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What is infographics and why is it needed

Infographics are the visualization of information data, which helps to reflect almost any information in a simple and understandable form. Even the most complex and boring numbers in the chart look clear and interesting. 

The modern world is characterized by a large flow of diverse information, which we absorb at a tremendous speed and without interruption. Moreover, only a few are ready to spend more 2 - 3 minutes studying it.

How to be if you want to share knowledge so that they interest users, quickly learn, are sent on and benefit both readers and you? Reform the information in the graph. And we will tell you how to do infographics without outside help.

The benefits of infographics:

  • takes up little space, while very informative;
  • contains only facts without any “water”;
  • clearly reflects the data and helps to quickly show the difference between them;
  • well remembered;
  • collects much more likes and outposts, improves social and behavioral factors.

We think now with the question of why infographics are needed for sites, everything is clear. It is very effective data transfer tool, which also positively affects the assessment of resource utility by search engines. Now we learn how to do the infographics on our own.

Преимущества создания инфографики на сайт

How to create an infographic yourself

Creating a graphic object that visually reflects the information you have consists of several stages:
  1. Identify your target audience. It is important to understand exactly who will study the posted information, what pain it is designed to relieve and how to help, what questions to answer.
  2. Clearly articulate your task. You need to understand what goal you are pursuing by posting a post: to draw attention to any problem, to get a new stream of subscribers or customers, to talk about products. 
  3. Prepare all the necessary data. The information you offer must be reliable and complete, otherwise it will not be credible, and you risk your reputation. 
  4. Determine which type of infographics better suited for data transfer:
    a. Static infographics - presentation of information in the form of static graphic objects;
    b. Dynamic infographics - is an animated video;
    c. Interactive Infographics - involves receiving feedback from the user through clicks.
  5. Choose interesting clinginginging title, which will reflect the essence of the information provided.
  6. Engage in design development. He must be attractive, but not distracting. If the appearance “beats” the information message, you will definitely not achieve your goal. It is also undesirable to use too original and creative fonts: the text should read well. Large letters and large indents improve perception. Do not complicate or pile up your infographics. Remember, minimalism is now in trend, so it’s better to avoid any excesses. And do not forget to adhere to a single style.
  7. Thinking of a promotion strategy, so that the spent forces do not disappear for nothing.
Theoretically, everything is pretty simple. It remains to tell how infographics for the site are created using available services.

Как самостоятельно создать инфографику для сайта

Services for creating infographics

Not so long ago, you could get a high-quality graphic object only by contacting professionals who visualized your idea for a fee. You can place someone else's creation on your resource, but we strongly do not recommend using ready-made infographics - reputation is more expensive. In addition, I always want to do something unique.

We offer you an overview of online services for creating infographics that will help you quickly enough and without unnecessary costs to do own unique object, useful for users and promotion.

If you plan to regularly delight your subscribers with interesting quality infographics, it is better to create a paid account that provides ample opportunities for creativity and the implementation of any idea. 

Programs for creating infographics that allow you to create completely free of charge will suit beginners who want to try their hand at the new business.

Piktochart is a convenient tool for beginners

Simple and efficient service for creating infographics. Here you will find many patterns, colors, fonts, drawings and icons. The English-language program, but even the superficial knowledge of the English language will be enough to figure out how and what works here.

You can purchase a paid subscription by choosing the right tariff, or connect a free package with cut opportunities. In fact, even when choosing a free version, you can use the templates of many interesting posters, flyers, presentations, reports. The service allows you to brand your objects even before purchasing an account.

Piktochart программа для создания инфографики

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Great for chart and circuit lovers

Charts for every taste and color, flowcharts, organizational charts, interactive maps - all this can be created in Creately using numerous designer templates. This service for creating infographic in Russian will be very useful for preparing clearly structured visual information, which is perfectly remembered and is quite revealing. 

Создание блок схемы с помощью сервиса Creately

One of the hallmarks of the Great - the possibility of working together online. The designer allows you to import images, supports the Drag & Drop function and has a lot of advantages. 

как создать инфографику с помощью creately

In the free version, you can use a limited number of samples, but in most cases this is quite enough in any case as a launch project.

Visme - value in simplicity

Not very rich in terms of opportunities, but one of the easiest services. Here you can quickly and easily prepare attractive banners, presentations, diagrams and other objects. The free version allows you to select one of several dozen templates. The disadvantages of the designer include a small number of icons and graphic elements. But Visme boasts perhaps the simplest and most convenient editor.

самостоятельное создание инфографики в visme - it’s never cheaper

One more simple and suitable for beginners designer, which allows you to create infographics using various icons and graphic elements for every taste. Objects move by simple drag and drop, and these diagrams are entered by filling in the tables. Everything is simple and very budgetary: the paid version will cost only 4 dollars.

Интерфейс сервиса easel-ly

Venngage - a wide selection of solutions

This service should only be selected if you are ready to buy a paid subscription. A free version exists, but it allows you to create only 5 objects, after which it will offer payment, so it is suitable only for educational purposes. In addition, before purchasing access to advanced functionality, you cannot download your object, it can only be published online. 

Создание инфографики в сервисе venngage - maximum features with overall ease of use

An excellent solution not only for experienced and sophisticated users, but also for “chains”. Quick registration, simple selection of the template you like, a set of standard graphic elements, the ability to use various visualization tools: graphs, histograms, all kinds of diagrams, tables, word clouds, timer and much more. Table data can be downloaded from Excel or Google Document tables. 

Как создать информационную графику в infogr-am

The created object can be placed on the platform itself, its own website, shared on social networks, thrown off as a link by e-mail.

To download handmade creation you will have to buy a paid account. Prior to that, it will be available at

Summing up

There are still many designers and services for creating infographics, each of which has one or another advantage and disadvantages. We have listed perhaps the best services for creating infographics that are easy and comfortable to use. Experiment with each of them and share your opinion.