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How to correctly draw up the text on the site

Experienced sitovers know that the design of the text on the site plays far from the last role in its promotion. In this regard, a causal relationship is observed. The nicer the eye of a person that he reads, the more time he will spend in this activity, provided that the content is interested.

Conversely, if reading causes hostility due to constant visual stress (small font, sharp colors), this increases the visitor’s chance of moving to a site that will be more convenient for him. 

It turns out that the design of the text on the site has a direct impact on behavioral factors, which have recently played an increasing role in promoting web resources.

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Correctly formatting articles on the site

In order for your site to stand out among hundreds of thousands of others, you will have to work hard on its design and content.

Some think that this can easily be done if you format the text on the site using some kind of non-standard font. Sometimes it works, but in most cases it creates inconvenience for reading, which produces a completely opposite effect to the expected - you are not read and constantly increases % failures.


To avoid such errors, we recommend that you study the basic rules for registering text on the site:

  1. Readability directly depends on the size of the font. Of course, everyone can artificially scale a non-standard page right in the browser window. But this is an unnecessary action that not everyone wants to perform. After all, it is much easier to return to the results of the search issue and go to the next proposed web resource. 

    Therefore, do not experiment in this regard. The rules for registering text on the site recommend choosing the most convenient font sizes for reading (12–14). 

  2. Space around text improves behavioral factors visitors. In particular, the viewing depth depends on the presence of an empty near-text space that relaxes the reader's eyes.

    If the entire page is entirely occupied by solid text, the probability of reading it is rapidly approaching zero. Therefore, the text structure for the site should be generously diluted.

    Let there be less advertising on the sides and more pleasant looking white. You can also widen the gaps between the paragraphs for even greater dilution.
  3. Separation in bold and italic style, as well as underlining should be used only where it is really necessary in meaning. The structure of the text for the site should be as natural as possible.
    These selection methods are well suited to focus on important phrases and sentences. 

    But to highlight all the keywords in bold is a relic of the past. It is too striking.

    On this basis, it is easy to recognize articles written specifically for promotion, which causes irritation of users and is taken into account by search engines.

  4. Images for dilution text play a very important role in readability. At the same time, one should not forget about their semantic load, which should exactly correspond to the text surrounding the picture.
  5. Text contrast depends on the selected page background. If you do not want to use the standard (black text, white background), you can draw up the text on the site in white on a black background. This will not violate the rules for registering text on the site, but it can still scare away most visitors. This option significantly loses to more familiar ones. 


    Therefore, it is worth experimenting with soft tones of shades (from black to gray) of the font and background (from white to milk and even beige), choosing the most successful combination, which will cause interest in the reader and create an atmosphere of comfort within the pages of your site.
  6. Optimal paragraph sizes allow you to format the text on the site so that the information displayed in them is mastered in the best way and creates the impression of ease of reading. Best to prescribe no more 5 - 7 lines

  7. Complicated and long sentences It is recommended to use as little as possible. A similar test structure for the site confuses the reader, is too stressful. As a result, he quickly gets tired of reading, especially if the article is voluminous.

A few more recommendations in the end

Pay attention to competitor sites. There is nothing shameful in adopting the successful execution of articles on the site or, on the contrary, to warn yourself against choosing unsuccessful fonts and other design elements. 

Do not fully copy the parameters of the text and page backgrounds reviewed by competitors. Take the best, analyze and bring your changes to the design articles on the site that will allow your web resource to look better against the background of competitors.

Making text on the site can become both your assistant in the difficult task of promoting the web resource, and a “diversant in the rear”, which will scare visitors away and worsen behavioral factors. Therefore, it is worth approaching this issue without fanaticism. The text should look original and at the same time be pleasant to read. That's the whole secret!

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