The term “trigger” came from English and originally belonged to the field of technology and electronics, where it was used to designate mechanisms for launching certain processes. Literally “trigger” means “start hook”. That is, after its activation, a chain reaction occurs, which leads to a specific result.

Today, this term is used in various fields. In marketing, it means words and sentences that motivate the target audience to perform a certain action.

Consider how triggers work in sales and how they can bring benefits.


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Marketing triggers: how to start the "slip hook"

The desire to fulfill the targeted action - to subscribe to the newsletter, to re-post, to make a purchase, etc. - may arise as a result of a rational, deliberate solution or under the influence of emotions and instincts. 

Marketing triggers act specifically on emotions, creating a special situation that motivates for the right action. The goal of marketers is to “wake” the desire to do something. There are three most important components:

  • who to influence, that is, the target audience;
  • how to act, or what type of trigger will work in this case;
  • for what to influence, in other words, to what reaction should the “launched mechanism” lead.


It turns out, goal marketing trigger - create added value to the product (proposal, company, information), which often plays a decisive role in deciding whether to purchase. That is why they are effectively used in advertising.

Types of triggers in marketing

There are many triggers that are used in sales. They differ in the main motivating factor and additional aspects that are more or less important for the audience. But the main driving emotion is fear

Urgentness, or fear of being late

According to this principle discounts start, stocks and other profitable offers. Under their influence, a person usually buys more than he really needs.


  • Only today, when buying two goods, the third is a gift;
  • If the amount of the check exceeds XXX, the next purchase is a 50 % discount. The promotion is valid from 1 until January 15;
  • Only until 1 September discount on all products 10 %.


The option may be mass. The main thing is that to get the benefit you need to take a certain action right now.

Unlike other types of triggers that are undesirable to apply simultaneously, limiting the time of the offer is perfectly combined with other motivators. Moreover, he is called strengthen their effect, we can say, make a “control shot”

пример триггера срочности

Deficit, or fear of staying with nothing

Marketing trigger that creates a feeling of excitement. In fact, this is a variation of the previous method. 

Most popular uses:

  • left 5 places;
  • the number of places is limited;
  • the goods in the warehouse are ending.


прием с дефицитом в маркетинге

Exclusivity, or fear of being “like everyone else”

For some, an important factor in deciding on a purchase is the ability to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, emphasizing the exclusivity of the offer, we can make it more significant. As a result - conversion growth.

This type of trigger in marketing is quite common: closed offers, unique privileges, single copies and special promotions of the form "exclusively for. In this case the limiter is not the minimum amount of the check or the time of action, but specific attribute. They may be:

  • belonging to the profession;
  • nature (creative personality, knowledgeable parent);
  • level of well-being.


It is important to choose such a generalizing sign of your target audience, to which she herself is proud.

пример эксклюзивного предложения

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A herd of feelings, or fear of being the worst

Opposite in meaning, but of approximately equal importance in strength is a trigger based on the so-called "stad feeling. Its essence comes down to the fact that people usually fear being worse than the bulk, not reaching the level

You can apply this trigger in marketing in such options:

  • The training has already passed more than 8000 people;
  • Pepsi, Sandora, Coca-Cola and other major manufacturers collaborate with us;
  • This product has already been bought by 1067 people;
  • Checklist downloaded 7590 users.


The task of taking with the crowd effect is to arouse the desire to do as the majority did, that is, correctly. At the same time, trust in the product is created..

триггер с эффектом толпы

Mutual benefit, or fear of seeming ill-mannered

Formula “You to me - I to you” used as a marketing trigger. She creates desire do something nice in gratitude for the benefit received. 

Please reciprocate the useful information provided or the benefit is usually not unanswered. And fear of seeming ungrateful reinforces the possible effect.

Use examples:

  • Free site audit until the purchase of the full course;
  • Checklist when subscribing to mailing;
  • An interesting article in exchange for a repost on social networks.


маркетинговый триггер взаимной выгоды

Gambling, or fear of missing your chance

Azart in itself is a very powerful motivator. A combined with the opportunity to receive additional benefits he is a very effective marketing trigger.

In practice, we often come across this approach in sales. A vivid example: an offer to collect a complete set of figures for the collection or fill out the magazine with stickers to receive a gift. Manufacturers offer some kind of game, packing the product so that buyers cannot find out the contents in advance. As a result, excitement wakes up, forcing you to participate in this game again and again.

In social networks, another variety of this trigger is actively used: a random selection of the winner among those who shared their posts or bought goods for a certain period.


The ability to take off some of the responsibilities is often an important argument in the selection process. This mainly refers to not the most pleasant everyday actions that require additional effort or time. The service that helps save time or effort, able to significantly increase the value of the proposal.

In addition to delivery and installation, there are other options for using this trigger. Help in choosing products, a comparative analysis of similar products, calculating the final cost - all this makes life easier and, accordingly, increases the attractiveness of the offer.

пример приема сделаем все за вас на сайте

Curiosity, or “To be continued ...”

The most effective marketing trigger for information products that increases sales. By creating intrigue, offering something new and unexpected, you can successfully play with a sense of curiosity.

Use examples:

  • Watch the video to the end and get a nice bonus;
  • Confirmation sent to your email. Open - inside the letter a gift;
  • In the next article, we will talk about 5 the secrets of increasing conversion.

Feeling of significance

A psychological trigger that works in absolutely all areas, marketing and sales are no exception. You can show your respect for the user by creating comfortable conditions for cooperation. Their presence will be the best proof of the special value of the client, and this is always pleasant and causes a sense of sympathy and gratitude.

For example:

  • for regular customers discount 15 %;
  • master class only for subscribers;
  • get a personal discount "Only for your own.


как вызвать чувство значимости клиента


Marketing triggers are a prime example of smart customer competition. She was not originally associated with attempts to deceive anyone. Its goal is to build trust and mutually beneficial relationships. with the target audience. Surely, you often felt the influence of this tool on yourself.

Which triggers have the most effective effect on your choice of something?

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