Get recommendations for writing texts for your site

Step-by-step development of TK for copywriter

When choosing a SEO promotion for your website, you need to remember that one of its most important components is quality content. In particular, textual.

Therefore, if you do not have the ability or desire to write texts for your web resource personally, you have to resort to the services of specialists in this matter - copywriters.

Moreover It is important to learn how to do detailed terms of reference (TZ) for a copywriter. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting at the exit completely not the text that you would like, but you simply cannot make any claims, because in response you hear: “There were no such requirements in those assignment!

I’m not a psychic to guess what else you would like to see in this article! ”.

This is especially appropriate in the case of orders of texts through copywriting exchanges, on which the arbitration will always take the side of the copywriter if the text content written by him matches the technical assignment you provided.

Preparing for compiling a TK copywriter

The compilation of TK always needs to be started by choosing the topic of the text, as well as the main and secondary key requests that should be used when writing it.

We will not repeat how to do with Yandex Wordstat Keyword Selection.  We already talked about this earlier. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material “How to make a semantic core.

After plan content for your site will be completed, you can go directly to the development of TK for copywriters who will work on creating texts to fill in the pages of your website.

Indicate your site to get recommendations for writing texts

How not to draw up a terms of reference

First, consider the example of TK for a copywriter, to the compilation of which we did not approach very responsibly:

It would seem that everything is in order, because some pretty clear requirements are stated.

But in fact, this task of those gives the copywriter a very wide almost unlimited space for his imagination.

Although, perhaps, in this case, the customer was not at all interested in the structure of the future text, the spam and other important parameters of the correct SEO texts.

Or is he just poorly acquainted with such a concept as “text optimization.

In any case, if you want to advance to the TOP search issues, you need to fill out the site with really high-quality and optimized materials. Therefore, a frivolous attitude to the compilation of TK by the copywriter is unacceptable.

The correct approach to the development of TK for copywriter

In order to get exactly the text you need as a result of the copywriter, in those task (TZ) for the site it is advisable to include such items:

  1. Title (although you can only provide the main request so that the copywriter comes up with a good title), which is the topic from which you need to build on.
  2. If required, report the need for a technical task make a description (indicate the required number of characters).
  3. Desired text size - the number of characters without spaces. Here you can specify the price for 1000 cm., If this has not been agreed earlier.

  4. Content requirements. In the technical task, it is advisable to describe what you want to see in the results of the copywriter. For example:

    - the text should be written in style...;
    - easy to read;
    - comply with the topic and fully disclose it;
    - voice the problem and promise to solve it by the end of the text;
    - clearly formulate thoughts (without water);
    - the use of calls to the reader - you, you (with a large or small letter), etc.
  5. Can be added to TK article examples (or links to them) written in the style you need.
  6. Text structure. When compiling TK for the site, you should already have a clear idea of how ready-made published materials should look on it. These requirements must be indicated in the TK copywriter: availability and size of entry, breakdown by paragraphs, desired number of subsections, use of lists, tables, statistics.
  7. Text purpose: selling text, just SEO text for search promotion, product card, etc.
  8. Target audience, The textual content should be guided by is also an integral part of a good technical task.

  9. Keywords, that must be used when writing texts. In the same part of TK for the copywriter, you can specify a specific driving density each key and the need to use them in subheadings, as well as in the first and last 100 words of the text.
  10. Highlighting phrases / words important in the text.

    Sometimes on copywriting exchanges, you can find technical tasks in which keywords are asked to be highlighted in bold. This is undesirable to do, since when publishing a similar type of text formatting is often forgotten to remove, and search engines have long been taught to recognize it as an element of text sharpened for search progress.
  1. What should not be in the text. For example, do not use template expressions like “Today ...”, “As you know ...”, “There is no doubt.”.
  1.  When compiling TK, one should not be afraid to seem too scrupulous. If you need to indicate that the text must have qualities such as:

    - utility;
    - expertness;
    - content relevance.
  1.  A separate point of increased importance in the development of TK should be  uniqueness of text. Here you can specify recommendations with which service you need to check it and what value should be (for example, at least 95 % by Advego).
  2. Lack of links in the text to third-party sites.
  3. Depending on the seriousness of your intentions (texts for people or for robots), when compiling TK, it will be useful mention the absence of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as the need for a thorough reading of the text before delivery.
  4. If necessary, you can add to the terms of reference the requirement to select a number of unique thematic pictures certain quality and size.
  5. Do not forget when compiling a technical task indicate deadlines.

An example of TK compiled correctly

Here is a good example of a TK copywriter, in which all customer requirements are laid out on the shelves:

Как составить тз для копирайтера

Developing a similar sample of TK and making sure that the copywriter can write the necessary text on it, can be used as a template, only by changing some of its components depending on future topics (number of characters, keywords and the number of their occurrences, uniqueness indicator, etc.).

By the way, if you hire a copywriter for long-term cooperation, in addition to the fact that he will have to use the terms of reference compiled by you, you can try to slightly “improve” his skills: offer to familiarize yourself with our articles “How to write SEO text"and"11 components of the perfect blog article.

In theory, a good copywriter should already know all this. If he is, he will simply refresh his knowledge. And if he does not have enough skills, in this way he will be able to improve them.

Our proposed example of TK does not claim to be truly correct. These are just recommendations that have emerged from many years of experience working with copywriters. Therefore, you can use them, supplement them with the missing, from your point of view, requirements, or develop your own sample of TK.

And how do you make up your copywriters? If your technique is different from what we proposed, do not forget to share it in the comments!