Previously, search engines were used to solve one problem - to find specific information using a query. After studying the results of the issue and finding the desired site, the process was completed before the next question appeared. 

But Google has changed this tradition by developing User Attention Tool - Discover. Thus, the role of the entire search space begins to change, which has become a zone of useful and relevant information for a particular person.

Let's figure out what kind of service it is and how you can get into it.


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Google Discover: what kind of service it is and how it works

Google Discover - this is a personalized feed of recommendations, which automatically provides users with potentially interesting content for them. It is displayed on the expanses of mobile searches in the Chrome browser and the Google application even before entering the query into the search bar.

The tool was created based on Google Feed, but with the improvement of the content selection algorithm. If earlier in the tape you could see only news and trends, now Discover is not limited to them. Recommendations may be included articles from online store blogs, travel companies, educational projects, beauty salons, entertainment and other sites.

что такое google discover пример

How is the Google recommendation feed formed

If you don’t know how Google Discover algorithms work, it may seem that the whole world is interested in the same information. But this is not so.

Search engine draws up a feed of recommendations for each specific user separately based on:

  • information specified during registration;
  • application history and search;
  • location;
  • content display settings.

как настроить ленту рекомендаций в гугл

Thus, a “portrait” of a person is created and a list of those that are in his area of interest. After that, it remains only to select content and regularly update personal extradition. In general terms, this is how Google Discover algorithms work.

Google Discover Differences by Yandex Zen

Yandex Zen Extradition also formed on the basis of the history of user interaction with the search engine and the indicated preferences. But, unlike Google Discover, the service allows authors to create their own channels, publish articles inside the platform and configure advertising. Can't manipulate the recommendations feed in Google - the system itself chooses the right and most relevant content.   

Another difference from Yandex Zen is Google service only works on mobile devices and currently does not have a PC version. 

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Benefits from Google Discover to Promote

Before learning about Google Discover rules and how to get into the mobile recommendations feed, it does not bother to understand what benefit this service can bring to an Internet project.

Content Display to Google Discover able to increase traffic during the day for a very significant figure. Some publications boast of thousands of transitions. Therefore, getting recommendations into the tape is a great opportunity to increase the number of site visitors and improve analytics performance. In general, this has a positive effect on SEO-provement.

How to add a site to Google Discover

As mentioned above, Google intends to deny webmasters the ability to manipulate the output in the Discover feed. Users have every right to regard this as a separate advantage compared to the more “biased” Yandex Zen. But this does not mean at all that site owners and optimizers cannot influence getting into Google’s recommendations. 

The main object of Google Discover is content, and the main driving factor is its quality and, of course, compliance with the interests of an individual user. It turns out, to get into the feed of recommendations content is required:

  • indexed by Google;
  • consistent with the rules of the search engine regarding publications (was not dangerous, spam, misleading, adult-thematic);
  • was unique, useful and expert;
  • revealed the essence of the headings;
  • did not have a large number of spelling, punctuation and other errors;
  • was good designed and structured;
  • correctly displayed on mobile devices;
  • quickly loaded;
  • aroused trust (indicated by the author, his achievements, sources of information).

I.e fulfill the same conditions as for website promotion inside the search engine itself. True, compliance with these conditions is not a guaranteed factor in adding content to the Google Discover feed.

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What else to consider when creating content under Google Discover

Nevertheless, it is not enough to know how to get a recommendation in Google and get into a hopeless tape. The main task still remains attracting user attention and the formation of his desire to get acquainted with the proposed content.

This can be achieved with:

By publishing useful content that affects the interests of the target audience, registering it should be in the way, you can expect it to bring a stream of new users to the site from Google Discover.

How to check the display statistics in Google Discover

You can track traffic from Google Discover in the Search Console service in the "Efficiency / Recommendations" section. Here you will find out about:

сайт попал в google discover как проверить

There is also the opportunity to see information by date and country of display, resource pages and view in recommendations.

как посмотреть статистику показов в discover

If there is no data here, then the content did not appear in the Discover feed.

Google Discover Transition Statistics can also be clarified in the Yandex Metric as part of reports on various sources of traffic. It is located in the “Reporting” section, the “Standard Reports” subsection - “Sources” - “Recommended Systems”.

отслеживание трафика из рекомендаций гугл в метрике

Statistics may be present in other analyzers, but the original data source is Google and the most complete analysis is available in Search Console. 


Google Discover is a useful and convenient way to interact with mobile users. First of all, it is designed to draw attention to the search space itself and is not originally a tool for promoting sites as such.

Traffic from Google Discover cannot be seen as the main tool for promoting, which you can bet on when planning or developing a promotion strategy. It is an additional source of transitions that cannot be predicted.

Responsible and regular content work can affect the type of recommendations of your target users and attract a noticeable flow of new visitors. Discover can be regarded as a bonus to those webmasters who pay due attention to filling the site and interacting with the target audience through content.

Do you already get traffic from Google Discover?

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