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How to write quality articles quickly

No matter how much you love your work, but the topic of earning is important to everyone. And the profession of copywriter is one of those where salary depends on productivity.

Of course, you can collect a bunch of orders, and sit at writing articles almost around the clock. But how long will you stand working at this pace without threatening your health? And the quality of the articles with such congestion and overwork of the brain will steadily begin to decline. And the opposite result will come out - orders will come less and less, the articles will be returned for revision, and instead of high payment you will receive additional problems and resentment: “Well, I tried so hard!”

To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to write articles quickly, easily and interestingly, without losing quality and saving time and effort.

If you are the owner of the site and give the task to the copywriter, keep in mind that the writing speed will depend not only on it. A significant role will be played by, how correctly you compile TK, therefore describe the requirements as detailed as possible.

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How to learn how to write quickly - the technical side of the issue

Perhaps this phrase will seem commonplace or strange to you, but it is true - to learn how to write articles quickly, first you need learn to print fast. The high keyboard typing speed will help you write many articles in a shorter time. This is an important factor, since our thoughts, which we want to convey to readers, work much faster than hands. By mastering this skill, you can fully concentrate on the text and wording of your ideas

You can find paid or free training programs to develop this skill, or you can simply train daily in high-speed printing on your own, until you achieve the desired result.

Как копирайтеру писать тексты быстрее

Believe me, the less you look at the keyboard in the writing process, and the more signs to print per minute, the more the total writing speed of the articles will increase.

The second technical question is  information processing. If you write articles for your own blog or website where you are in the subject, then you may not need a lot of additional information. But when an article writes a copywriter to order, often there is a need to immerse yourself in a topic by revising a huge amount of information. 

In any case, no one can know everything, and searching and studying information takes precious time. Therefore, for copywriter very it is important to read fast, while concentrating as much as possible on what has been read. In order to learn this, you just need to read more, pay attention to the main points and wording of the sentences.

Subsequently, you will easily look at the mass of information pages, snatching all the most important things, and the time of writing the article will be reduced.

Do not spare time mastering these valuable skills. It will pay off with a hundredfold, and will significantly increase the speed and quality of writing articles.

How to write many articles by properly organizing the work

For you to write easily and quickly, you need to correctly approach the issue of organizing work, and learn to work without unnecessary haste, but productively and efficiently. 

  • Think about the text structure. Be sure to work out her plan, the so-called “skeleton”, before you start writing an article. You can simply write out the main points and points that should be disclosed in the text. Try to line up your thoughts in a consistent chain. Writing text on a prepared structure is much faster and more productive than without any plan.

    План текста, чтобы увеличить скорость его написания
  • Choose the right time to write. Going to work at an unfavorable time, or working in fits and starts, between other things, you cannot increase the writing speed, and the quality is unlikely to be able to withstand at the proper level. Choose a time when no one will bother you, and you yourself are in good shape. After all, people are not in vain divided into owls and larks, and for someone it will be easy to write in the morning, and for someone in the evening.

    Do not try to increase the writing speed by combining copywriting with homework. You cannot do more, and reduce the quality of both processes.
  • Limit distractions. To write articles quickly and efficiently, you need to constantly think about what you write about. Therefore, it is better to turn off social networks and messengers for the duration of work, and remove the phone away. If you expect an important call or message, then reschedule the writing of the article to a later time - you still cannot concentrate.

    You should not include TV or music while writing the article, even if it seems to you that the sound background has a calming effect on you. In fact, this is not so, subconsciously you will begin to listen, be distracted, and you will not be able to write quickly and efficiently.

    Try to make it convenient for you at your workplace, everything you need was at hand and there was nothing superfluous.
  • Just start writing. Often there are problems with writing an introduction. If the first sentences cannot be formulated, skip them and start writing from the main part. Having a ready-made body of an article, coming up with a start and ending will be much simpler and faster. Interesting headlines and subheadings are also easier to compile to a written text.
  • Learn to relax in a quality manner. Be sure to take breaks in writing. For many, the word “break” is immediately associated with “breakthrough”. We will not talk here about the dangers of smoking, just recall its negative impact on memory. It will be better for you if during the break you do eye exercises or a short warm-up. Or even just lie down while relaxing. 

    In your free time for the development of the mind, read good literature - this will allow you to expand your vocabulary and increase the speed of writing articles.

    Having a good rest, you will return to work with new forces, and you will be able to write articles quickly and efficiently.
  • Editing. Another important factor affecting writing speed is editing. We do not doubt your literacy, but no one is insured against typos. It is best not to be distracted during writing to reconsider the moments emphasized by the editor. So you slow down the writing speed. Leave the final editing before subtracting the finished article. 


Working according to these rules, you can significantly increase the speed of writing articles without losing quality, maintain your health and time.

We hope that our article will be useful to you, and will help you learn to write much, quickly and easily. It is also interesting to hear the opinion of successful copywriters - how do you deal with such a task, and what advice can you give to beginners?