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The correct SEO article is the key to successful promotion

Website promotion optimizers constantly tell their customers about the need to write SEO articles to fill their pages. Like, only in this way can you cover all the necessary requests for which you need to advance. 

At the same time, not all of them know (although they sometimes know, but consciously ignore) that the correct SEO article, in addition to the content of keywords and the frequency of their use, must also fulfill other requirements for SEO texts. 

After all, they are used to working according to the pattern: pay a copywriter (preferably less), give it semantic core, fill out the pages written in texts, and wonder why the positions of the web resource are growing so slowly, or even fall altogether. 

And all because a copywriter who is paid little is either consciously writing low-grade SEO articles with somehow placed keys corresponding to low pay, or is simply not a specialist of the right level.

No, we do not call here to write SEO articles in our own hands. For this, there really are specialists.

Simply each owner and optimizer of an advanced web resource must understand for themselves what SEO articles are and what they should be, to monitor the performance of hired copywriters.

Regardless of who you are (the owner of the site, the optimizer or copywriter), this material will be useful to you, because it will tell you what are the requirements for SEO texts and how to write them correctly.

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10 basic principles for writing SEO texts for the site

  1. Each copywriter must draw up a text for the site before writing SEO future article plan, based on the topic that needs to be disclosed (selected for key requests provided). 

    Most often these are abstracts based on their own knowledge or gleaned from a minimum of 5 information sources, which, as the article is written, will give rise to new subsections, paragraphs, sentences.
  2. Also, before writing SEO text, you need to come up with it reader attention, "walking" by the expanses of the Internet. It is advisable that the title also contains the main key request for an article by SEO. 

  3. The correct SEO article should be written by the formula: 

  4. You need to write SEO articles, taking into account, that keywords should not just be inserted into the text. They must harmoniously fit into it., so that when reading the visitor does not "stumbled" about them.
  5. Writing SEO texts for the site requires compliance with requirements regarding uniqueness and the use of key phrases, while adhering to some requirements for SEO texts regarding nausea (frequency of use). This can be found in more detail in the article. High-quality content through the eyes of search engines".
  6. SEO articles are what should simultaneously attract the attention of visitors and search engines. To do this, you need to comply with the requirements for SEO texts regarding the effect on behavioral factors site.

    If everything is in order with these indicators, search engines will be able to draw appropriate conclusions and raise a useful site higher in the search results. To influence the behavior of the visitor (time spent on the page, viewing depth, repeated returns, recommendations to others) will be required:

    a) Text usefulness. You need to write SEO text so that it has a minimum of water, maximum specific information and it fully matches the main request and title of the article.

    b) Content Relevance. It is important to write SEO text based on the latest information that is relevant today, rather than 5-year-old data.

    c) Uniqueness of information. The visitor must understand that in front of him is a truly unique text that he has not met anywhere else.

    d) Expertity. Writing SEO articles is necessary so that the reader believes in the author’s exceptional knowledge in areas to which their topics relate. You also need to use statistics, tables, lists, diagrams and other ways of structuring information. The use of thematic terminology will be useful. But all this must be in moderation so as not to overload the reader.

  7. A good copywriter should know how to write SEO text so that it is easily perceived. a potential visitor to the web resource.
    For this you should not abuse complex sentences, frequent use of highly specialized terms and concepts, write paragraphs more than on 4 - 6 lines. 

    It is desirable that the total volume of the text does not exceed the requirements for SEO texts regarding the recommended limits in 2 - 4 thousand characters without spaces. Although donating useful information for the sake of the optimal size of the article is not worth it. If the text is distinguished by an interesting writing style and exceptional usefulness, then 5 - 6 thousand characters are not the limit.

    It is also important to monitor the periodic dilution of the text with the relevant topic of the article in graphic and video content. 
  8. The writing of SEO texts for the site should not be associated with the process of information and the presentation of uniform dry information. It is recommended to conduct a dialogue with the reader. (if appropriate in the context of the topic of the article), which will facilitate its involvement in the material provided. 

  9. You need to write SEO text using the selection in italics and bold font. But contrary to popular misconception, should not highlight key phrases (which immediately leads the reader to think about the real purpose of the existence of the article), and those places where truly important information is given. 

    Such allocations should attract attention when reading fluently and arouse a desire to familiarize themselves in more detail with paragraphs in which interesting points are highlighted.

    It is appropriate to use the use of italics to draw quotes, direct speech, questions to the reader, etc. from the general text.
  10. Not all copywriters know how to write SEO articles so that they are stored in the visitor’s memory for a long time. For this where appropriate, you need to use metaphors, comparisons, revolutions that contribute to the creation of vivid memorable images in the reader's imagination. You can also use the technique of attributing certain actions to inanimate things.

The result is obvious

To promote the site, quality SEO articles are very important, since they positively influence behavioral factors and help build up natural reference profile. After all, if the information read is really useful and interesting, the hand itself drives the cursor to the button area "I like" or "Share".

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