The Internet does not attack, it has long conquered the planet. The global network did not cover except the most remote corners of the Earth, but they did not hold the defense for long. The development of IT technologies has also affected professional activities., Having generated many professions that are directly related to information technology. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of professions in the IT field. Perhaps something is perfect for you.

For convenience, we indicate the IT profession of the 21st century, broken down by direction, rather than a single list. Although, of course, the separation is rather conditional, many professions can relate to several areas at once., and some functions of different specialists are so closely related to each other that they can be performed by the same person.


Promotion, optimization, marketing

The section presents the most common and popular professions in the field of Internet marketing, as well as promoting IT industry products.

Полный список профессий в it

Web programmer responsible for the development of the Internet resource. This is one of the main faces of Internet marketing, without his knowledge and skills it would be impossible to implement the ideas of the creators of the project. Unlike marketers and designers who need to figure out what a site should be, a web programmer needs to think about how to implement this and, in fact, bring ideas to life.

SEO specialist (SEO marketer) responsible for optimizing the site with the aim of promoting it in search engines. The result of a good work of the sandstone is a high place in the search engine, an increase in the number of external transitions, an improvement in behavioral factors and all that, which ultimately leads to an increase in the profitability of the project through promotion on the Web.

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SMM specialist makes efforts to promote a brand or product on social networks, involving subscribers and passive disseminators of information through reposts and likes by various means. He is responsible for active interaction with users of social networks.

Content Manager - The site editor in a broad sense, responsible for the content and information component of the resource. Smokes the work of copywriters, editors, proofreaders, interacts with designers and layout designers. The tasks of the content manager include the prompt tracking of changes in user interests, as well as new trends in the information space.

Copywriter - The author of textual content, working in conjunction with a content manager. The texts must meet a number of requirements: correspond to the given topic, the nature of the target audience, contain key phrases, be unique and meet the technical parameters established by the customer.

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Linkbilder forms a reference profile of the site, responsible for the growth of traffic.

Link manager specializes in the purchase, sale and exchange of links in order to effectively promote Internet resources. 


Yuzabilist makes the user's life on the site as comfortable as possible. With its help, the quality of the resource and the return on its functioning are increased by developing the most convenient interface.

Verstaler embodies the ideas of external harmonious content of the site with content.

Moderator (forum, site, group on social networks) monitors the correct communication of visitors, consistent with the approved rules of the site or group, is responsible for blocking and unlocking accounts, deleting comments and posts, violating the rules of interaction between users.


Web Analyst collects and analyzes data on the behavior of visitors to the website, the information obtained with its help allows you to make adjustments to the resource in order to increase the efficiency of promotion. In fact, this specialist evaluates the quality of the actions of the SEO specialist and other team members who work for the benefit of the site owner.

How to master the demanded profession quickly and make a profit from the first days.

Targetologist attracts the attention of users to a brand or product using competent adjustment of targeting advertising by showing information to the target audience.

Contextologist - a specialist in contextual advertising, the work of which is based on the formation of a semantic core, the preparation of advertisements and the setting of a promotion campaign.

IT Evangelist is actively promoting IT products in the masses. Its task is to effectively promote solutions from the world of information technologies with the goal of their widespread implementation in our lives and creation. Such a preacher of the IT religion.

Development, design

The section includes specialists who are involved in the development of various programs, software, systems, etc.

Список it профессий - разработчики

Timlid - Head of the IT product development team. Interacts with the customer and the final performers, being the link between them. Responsible for the entire development process.

Front-end developer - specializes in developing the user interface. The product of its activity is that part of the site that users see in the browser.

Back-end developer - antipod front-end developer, develops the inside of the site or application.

Embedded programmer - carries out the development, creation and implementation of software, including testing at each stage.

QA Engineer - a specialist testing the project at the entire stage of its development in order to quickly detect errors and deviations from a given course and timely adjust the development process.

Software tester monitors the compliance of the finished decision with the preliminary plan, checks the quality of the product after the implementation of the project.

Database Developer, In addition to development directly, implements, maintains and modernizes them.

System analyst automates the processes associated with the development of software from the moment of the technical setting of the task to the elimination of errors identified during the testing process at the development stage.

Game developer, or gamedev - guru of the game world. Its competence includes the development and creation of a game universe: writing code, developing a visual component, approving a concept, managing the entire process of creating a game, etc.

Programmer develops software for operating systems that meets certain requirements and tasks set by the customer. Depending on the narrow specialization, the algorithms used in the work and the programming language are distinguished by the programmers Ruby, Java, C #, 1C, etc.

Mobile developer

  • Android developer manages the entire kitchen of applications and software devices on Android. The specialist carries out the development, testing, implementation, modernization, correction of errors, product updates.
  • iOS developer - develops, tests, implements, adjusts and updates software and applications for gadgets on the iOS platform.

Design, Graphics, Animation

The section includes a list of creative professions in IT.

Список творческих профессий в it

Game designer holds the answer for the entire external component of the computer game. Convenient and functional interface, unique characters, locations, artifacts - all this creates a game designer.

3D animator - the creator of images (both static and dynamic) in the technique of 3D animation, which not only “draws”, but also revitalizes the 3D world.

Flash animator - An artist who “draws” animated games, videos, screensavers and other objects using Macro Media Flash - programs for creating animation.

Computer Graphics Artist engaged in the creation of images using electronic graphic editors.

Productive designer responsible not only for the beauty, but also the convenience of the site, program or application. Its task is to make the product attractive and functional at the same time.

Web design - An artist of the Internet project, responsible for the attractiveness of his "interior. It works closely with web developers and Internet marketing services. 

UX design creates a user-friendly design that simplifies the process of using the site.

Enterprise Administration

To one degree or another, many specialists are involved in administration. We list the most common professions involved in companies for the effective functioning of automation systems.

IT профессии 21 века список

ERP programmer creates a company's resource management system, is engaged in its implementation, modernization in accordance with the characteristics of a particular enterprise or business, and monitors the correct functioning. Using ERP systems, the entire process of interaction between departments and employees of the company is automated and combined as part of a single solution. Often, an ERP programmer acts as an ERP consultant, but initially these are different specialists.

Corporate architect develops the structure of corporate software from the moment of design to the control of the installation and operation process. The specialist is responsible for the full compliance of the finished product and its functioning with the original project plan.

Database Architect is responsible for the selection, implementation and refinement of the software product in accordance with the task, monitors the implementation of processes related to the functioning of the databases, and carries out planning and control of the activities of the team working with the database. His responsibilities include ensuring the security of databases.

Database Administrator serves these same bases and is responsible for their correct filling and use.

Site administrator conducts operational control over the operation of the resource, tracking possible errors, failures in the system, as well as attempts at cyber attacks, responsible for the security of the site and its users.

Cybersecurity specialist is responsible for the timely implementation of preventive measures to protect the system as a whole and its individual products or the effective prompt elimination of the consequences of hacking.

System administrator responsible for the smooth operation of all computers and networks operating within the company, timely updating of systems and installed software.

System engineer develops system solutions, is responsible for their successful implementation, development, operation, and also provides training for personnel to work correctly and efficiently with the system.

System programmer prescribes system software and develops system software.

Applied Technology in IT

The list of professions related to IT technologies and other, usually scientific, disciplines includes such as agricultural informatics, bioinformatics, specialist in the field of neurolinguistic programming. You can list endlessly, new professions that arise at the junction of IT and other fields of activity, designed to facilitate the lives of narrow specialists in a particular field at the expense of information technology, appear almost daily.

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It is worth noting that IT world is very vast and diverse. In addition, he is actively developing, subjugating almost everything around him. The trend towards the development of robotics and artificial intelligence has also affected the professional environment, regularly creating new professions, related to IT technologies, so their list will be updated regularly. Choosing the scope of activity in which you plan to achieve career peaks and decent earnings, we recommend choosing one of the IT professions. Absolutely right in the coming decades the sphere will continue to actively develop, providing good opportunities IT specialists in various fields.

And in what profession do you plan to develop in order to be a sought after and highly paid specialist?