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What a useful text should be

Along with uniqueness, there are several more characteristics of textual content that are very important for search promotion. Useful text is also a prerequisite. To get your site into the TOP issue, you need a skillful combination of the interests of visitors and search engines.

The interests of search engines in this regard are focused on the fact that SEO text is for people, that is, it should not only contain the optimal number of key requests in its body, but also completely match these keys in meaning.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

What requirements should the useful text meet

Search engines determine the usefulness of the text in some parameters of the behavior of visitors:

  1. The time spent on the page. The longer the user got acquainted with the information content, the more useful it was.
  2. Delay in some places of the page when scrolling. It makes it possible to understand which particular places (separate sentences, paragraphs) are the most interesting, and therefore useful.
  3. Depth of viewing. Whether your pages are read to the end or halfway, realizing that the semantic load is small or does not meet the request by which the visitor came.
  4. The percentage of failures. How often does the user leave your site faster than in 10 seconds.
  5. Search Engine Return and continued search on the same request. If this happened, then you could not satisfy the visitor and the usefulness of your content is not so high.
  6. Number of reposts, likes. These actions are performed if the user liked what he read on your pages. So you posted a really useful text on the site.

  7. Repeat calls to your pages. This is generally the top of your copywriter's skill! If the information is so interesting that they return to it again and again, then it is very useful.
  8. Status Change Frequency the user with the “reader” to the “buyer” (if the information read does not interest him, the chance that this will happen will strive for zero).

How to get useful text on your site

For real quality content can not create any copywriter. Therefore, if you need an informative text with the right keyword density, do not try to save on payment. 

Of course, you can find someone who agrees to write 0.5 $ / 1000 cm. and even cheaper, but in this case you risk running into a layman who will not know what is text optimization. As a result, you will receive, at best, a text stained with SEO keys, which for people will not have any value.

 In order to understand whether the selected candidate for the post of your copywriter will be able to write useful text on the site, agree on several trial articles for the minimum adequate payment, give him a detailed TK, read his portfolio and do not be too lazy as a result to carefully read the submitted articles. 

If in the end we get an informative text that reveals the essence of the search queries included in it, and uniqueness of text will be 100 %, so you can work with this person. But still do not forget to conduct control selective proofreading of articles from time to time.

Teach yourself to publish useful text on the site. and this will definitely affect the overall promotion of it in the results of the search engine.

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