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Correctly site text optimization

If you have already read the main characteristics of the texts that are taken into account by search engines (uniqueness, utility expertity), you have to understand what optimization of the text is. This is a spelling of it so that it is easy to read by people, while meeting the requirements of search engines. We will talk more about this below.

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SEO text optimization. Features

So you write a unique, useful, expert interesting to the reader and at the same time trying to “dove” as many key phrases as possible into it. In this case, you should take into account several recommendations:

  1. Key requests it is advisable to use in exact accordance, but not to the detriment of the semantic load. There should be no unnatural phrases like "buy green sneakers Kiev. In this case, you need to make changes in order to get "buy green sneakers in Kiev. SEO optimization of the text of the site involves cutting off the ability to scare away a potential reader with such nonsense.
  2. Reoptimization of the test is bad. It is understood that SEO text should not contain keys with a frequency of more than 4 - 5 %. The optimal value is 1.5– 3 %. At the same time, do not forget that when evaluating this value, search engines take into account the presence of key players on the page in general. If the search engine will notice a recaptimization of the text, your site may be completely go under the filter.
  3. Size. SEO text is desirable to write medium-sized, in approximately 2500 characters without spaces. Too small (about 500 characters) will not allow to fully reveal the essence of the search query and increase the percentage of failures. Too large (5 - 6 thousand characters) will reduce the depth of view, since rarely anyone wants to read so much, especially if the content is boring and uninteresting.
  4. Nausea of the text. This indicator takes into account the frequency of use of a particular word. It is important to ensure that words that are not part of key phrases have a nausea value of no more than keywords. This will reduce the relevance of the request page and lower its rating. There are two types:

Classic nausea text. It is determined by extracting the square root from the number of repetitions of the word. Cannot be less than 2.64. Reoptimization of the text in this regard will mean exceeding the value of 7.

Academic nausea of the text. It is calculated by determining the ratio of the number of repetitions of the most frequent word to the total number of words. 

Every copywriter needs to know

There are certain features that must be considered in addition to the above mandatory requirements. For example, site text optimization should be based on the understanding that search engines also pay attention to the length of offers, which consists of SEO text. Recommended values for this indicator do not exist. But you can easily determine it yourself.

To do this, you will need to analyze the TOP search engine for the request you are interested in. Consider the number of offers and divide by the total number of characters. Get an average sentence length. Take similar actions for all extradition results. As a result, get approximately the same indicators that you also need to try to match.

SEO site text optimization involves uniform “scatter” of keywords all over his body. Accumulating them in one paragraph or worse - a sentence will lead to a spam that you need to avoid in every way.


Text optimization should have a positive impact to the opinion of visitors about him in order to increase the chances of their conversion into customers, which will also be taken into account when ranking the results of search results.

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