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How often do you need to update content on the site

Exist promotion secrets, which not all optimizers know about. One of them says that you often need to update the content of the site, as this has a very positive effect on the opinion of search engines about him.

Why update site content? Is it not enough to fill it once and sit waiting for results?

It turns out not so simple and updating content is very important for promoting and retaining leadership positions. Below you will get acquainted with the main reasons that will convince you of this.

Impact on indexation 

If you often update content on the site, it will entail increase in the frequency of calls of robots conducting indexation. It turns out that by amending the old content, you indirectly influence the acceleration of indexation of new pages. 

Conversely, if there are practically no changes on the site from one visit to another, this means that they can come even less often, because still nothing changes. And this also means that you will be reduced in extradition, because “stagnation” means a decrease in utility.

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Changes in old articles 

Positively evaluated by search engines, even if the previous publication date was quite long ago (for example, last year). 

Moreover, it is not necessary to significantly update the content. After all, even the slightest change (a couple of new words in the text, new pictures, etc.) indexed robots and give additional rating points, since in the eyes of search engines this is evidence of the continuous improvement of the web resource.

New relevant information

If you don’t know why to update the content on your web resource, open one of your last year’s articles and compare the material provided in it with that, what your competitors write now on the same request. You will be surprised how much new, unknown at that time information has appeared to date. 

And this is quite natural. After all, not a single sphere of life and activity of mankind stands still and is constantly developing. Therefore, written last year on a specific request, the article will no longer bear the value that existed at the time of its writing. And this means that your direct competitors will easily move you from the TOP positions. 

To prevent this from happening, you often need to update the content of the site, adding new, modern and relevant information to it.

Tracking new search queries

Fantasy people is limitless. And since those who use search engines are also people, this leads to the fact that new requests appear daily, which no one would have thought of yesterday. 

Therefore, you often need to update the content on the site, regularly monitoring the emergence of new keywords relevant to your subject or turning the NF into a HR and HR. If you find them, immediately add them to the semantic core of the site and enter them into previously published content. 

True, in this moment you need to be careful - you can’t just insert new requests into the old text. You need to do this wisely, rewriting sentences or even whole paragraphs, so that in the end it turns out the same quality content, rather than text with inadequately affixed keys. In short, keep up with life and do not drop the quality bar!

Can I do nothing already?

Even if your web resource has reached the desired heights and conquered all the desired TOPs of search results, do not rest on your laurels and get hung up on collecting the fruits of your works in the form of profit from the sale of services or goods. 

Of course, you can object, so why update the content if the desired site is already in the TOP? Based on the above reasons, we can confidently say that if you stop improving your web resource and make changes to its pages, then very soon it will begin to slide from its hard-won positions.

To hold them, do not stop working with the site!

Good luck in this business! If you have any questions, ask them in the comment box!