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The correct keyword occurrence density

Since the inception of the SEO movement, there has been no dispute between the optimizers about the density of the keywords of the site. 

  • How many keyword occurrences can be considered optimal?
  • What can be the minimum and maximum values of this indicator so that you can count on successful promotion and not get under the filters for a break?
  • Is the same optimal keyword density for Yandex and Google?
  • Or do you need to adjust to each search engine separately? 

And such questions are simply an incredible amount.

Unfortunately, search giants do not reveal the secrets of their algorithms. Therefore, it is possible to judge what percentage of keyword density is optimal, possibly only on the basis of data obtained experimentally.

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Optimal frequency of keywords in the text

The method of trial and error found that the most positive reaction from the search engines is obtained by texts in which the keyword occurrence density is no more 4 - 5 %. Subject to these values, the page will be considered the most relevant request for which it is optimized. 

In this case, you need to do not forget to follow the rest of the words. Although they are not search queries, they also cannot have the value of the frequency of occurrence above these indicators, otherwise the text will be considered repetized, and the placement page may go under the filter.

In addition, it was noticed that for texts of various topics, the frequency of keywords in the text may fluctuate within some limits.

Therefore, if you do not know what percentage of keyword density is considered suitable for web resources with topics like yours, you should stick to safe value, which is suitable for any occasion and equals 3 %.
Minimum correct keyword density –1.5 %. If this indicator is less, then the page is poorly optimized for a specific search query.

How to determine the density of keywords of the site

This parameter is determined by a special formula:

It is also possible to carry out this using various online services, which greatly simplify and speed up the procedure. The most popular, convenient and practical is service Advego. In addition to allowing you to find out the number of word entries, some other important values will also be available to you (text volume, two types of nausea, % water, errors).



By the way, about nausea - This parameter is also a display of the number of word repetitions in the text. 
Classic Nausea - the result of calculating the square root from the number of word uses in the text. Minimum its possible meaning - 2.64. Maximum, in which your text will risk crossing the border of spam - 7.
Another option: academic nausea - the ratio of the number of repetitions of the most common words to their total number in the text.


At text optimization for a specific request, the optimal density of the keywords of the site should have the recommended value up to 4 - 5 %. These values averaged, derived from personal experience and do not pretend to be the only true truth, given the constantly changing algorithms of search engines and the inability to match all of them at once.

If you still have questions on this topic, ask them in the comments!