UTP is a compulsory marketing tool that helps the client make a purchase decision. In this article, we will analyze what it is and how to draw it up correctly.


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What does UTP mean and why is this the most important tool in marketing

Unique trade offer, or UTP is what distinguishes a particular company or products from similar offers on the market. Actually, this is the most important competitive advantage. 

It is difficult to find a niche that would be absolutely unique. Even if you plan to sell goods or services that you have never been to the market before, be sure that analogues or new sellers will appear quite quickly. To disengage from competitors, you need to find an additional feature of your company and include it in a unique sales offer.

How UTP differs from the offer

UTP is the main benefit product or company that user can always get, by contacting you. Offer - It is also an attractive offer, but it has any restriction, usually - in time.

Companies initially think through a unique trade offer for their business, often laying it in the goods or services themselves. Therefore, it may not change for a long time, always accompanying the product and creating an associative series with it. Often UTP is used in advertising slogans, remembered for many years and tightly “sticks” to the company. Like M&M’s, which melts in the mouth, not in the heat.

пример составленного утп mm

The more offshore you manage to create marketers, the more likely they are to increase sales. They need to be supplemented, changed and combined. This marketing tool is great for seasonal use, the withdrawal of a new product, or, conversely, the release of a warehouse from unpopular goods.

Be sure to create a powerful UTP and periodically supplement it with various types of offers. In this case, the business will be able to bring maximum benefits from the rational work with the target audience.

So, we answered the question: what is UTP. Now let's tell you how to compile it to attract the attention of users.

The first stage of developing a unique trade offer

The development of the UTP consists of two important stages: preparation and the writing process itself. In the beginning, consider what kind of information about the company you need to collect.

  • Target audience
    There is no product that interests absolutely everyone. Therefore, you need to understand exactly for whom your offer is of the greatest value. Explore the features, needs and possible doubts of potential customers. It is on them that the content of the UTP will depend.
  • Problem solution
    You already know your target audience and the problems that concern her. Now you need to determine how your product can solve them. This will be the basis for your UTP.

    How to make UTP based on the solution of the problem is seen in the following examples:
    • The company sells holistic feed. Target audience - not all owners of pets. We are interested in those whose dogs and cats have health problems and need a special diet. Problem - the pet needs a special diet, the owner, not being a veterinarian, cannot choose the right food. Decision: you will help you choose the right food depending on the type of disease, save time and money, while maintaining the health of your pet.
    • As a second example, consider a premium clothing store for pregnant women. Target audience defined. We are looking for a problem - it is the inability to look beautiful and feel comfortable in any setting. Decision, which can be offered: working with the best fashion designers of the world and selecting collections for future moms for any occasion.
  • Uniqueness
    UTP will only then operate at full capacity, when it will have an exceptional feature of your company. It should not only focus on a specific CA and solve a specific problem, but also be one of a kind.
    • Many people sell holistic feed, but only on your site can a convenient classification and selection system be developed according to the breed, disease, animal weight and other important parameters. Or only you can offer free online consultation of a veterinarian.
    • Pregnant clothing is sold in many stores, but only you can offer the most sophisticated couture outfits with delivery on the day of order and an fitting before payment. And this will be an important hallmark, because an invitation to a holiday may come to a future mother unexpectedly.

All necessary information is collected.. We turn to the creation of a truly clinginging UTP, which will become your main competitive weapon.

как сделать утп пример

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How to formulate a unique trade proposal: the second stage

Does size matter?

Often, UTP is confused with the advertising slogan, and they believe that it must be short. But this is not true. Actually no volume restrictions. It all depends on the product, the uniqueness that distinguishes it, the characteristics of the target audience. 

If it is impossible to place important information in one short phrase, we recommend that you split it into several. This is perfectly acceptable. In this case, the main strongest point should be displayed, and some details and necessary additions should be made in the form of a short text.

правильно составленное выгодное предложение

UTP Formulas

Consider 5 the most popular and effective formulas creating a unique trade offer.

  1. Problem - Solution - Benefit - Action
    Here you show that the pain of the target audience is understandable, you can help her and are ready to offer special conditions. And for all this, it is enough for the user to take one step. Created by this formula, the UTP ends with a call to action, which enhances the effect and increases conversion.
  2. Need - Solution - Warranty
    UTP attracts the attention of a certain group of people who already have a need at the time of visiting the site (for example, to purchase medicines or food). Your offer decides it. The reinforcing factor will be the guarantee of the result: delivery on time, fixed price, refund, etc.
  3. Target audience - problem - solution - benefit
    Such an UTP at the beginning allocates a specific group of people. As a result, the site visitor realizes that he got exactly where he needed to. And it boosts degree of loyalty of a potential client. The understanding of the problem is further confirmed, creating the image of an expert for the seller. The decision looks quite obvious, and the emphasized benefit "comes to condition. 
  4. Product (decision) - clarification of benefits - need
    This formula ends with the designation of the problem, emphasizing its importance for the company. The solution or product itself is displayed first. Then the feature of the proposal is deciphered, distinguishing it from all the others. “The apartment is in installments up to 3 - years without guarantee and certificates of income for 3 days”, where the apartment is a product of the company, in installments up to 3 -x years - clarification of benefits, lack of inquiries and sureties plus urgency is a real need for the target audience.
  5. Problem - Solution - Trigger
    In this formula, emphasis is placed on a motivating factor that emotionally encourages the fulfillment of the target action. Marketing trigger is a “start hook” that encourages the user to purchase, subscribe, repost, go to the site page, etc.

уникальное торговое предложение пример

Common Errors in Creating UTP

The popularity of this marketing tool does not exclude the possibility of errors that, alas, occur frequently. Let's look at the main and most significant of them.

When working with UTP, you can’t:

  • deceive users
    If you designate a solution, benefit or guarantee, you must provide them. This is not a bait, but what your offer really stands out among others.
  • refuse checks and analysis
    UTP is not a temporary phenomenon. It will accompany your business for a long period. In the beginning, try several options and analyze the response of users. The best option will turn into the main sales offer of the company.
  • to give out for benefit what the user will receive in any case
    For example, if the law provides for the return of goods that are inappropriate or inappropriate to describe at the request of the client within a certain period of time, this condition cannot be UTP. The promise of the absence of cholesterol of animal origin in plant products also cannot be used as UTP.
  • use common phrases
    The UTP must be clear and understandable. Phrases like “best solutions for any woman” or “ideal offer for everyone” will not work. Such formulations initially do not talk about anything and look like a clear exaggeration.
  • apply terms that are not clear to the target audience
    That is, you do not need to simplify, trying to reach out to everyone, or complicate, hoping to seem smarter. It is necessary to work in a certain target audience and speak with it exclusively in its language. 


To get the most out of your business, pay attention to creating a strong UTP. It can justify even a high price, making it a competitive advantage.

Have you already made a unique sales offer for your company? Which of the formulas was used for him?

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