Every author who has to regularly create content sooner or later faces the question - where to find ideas and topics for articles? After all, you can interest people only by constantly offering them something new and interesting.

Everyone understands that articles must be unique, and give readers useful information in an accessible and exciting form, but how to choose the topic correctly? How to write what really interested people, and will be popular? 

In this article, we will tell you about some ways to find topics for copywriting or writing an author’s article.


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Using the nearest resources to find topics

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find topics for writing articles, and you can find them in the inner circle.

  • The first assistant in finding topics for writing articles is your own fantasy. If the topic is familiar and interesting to you, then your head may contain a lot of ideas about what you want to tell your readers.
  • Sometimes new is a well-forgotten old. Perhaps revising articles you wrote earlier, and popular, you can rewrite them again. Add new information, a fresh look from the other side, and you will get updated interesting article.
  • Contact your subscribers - either in the comments or in the email mailing (if there is a subscriber base). Ask what they would like to know and cover topics of interest to them.
  • Sometimes competitors are helpful. View competitor publications on blog sites on your subject.  Write out interesting topics, collect requests from them, and use this material for your articles. 
  • Also be sure to pay attention to comments left by readers. After all, often people write there not only about their impressions of what they read, but also ask questions. Perhaps such a question will become a topic for your new article.

    В комментариях можно найти тему для блога
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How to find topics for an article on key requests

Key requests are words, text defining. It is on them that people find publications of interest to them. 

But they can be useful not only to those who want to find and read the article, but also to those who want to write it, and are looking for a suitable topic. Using keyboards from your semantic core, You can use various services to find many new topics for writing your articles.

How to do this: 

  1. You can use these keyword Services - Yandex Wordstat, Google Keyword Planner, Bouquarix, Serpstat.  Enter the search for the main query by adding the words “as”, “who”, “why”, “what”, “why”, etc. Write a request in the search bar, for example, “yellow points + how”.

    What does it look like in different services:

    Yandex Wordstat: 

    Поиск идей для текстов в блоге в яндекс вордстате


    Поиск тем для статей в серпстате

    Having studied the proposed query options, you will only have to choose the most suitable of them and targeted. 
  2. Serpstat also has a separate function - "Search questions". It is located in the section "Analysis of Key Phrases > Content Marketing > Search Issues. Here the questionable forms of requests entered are displayed, as in the first case, with the words "as", "where", etc. 

    The service looks like this: 
    Поиск идей для статей в блоге с помощью Serpstat
  3. In Q & A Services, such as otvet.mail.ru or otvety.google.ru, you can enter the keywords you are interested in and see what questions users ask about your topic.

    Поиск идей в сервисах вопросов и ответов
  4. In the Google Trends service You can also find which topics are now most relevant for this key request. And it is on this popular topic that you should write an article.

    For example, as you see, on the topic of “glasses” people are most interested in what will be fashionable to wear in 2019.   

    Идеи для статей из Гугл Трендов            

Where else can I get topics for articles

It is appropriate to look for ideas for writing articles where different issues are discussed, and there is an active exchange of information.  From what people are talking about, what interests them, what is most asked questions, you can choose what suits you and find new topics for articles.

As “findings” for searching for topics for articles, you can use:

  • Forums. Now there are not many forums where there is an active discussion of a topic, but they still exist. In the thematic sections, you can see the topics of discussion and, possibly, choose some kind of innovative ideas for articles. 
  • Social networks. In groups, communities, etc. social networks, where the main exchange of information is taking place now, there is always a chance to find a topic for the article. Choose which posts on the topic you are interested in, which questions are asked most often, and you will find an idea for an article that will really interest readers.
  • Youtube. YouTube has a lot of videos on a wide variety of topics. Among other videos shot by others, you can choose the most frequently viewed ones, and based on them find the original idea for the article.

    Поиск тем для копирайтера на YouTube
  • Conferences and webinars. Now more and more momentum is gaining the holding of conferences and webinars in various business sectors. If your subject allows, then type the keyword + webinar in the search. Pay attention to the questions asked, and you will know what interests people most.
  • News. Keep abreast of everything that is new in your field. By monitoring relevant information, you can be among the first to write an article on an interesting topic for users.
  • Foreign sites. In the west, content marketing is more advanced. Using the achievements of foreign colleagues, you can find topics for articles that Russian-speaking competitors do not yet have. If you do not speak English, then it's okay - there are a lot of free translation services on the network.

Choosing a topic for an article is a painstaking lesson, responsible, but at the same time fascinating. After all, trying to find an idea for writing, you will simultaneously learn a lot of new and interesting things. The main thing is to take notes, and make a content plan, by recording everything that interested you. 

And again - never try to simply retell other people's articles in your own words. Use them only as ideas to write your own, supplementing with interesting information on a topic taken from other sources. 

We hope that our article will help you find topics for articles easier. Or maybe you have your own secrets where to look for ideas, and you want to share them in the comments?