tips you just found out about. Therefore, it is worth trying to stand out among them. 

Analyze the contents of sites that are in TOP issues according to your requests. Set yourself a bar below which you should not fall. If the text, upon request, has three tables in the competitor, 2 pictures and 3 rare terms, set yourself the goal of placing at least 4 tables, 3 pictures and 4 – 5 theme words. In the same vein, work on the rest of the requests. This will make your expert text more significant than the competitors studied.

If you approach this responsibly, you can easily "spit" competitors and make search engines access the pages of your site to maximize user requests.

Thus, expert text has also been added to your copy of knowledge about the promotion of web resources. Comparing this requirement competently to text content with others previously studied, You can definitely achieve your goals.

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