Despite the demand for the profession of copywriter, far from everyone is successful in it. And the reason for this is frequent errors in writing texts that many make at the beginning of their careers.

It is clear that professionalism comes with experience. But if you you will initially try to write correctly, It will be easier for you to advance and develop a customer base. So learn from other people's experiences, and do not make mistakes from the list below.


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TOP-10 copywriter errors with examples

1. Spelling and punctuation problems

One of the main rules of copywriting is there should be no errors in the text. It is not enough to be able to clearly and coherently express your thoughts, you need to do this competently. Even if spelling and punctuation do not apply to your strengths, always carefully check the work. Check all controversial issues on reference sites, and increase your literacy. 

Avoid basic errors for a novice copywriter will help special services, for example, and They will not only check your text, but also offer correction options.

Проблемы с орфографией и пунктуацией в тексте

2. The text "about nothing"

“Water” in the text immediately gives out a beginner. If payment depends on the number of characters, some copywriters start generously dilute it with long "lirical retreats". But no one will appreciate your cunning move. Be prepared for the fact that all unnecessary things will be asked to reduce you.

ошибка в тексте много воды

3. No structure and design

Even content good can be spoiled lack of design. To make the text readable:

  • divide it into paragraphs; 
  • highlight in bold the main thoughts;
  • insert labeled and numbered lists; 
  • add images, tables or graphs; 
  • use headers and subheadings. 


Нет структуры и оформления в тексте

4. No sense of rhythm

Sometimes even texts written by copywriters with experience without “water”, beautifully designed and seemingly quite correct, cause some discomfort when reading. This means that the author did not set the correct rhythm. For the rhythm to be observed, and the text read “in one breath”, when writing, it is necessary alternate long, medium and short sentences and paragraphs

отсутствие ритма ошибка копирайтера

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5. Incorrect use of requests

Key requests should be harmoniously distributed across the text, and read in sentences easily and naturally. Insert them wherever and how it got, just to comply with the specified in TK keychain percentage - a common problem of novice copywriters. No less mistake is to change the words of requests in places, creating curves and unreadable phrases.

Неправильное использование запросов в тексте

6. Copyright Reiting

Not wanting to spend time searching and studying information on the topic, some novice copywriters make a typical mistake - write articles based on one source. But to make a unique author's article, this is not enough. 

Such a mistake will first bring additional problems to you personally. You will spend time saved on finding information on bringing the text to the necessary uniqueness. And if the deception is revealed, it will negatively affect your reputation.

Выдача рерайтинга за копирайтинг

7. Use of newspaper stamps, clerks and cliches

Conceived revolutions, template phrases, words from the official business style weight the text, make it boring and hard to read. In addition, such a copywriter error leads to a decrease in uniqueness.

использование канцеляризмов и клише

8. Repetitions and Tautologies

This is a typical mistake of beginner copywriters. Use nearby single-handed and close within the meaning of words does not decorate the text at all. But still, in articles on sites you can often find the phrases: “ask a question”, “go up”, “complete to the end”, etc.

And also, the repetition of the same thought described in different words in different parts of the text should be avoided.

пример тавтологии в тексте

пример повторов в тексте

9. Style mix

Make sure the whole text was aged in a single style. The most common copywriter errors:

  • They begin to write on the first person, and in the future replace “I” with “We” or “They”;
  • Talking words or emotional expressions are inserted into the business style;
  • Literary is mixed with dry clerical.


10. Incorrectly selected tone

It is important to choose the tone correctly, not only in a personal conversation, but also when creating content. Each text is designed for a specific target audience, and you need to talk with people in the language closest to their understanding. But there are several general rules for choosing a tone narratives, the violation of which is considered a serious copywriter error:

  • Do not praise goods or services without proof - be sure to cite specific facts of their advantages;
  • Avoid overly enthusiastic descriptions. It looks at least funny;
  • Do not blacken competitors - an unpleasant impression will turn out more about you than about them;
  • Even if you write in a humorous or humorous tone, in no case do not allow tactlessness and dubious jokes. Well, all the more so, it is inappropriate in serious texts - respect for readers should always come first.


Almost all beginner copywriters make such mistakes. There is nothing wrong with that - it is impossible to immediately become a real master without gaining experience. But if you are extremely attentive, and take into account the advice of professionals, then you will be able to quickly master the necessary skills. 

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