No one puts textual content on the site just to be there. Its task is to attract potential customers from search engines and motivate them to purchase. Therefore one of the conditions for effective SEO promotion - correct optimization of the text in keywords. 

For beginner copywriters, such work may seem rather complicated. Especially if in technical task a large volume of keywords is indicated with a limited number of characters in the text. But you can and should learn this, otherwise serious expensive orders will remain unavailable to you. 

In this article, we will share the experience of our copywriters and tell you how to write the optimized text correctly.


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What are the keywords in copywriting

Keywords are words and phrases that users enter in Google or Yandex when they are looking for the information they need. Immediately after sending the request, search engines analyze it and select the most suitable pages. To increase odds site hits in TOP issue, the same keyboards are used when writing text.

что такое ключевые слова в копирайтинге пример

But for this not enough to enter them. Search engines evaluate not only the availability of requests, but also the correct entry, relevance to the text topic and its benefit to people.

If users do not read the article to the end, or keyword percentage it has above the norm, the system considers it a useless spam and maybe even impose sanctions on the site. That is, the primary task of the copywriter is to enter the queries into the text as harmoniously and in the required quantity as possible. 

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Keyword Key Principles for Document Optimization 

Consider 4 the main rules for working with SEO texts:

  1. First of all, all articles are written for people.. Therefore, they must be made interesting and easy to read. Avoid too long sentences and complex terms. Use lists, subheadings and others text processing techniques.
  2. Do not dilute the article with “water”. Complementing unnecessary sentences just to insert more keywords into them is not a good idea. Increase text volume it is possible solely due to useful information, examples and important facts on the topic.
  3. Requests must be placed evenly. The highest frequency must be entered in the first and last paragraph. Short keyboards can be used in headings and subheadings, long - insert into sentences throughout the article. You cannot place them nearby to avoid repetitions and tautologies. For example, don't write like that

    плохой пример использования запросов в тексте

    Also, you do not need to insert the same keywords in the next sentences.
  4. So that people do not stumble over unsuccessful verbal constructions, use keywords only in their natural form. For example, a phrase difficult to perceive that contradicts the rules of the Russian language: “Televisor buy Kiev” should be replaced by a more readable one: “Buy a TV in Kiev”. 

    Some copywriters resort to tricks, and try to mask the “curve” keyboards in this way:

    как нельзя вставлять ключи в статью пример

    So you can’t insert requests into text - the phrase still cuts the eye.

How to write text by keywords - to the note by beginners

The definition of keywords and the basic rules for their placement in the text we described above. But there are a few questions that most often concern beginners. And in conclusion, we want to give detailed answers to them:

  • Do I need to highlight keywords in the written text? 
    No, it will look unnatural and ugly. In italics, quotes are mainly distinguished, and in bold - the most important phrases in meaning. 

    In the process of writing the text, you can select the keys in color, to control their use, and facilitate verification. And when publishing on the site - delete such markings.
  • Do I need to use all the keywords from TK in the article? 
    If they all fit in meaning, and each of them can be used to search for this article, then yes. After consulting the customer, try to group them. For example, a set of short dummies without loss of meaning can be easily transformed into one phrase. 

    как правильно вписывать ключевые слова картинка
  • How to insert keywords into the text most harmoniously? 
    Ideal in terms of SEO-promotion is an article in which requests are almost invisible to users when reading. To write such a text, use all 3 type of query occurrence: 
    • Accurate (direct). If the keywords are natural, you can insert them into the text without changing. For example, the phrase “Buy a solar power station in Ukraine” can be written in the same form, but “male sun protection points Moscow” already requires changes, and in direct entry it will look ridiculous. 
    • Inaccurate. Unreasonable designs can be changed by tilting words and swapping them. For example, “Providing to order Ukraine” to transform into “Order delivery in Ukraine”.
    • Diluted. Between the main keywords you can insert additional ones that are suitable in meaning. For example, instead of “Turn a kitchen headset”, write “Turn a stylish kitchen headset”.

We hope these tips help you figure out how to correctly insert keywords into articles. 

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