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Does duplication of content on the site matter?

Earlier, we talked about such a problem as duplicate pages of the site. Then it was about the possibility of the existence of completely identical pages with different addresses and the impact of this on the promotion of web resources.

Now, let's look at another situation - partial duplication of content on different pages within the site.

Surely not everyone knows that this is a problem. Indeed, in most of the theory on SEO, it is only mentioned that there should be no precedent for duplication of content that is already posted on any other site.

In fact, you need to monitor the uniqueness not only on the Internet in general, but also within your web resource.

Why is duplication of content on the site bad?

  1.  Deterioration of indexation. Given that search engine robots have to spend certain resources on indexing pages, noticing repeating content within the same web resource, they begin to return less often to it to repeat this procedure.
    In the end, if such a problem is repeated more often, site indexation may even stop. In addition, this negatively affects the opinion of search engines about him and, as a result, may well cause a decrease in position.
  2.  Ability to get under search engine filters significantly increases if there is duplication of content on the site, even if the rest is used exclusively white SEO.
  3.  Content Duplication on different pages of the site can lead to the release of the completely wrong page, which is relevant to an advanced request. As a result, users who come to it can significantly spoil behavioral factors, that again will undoubtedly not have a very good effect on the website rating.

Where most often there is duplication of content on the site

  1.  Announcements of Articles, which is posted on other pages. Most often, instead of creating a brief description of the article, the first couple of paragraphs of the article and a picture from the article are used.

  2.  Duplication of the name and description of the category / section on all of the following pages of pagination (serial page numbering).
  3.  The same product descriptions. It is a frequent problem of online stores, in which thousands of items for sale and for similar products use the same text.
    In addition, for different variations of sorting the same products, pages with different URLs are generated that will contain the same content, but in a different order.
  4.  The same subcategories in different categories, goods (and therefore descriptions) in different categories it is also worth considering how site page duplication. For example, the same Asus tablet will be displayed in two different categories of “Planchet” and “Asus Planchet”.

  5.  Reviews also should not be duplicated on different pages.
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How to define a double of content on the site

a) Webmaster panels Yandex and Google will be prompted if there is duplication of content on the site.

b) Search the search engine index. Use the site operator: for Google or host: - for Yandex, after which specify the address of the site and in quotation marks a fragment of the text to find matches on it. 

Дубль контента в индексе
c) Various services and programs for checking text and pictures for uniqueness know how to define a double of content. In most cases, they will help you find pages on which the verified content is placed in whole or in part.

d) Online Services for Verifying Page Similarities. It will do if there is doubt about the uniqueness of two specific pages of your web resource.

e) Using programs for site analysis. For example, using the Netpeak Spider program, you can find duplicate Title, Description, H1 headers, text and full duplicate pages.

Дублирование контента в мета-тегах



How to eliminate duplication of content on the site

First of all, after identifying duplication of content, repetitions should be eliminated where possible:

  • if these are pictures and parts of the text in different articles, you need them replace or unify;
  • in case of reviews remove repeating blocks and make them separate for each page;
  • close duplicate text from indexing, using tag < noindex > (will only help in the case of Yandex).
  • to solve problems with doubles in various ways of displaying pages, use the following methods:

What do we have in the end?

It turns out that duplication of content on the site is a very serious problem that can only be eliminated after a series of thorough checks of the entire site.

Given the reasons why repetitions appear, you need to choose the right ways to eliminate them for each case..

Well, so that you don’t need to eliminate anything, ask yourself the goal post only unique content on the pages of your site (even if it is an online store with tens of thousands of pages).

Good luck in applying the knowledge just gained!