Video is the perfect content format. for almost any site. It allows you to save time for users and get more information due to the visual properties of a “living” picture. But some difficulties may be associated with the publication of videos, and they must be taken into account. 

The main problem of publishing video materials on the site is related to increase page loading time. Most often it is solved this way: they register the channel in one of the video hosting services, for example YouTube, and embed the video on the site already with it. This is convenient because it does not affect the download speed of the web resource so much and allows you to get additional traffic source

But sometimes this option is not suitable, for example, if your content has age limits. In this case YouTube video posted on the website will not be reproducible. When you click the user, he will transfer to the video hosting page, where he will need to log in and confirm his coming of age.

In this article, we will talk about how to reduce the weight of the video for the site and get all the benefits of publishing it without any losses for the development of the Internet project.


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Video optimization for the site: step-by-step instructions

1. Analysis and cropping of video materials

Before starting video processing, it is necessary to analyze it and, if possible, change it. One of the optimization options that is not related to technical refinement is separation of long clips into parts within meaning like book chapters or movie series. Such a cut can be used profitably by spoiling the interest of users by stopping the show at an intriguing moment and announcements of curious continuation.

Another option - shutdown of the soundtrack or sound. For example, instead of background noise, you can use a music screen saver. The sound removal process involves not just turning off the microphone at the time of recording. Additionally, you must remove the sound effects in the file settings.

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2. Compress file to optimal size

The optimal video size for the site allows you to maintain high image quality with minimal file weight. It’s difficult to name the exact numbers, it all depends on the timekeeping and the features of the video itself, for example, color, voice acting, etc. Guided by the individual properties of video and seek a balance between “ease” and the quality of picture and sound.

Special services, such as Clipchamp, Clideo, Fastreel, and others, help to cope with the task of “weight reduction” of the file.

пример как оптимизировать видео для сайта

3. HTML5 file conversion

The answer to the question of which video format is better for preparing a publication on the site lies in their features. MP4 and WebM formats are considered optimal.

Files in WebM weigh less while maintaining high quality. But this format not suitable for all browsers: only Firefox and Google Chrome display it. If your audience uses exclusively these browsers, then the choice in favor of WebM will be justified.

Files in MP4 weigh more, but this video format for posting on the site is almost universal. This fact led to its popularity.

To convert, you can choose any convector that is more convenient for you. It can be an online service or a PC-installed video file reform program.

конвертер формата видео для сайта картинка

4. Change site settings

Some settings allow you to increase the speed of page loading, which is very important in the case of video filling. 

How to make the video on the site load faster using the settings of the web resource:

  • Specify file parameters in HTML or CSS. This will allow the browser to pre-distribute the load required to load the page.
  • Using the Lazy Load Function. Connecting the mode that determines the loading order: the video is downloaded after downloading another (main) type of content and site elements.
  • Adaptation for mobile devices. The video should be correctly displayed on different devices and screen resolutions. This usually requires the involvement of a programmer.

These measures will significantly reduce the load on the site and accelerate the loading of the pages on which the videos are published.


Using useful and interesting videos, you can significantly increase attendance and conversion percentage. But the efforts associated with the preparation of video materials will be reduced to zero if viewing requires additional time costs from visitors to wait for the site’s pages to be downloaded.

To solve the problem of time loss and speed up the site, you need to optimize the video and the web resource itself. The measures used for this are simple but mandatory. Use our step-by-step instructions and analyze the changes that they allow to achieve. 

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