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Images for SEO

During content optimization some of their owners completely forget that the state of each published image for SEO promotion is also very important. If this point is given enough attention, you can get a good user growth to your site from the "Pictures" section in the search engine.
SEO image optimization is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to understand what characteristics seo-pictures must have so that they can get into the TOP of the corresponding section of the search engine.

Image Uniqueness for SEO

First and foremost, your images must be unique. That is, they should not be published anywhere else except your site. Ideally, you need to hire a full-time photographer or take up the camera yourself, and thus create unique graphic content. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. In this case, you have to trick - the search engine optimization of pictures that you do not belong to comes to the rescue. 
Here is the easiest recipe for this:

  1. Find the image you need when searching for pictures. 
  2. Check for uniqueness (e.g. TinEye online service). If this indicator is close to zero, but there will still be duplication options, move on to the next step.

  3.  Try to optimize images (make unique) using graphical editors (mirror display, multiple degree rotation, cropping, various graphic filters, etc.).
  4. Re-check each image received. If the repeatability indicator is zero, then you managed to get a SEO image. 

But do not forget that the optimization of pictures for the site in this way does not give a 100 % guarantee and there is a possibility that, that someone will do similar actions with this image and in the future it may lose its uniqueness.

The correct name for SEO images

This refers to the name of the graphic file itself. It should consist of letters of the Latin alphabet. Between words, it is advisable to use a hyphen.

The name must match page title with the addition of the word “photo” or “picture”. If there are many images, you can call them according to the key phrases that are on the page. SEO photo optimization directly depends on the implementation of such seemingly insignificant recommendations.

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Alt and title are also important

Thanks to the correct completion alt and title parameters pictures are promoted above among other graphic search results, where a possible visitor for your site may stumble upon them. These two descriptions of SEO photographs should not be the same and repeat the main title of the page. They should be dealt with, as with the name of the file itself. Take the key phrase, add “picture” to it (for example, in title) and “photo” (alt).

Image size optimization

Not the most important point, but it is also worth paying attention to. Images in too high quality and large size will affect the loading speed of the page as a whole. 

You should select one size for all SEO photographs (at least a width of 700 pixels) and pre-pick them under it in any graphical editor. When publishing, you also need to ensure that the size matches. Since they can scale depending on the parameters that you set when inserting.

Image optimization for the site implies a suitable weight, which varies depending on their quality. It is advisable to compress them using specialized online resources or all the same graphic editors. For example, Photoshop uses the “Save for Web” function for this. 


SEO photo must, within meaning, correspond to the subject of the pages, on which will be used. Also, near the picture there should be a text that is suitable in meaning. If the alt attribute also matches this topic, this will positively affect the image promotion and the relevance of the page as a whole.


SEO image optimization plays far from the last role in promoting sites. Besides this positively affects the influx of visitors. The time spent on the uniqueness of the pictures, the correct file names, filling the alt and title attributes is a relatively small price that is definitely worth paying, given the resulting benefit.