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The main types of content for your site

Probably, you have repeatedly met on the Internet the mention that you need to use the web resource to successfully promote a web resource quality content to fill in its pages. And it has long been clear that it is important uniqueness, utility, expertness etc. 

But what exactly is it about? What are the types of content of Internet resources? 

Site content. Types

From the point of view of search engines the most optimal option to fill out a site is to use all possible types of Internet content proper level to maximize the disclosure of the question entered by the user on the search bar.

Types of content are formed by the method of presenting information:

  1. Text - The most widespread way to display data (in text form). Indexed much simpler and more problemless than other types of Internet content. Has the greatest impact on ranking search results.
  2. Multimedia - the informational content of web resources, which most often complements the main types of textual content and is perceived by the user visually and / or by ear. It has a much less direct impact on the site’s rating in terms of search engines, but it can significantly affect behavioral factors and conversion.
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Types of textual content

Separated on dynamic and static content.

Text Static Content - all textual information posted by the site owner (administrator, copywriter, etc.) on the web resource pages for an indefinite period of time. 

This is the content of the site, the types of which are widely used to fill pages and play a decisive role in terms of their relevance to key requests, for which visitors from search engines come.

This includes content types such as:

  • articles;
  • news;
  • descriptions of sections, categories, goods, services, stocks.

These types of textual content (subject to optimization) are the main tool for attracting visitors from search engines to absolutely any site.

Text dynamic content - the contents of the site that appear from the supply of users and visitors.
To dynamic content, you can define such types of content as:

  • reviews;
  • comments;
  • discussions.


Similar types of content of Internet resources can successfully supplement the main material, posted on the pages, enhancing their relevance, uniqueness, usefulness and value. Their presence is desirable on the pages of almost any web resources (from blogs to online stores).

Types of multimedia content

  1. Images. They are used to “dilute” the main types of Internet content (text) and supplement them in terms of semantic load. They give the user the opportunity to imagine what exactly is discussed in the text. 

    Graphic Content Types (photo, pictures, graphs, diagrams) with the correct optimization (correct file names and title and alt parameters) actively indexed by search engine robots and give such necessary additional rating points. Used on almost all sites. 
  2. Video content. It is used much less often than textual and graphic types of content of Internet resources in view of the more complex creation process and problems with indexing of search engines.  

    Placed on the pages:
    - blogs as a type of additional information to the main material;
    - sites offering certain services in the form of displaying the process of their implementation and feedback from satisfied customers;
    - online stores (video reviews of goods).

  3. 3D models and animation. Relatively rarely used content of the site, the types of which are most appropriate on the pages of all kinds of online stores. They allow you to consider the goods in more detail before purchasing and significantly affect the adoption of this decision.
  4. Audio. No less popular than other types of content in social. networks and on music portals. But other types of sites are rarely used. Almost does not affect progress, except indirectly through behavioral factors.

Combining all of the above types of multimedia content (subject to the appropriateness of their use), can significantly affect the behavior of site visitors: reduce their number by uninvited use (saturation of the site with pictures and automatically running videos) or, conversely, increase traffic growth, the frequency of the visitor turning into the buyer, etc.


You can use enough to fill the site various types of content, each of which has its own benefits in terms of impact on promotion. 

One cannot be recommended to use only one species, all of them are necessary and should be used jointly in certain combinations depending on the type of web resource.

And what types of content do you use on the pages of your site? Tell us about it in the comments!