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Creating Plan Content

To start SEO site promotion, it needs to be filled quality content, optimized for specific search queries.

This process is most convenient to organize in the form of a step-by-step action plan called a content plan (KP).

Human nature is designed in such a way that plans for the future have the ability to constantly be delayed. The same thing most often happens with the creation of the site. You are going to pick up requests for promotion, gradually compile a list of them, but you can’t advance further than that.

In order for this process to budge, you need to know how to draw up a content plan that will force you to act. Well, the most ideal option would be if you can create a content plan that will work without your participation.

The correct content plan for the site

So, for starters, it is advisable to deal with the design and familiarize yourself with what the content plan looks like. It is most convenient to organize it in the form of a table in Excel or Google Tables.
Approximately this should be the content plan (example):


Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Step-by-step plan content

Further development of the KP implies systematic work on its compilation. You can perform this process yourself or hire a responsible manager who is tasked with creating an nth number of points before a certain period of time. 

The step-by-step compilation of the KP is carried out approximately as follows:

  1. A selection of the main request for the page. Most often, it will be its name (1 -th column of the KP).
  2. Location Selection (main, category, article).
  3. Additional Query Selection on the topic of articles that will help increase page relevance. At this point, the creation of plan content can be greatly simplified if you use the Wordstat Yandex service and apply some other recommendations from the previously published material “How to make a semantic core.

  4. Clarification of the essence of the text. This column is created specifically for the copywriter, who will be involved in writing texts. It is desirable to draw up a content plan so that the copywriter does not have questions during the course of work and he does not bother you with them. In other words, you need to orient it in what key points you want to see in a future article. This can be a brief description or other materials in the form of videos, images, etc.
  5. Determining the release date. The creation of the content of the plan must necessarily include the filling of such an item, which every day will motivate progress. No excuses to yourself or to the customer by the copywriter are important when there is an exact planned date for the work. 

    By the way, before you draw up a content plan you need determine the frequency of publication new articles on your site (daily, 3 per week, etc.).
  6. Appointment of the responsible. Indication in the corresponding column of the name of the employee who will have to write the text by the planned date.
  7. Fine. Punishment for failure to complete the planned work. If you write the texts yourself, come up with a punishment (for example, do not buy yourself a new tablet). In the case of an hired copywriter, this may be a pre-agreed reduction in the amount of wages in case of delays.

Development of plan content. Major errors

If you want to know how to draw up a content plan, so that this leads to the most positive results, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main errors that are often made during this process:

  1. Uncertain goal. You must clearly know what to move towards. Plan a specific number of lines in your KP. Deal with test requirements.
  2. Poor market analysis and unnecessary requests in KP. If you irresponsibly approach this issue, there is a risk of spending a lot of time and money on creating articles that will attract non-targeted visitors, which will not allow to properly pay off the costs.
  3. Errors in financial planning. If the preparation of the content of the plan and its implementation takes place with the help of hired employees, it is advisable to estimate in advance the amount that they will have to pay for the entire period of work. 
  4. Poor texts, which can negatively affect the site’s promotion (bad uniqueness, low semantic load, problems with relevance). Similar problems may arise due to poor control over the operation of the copywriter or the absence in the KP of a column explaining the desired essence of the texts.

In conclusion

If you take into account all of the above recommendations, creating the content of the plan will go according to the planned schedule and every day you will get closer to the finish line, which is the completion of the site filling process.

If you hire responsible people for all stages, then the development of plan content and the publication of articles on the pages of your web resource can occur without your participation. The main thing is to skillfully organize this process and from time to time monitor its implementation. 

Planning, planning and planning again! This is exactly what your motto should be so that the process of creating the site and its promotion takes place at a “stakhanov” pace.

Good luck in this difficult business! We are waiting for your questions in the comments!