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What quality content should be

Just a couple of years ago, it was believed that quality content is one that is perfectly optimized for search engines. To date, everything has changed dramatically. 

Search engines began to be interested in the opinions of people. Now it is important for them how much time the user spent studying the pages of the web resource, and whether he is satisfied with the information received. Therefore, each site owner simply needs to know what the content should be on its pages.

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What are the main factors in determining the quality of site content

From the point of view of search engines, quality texts for the site should have such characteristics:

  1. Uniqueness. High-quality content should not be copied from somewhere. This will be immediately noticed and taken into account. The result will be getting at the bottom of the ratings. The extreme option is a rewright. Search engines will notice this too, but at 100 % uniqueness can be reached in the TOP and with such texts.

    Nevertheless, it is better not to save on this and buy or write high-quality texts for the site. They must be unique copyrighted articles. In this case, your chances of getting into the TOPs of the PS output will increase significantly.

  2. Utility. What is the content in terms of utility? Correctly. Useful (quality content) and useless. Search engines follow this indicator very carefully: evaluate the number of viewed web resource pages, the time spent on each of them, the percentage of failures, and the return to search, user willingness to share with other information you have found, repeated visits to the resource, etc. It is quality content that can improve all of these indicators. 

    And if you focus solely on the availability of the necessary key phrases in your texts, without caring about their readability and semantic load, the search engine will understand, that you are trite “climbing” and “punish” you accordingly.
  3. Expertity. Qualitative texts for the site suggest that the visitor find information that will fully and fully comply with the search query. 

    Therefore Your articles must be appropriate.: literacy, appropriate terminology, tables, digital data, confirmation of arguments by links to primary sources. In general, the person reading this should think that the author of the text is an expert in this matter.
  4. Optimization. The parameter, which would seem to be in the first place, suddenly appeared in the last. But this does not mean that it is less important than all previous ones. 

    Therefore, proper internal and external optimization are also necessary conditions for search promotion. Qualitative texts for the site should be on pages with correctly filled parameters title and description, have the optimal % key content in your body, supplemented by optimized pictures and videos.

The impact of content quality on the opinion of search engines

Search engine operating principle such that it takes into account all these factors in determining the quality of content, searches for truly high-quality content and ranking sites based on the results. Compliance with all of them makes your web resource an ideal candidate for at least TOP 10 participants. If we focus only on some of them, the result will be much lower (if any).

Therefore, when you decide what the content of your site should be, first of all, you should not forget about its compliance "preferred" search engines.

We hope this information was useful to you. Waiting for your comments!