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Uniqueness of text as an element of internal optimization

It is very important before publishing a new page on your site, check the text for uniqueness. Ideally, this should be done by the copywriter who creates these texts. 
But if you are the owner or developer, it is recommended that you selectively check the content for uniqueness from time to time. This will be required in order to exclude the possibility of an unfair copywriter attitude to their work, which may lead to a decrease in the ratings of your web resource.

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How to check content for uniqueness

Even if you decide to perform the recommended actions to verify the quality of work of your copywriters, it is likely that you do not know how to do this. To accomplish this task, you can use one of the (and better all at once) methods below.

Search engine

By simply selectively copying some offers from each paragraph and inserting into the search bar, you will immediately understand how well your copywriter does his job. 

If you see in the results of the issuance of 6 - 7 and more words highlighted in bold (coincidence), then an increase in the uniqueness of the text is required, since at the moment it pulls the maximum to a weakly reit.

Since each search engine cannot keep track of all Internet resources, it is recommended that you perform such a check at least in 2 - 3 -x of the most popular of them.

Text Uniqueness Check Service

There are a lot of them. Each of them has its own algorithms and the possibilities of covering the results. Therefore, it is also advisable to use as much as possible for simultaneous verification. Here we give the most popular of them:

  1. - a service for verifying the uniqueness of the text, which can claim the title of the most picky. A plagiarism test in it shows the most accurate results.  
    Even if you have 100 % uniqueness in all other services, you can expect an unfortunate 90–95 % here. Moreover, those sites that he issues after checking the similarity, most often you have never visited. The reason for this is that he considers the same to be inexorable key phrases.

    And the probability of their simultaneous use (especially if they are highly competitive) by other copywriters is very high.
    In this case, it remains either to put up with the result, or to use other keys, or try to increase the uniqueness of the text by changing the places allocated by the service until you see the treasured 100 %. 
    You can check the text for uniqueness online directly on the site.


  2. Advego plagiatus - An application that allows you to check the content for uniqueness, taking into account your personal requirements. In its settings you can specify non-standard values of some characteristics (shine size, which PS to use, etc.). Requires installation on a PC. 

    He copes with his task very well. Has two modes: quick and deep check, that are characterized by time and accuracy. Shows the separated scan results: % uniqueness and % rerite capabilities. So if your content is simply cut off from the minimum number of sources, the service will point you to this.



  3. - Another good service that helps to verify the content of uniqueness. It is accurate enough, but it has some “glitches” - if you check several times in a row, it is likely to get different results (sometimes 100 %, sometimes less). What is this reason is unknown. 

    An undoubted plus of this service is to obtain, together with the results of this verification, data on spelling errors and SEO (spam, water, keywords). It has the ability to check not only individual texts, but also already published pages of sites.
  4. - Another uniqueness verification service of the text. Significantly loses to all of the above. For all the time using it, I have never shown less than 100 % even if other services gave 85 %.



  5. - It is not possible to verify individual texts. Requires a link to the page where the content has already been posted. Only in this case can he find resources with similar content.

Uniqueness of the text is one of the most important factors., which are most paid attention to search engines when ranking the results of the issue. Therefore, if your goal is to get into the TOP at least on several requests, do not forget to check the text for uniqueness.

Good luck in promoting your resources. Ask questions about the topic in the comments!