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What is quality content

Each novice owner or developer of a site that plans to promote it, first of all, needs to deal with the concept of “quality content”. After all, it is he who is the basis of internal optimization of any web resource that should be included in the TOP results of the issuance of search engines.

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High quality content. Concept and features

So, for starters, let's figure out what site content is in general. In simple words, this is the informational content of the pages of your web resource in various forms.

Why is quality content? Because it is one of the most important ranking factors in search engines. And only after you have a good work hard to fill the site with content of the proper level, you can apply for TOP positions of issue.

Types of content for the site

  1. Textual. Content filling the site primarily involves filling its pages with texts that must correspond to some characteristics:

    a) Uniqueness. You cannot use texts that have already been published somewhere. They should be unique and ideally be a copy product. In the worst case, a reright will do, but search content of this type is easily recognized by search engines.

    b) Utility. Truly high-quality content should be of interest and be useful to the visitor.

    c) Literacy. An equally important factor is the lack of errors in the texts.

    d) Expertness. Content content should be carried out on the principle of expertity, that is, the texts should contain maximum specific information and a minimum of water. The availability of lists, tables, numerical data is welcomed.

    e) Optimization. Texts optimized for search engines should contain key queries in their body with a certain frequency of use (1.5– 3 %) and not be spammed; 

    f) Relevance. Search engine optimization of texts implies that they should most accurately reveal the essence of the query to which they are oriented.
  2. Graphic Content for search engines is also very important. The requirements that your pictures and photo content posted on the web resource pages must meet:

    a) Uniqueness. To do this, you need to hire a photographer who will be responsible for filling the pages of the site with photographs taken by his own hand. A more budgetary option is to look for photo content on the network and, through graphic editors, bring them to a state of uniqueness. 

    b) The correct name. This refers to both the name of the graphic files themselves and the filling of the title and alt parameters (you can use key phrases in a slightly modified form for this).

    c) Relevance. The content of the photo site must be performed in accordance with the subject matter of the pages on which they are placed.
  3. Video content. By analogy with previous species, it should be unique, relevant and as useful as possible for the user. For this purpose, it is also advisable to hire an individual specialist, although a budget option is also possible - to buy an inexpensive camera (video recorder) and to create video content with your own hands.

Content content on the site. Nuances

The main mistake made by a lot of novice optimizers is to understand what the content of the site is, they begin to hastily fill out their pages, while focusing only on searchable text optimization.
As a result, they quickly get the desired results and the influx of visitors, but do not stay in leadership positions for long.

That's because the texts for search engines are really well optimized (uniqueness, filling with key requests), but for people who try to read them are either uninteresting or meaningless.

In the end behavioral factors put everything in its place. By observing the user's reaction to the contents of your site, search engines will pay attention to how long they have been on each page, whether they find something there, what they are looking for or closing your site and are returning to the search engine again for help. Depending on this, the rating of the web resource can drop as quickly as it has risen.

Therefore, you need to monitor not only the optimization of texts for search engines, but also how well its other species are selected (video, photo) and how much all this in total may be interesting to a potential visitor. 

To achieve TOP search engines, you need to pay attention to a very large number of ranking factors. But if you want not only to promote your site, but also to get a stream of “useful” visitors, high-quality content should be in the first place for you.