It's no secret that most promising for career growth is the field of information technology. Let's understand which new professions in the IT future in the labor market and which direction it is better to pay attention, time and money to now.

Futurologists and HR specialists assure that new specialties in the IT field will combine several areas of knowledge at once. So there is no need to abandon the existing profession. For successful career development is possible supplement previously received education and experience knowledge in the field of information technology, improving its skills and becoming a narrow, expensive specialist. In the meantime, you are wondering how to increase your value in the eyes of the employer by obtaining additional skills, we will talk about new professions in the field of IT technologies that are already gaining popularity or are about to appear.


Architecture and construction

The need for quality housing will always be a relevant topic. Information technologies can squeeze out guest workers and unskilled “specialists” and allow building buildings to be faster and safer for both builders and future residents. Despite all the advantages, this new area is not very developed. Therefore, there is a chance to stand at the origins of the birth of a young and very promising direction, which will surely be in demand for more than a decade.

Новые профессии в сфере it технологий

Design Specialist in 3D Print
The process of developing equipment for 3D printing is in full swing. And this means that houses built using this miracle technology will soon appear in every locality. Having already studied the aspects and possibilities of 3D printing for the construction of various structures, you can begin preparations for the technological future and become one of the first specialists demanded profession.

Developer of communication networks of "smart houses"
Smart Home technology is a trend in modern construction. Programmers are working to create new opportunities for managing their own housing. But in each case, it is necessary to create an individual project, for which the help of a designer will be required at each facility. The sooner you get involved in the process and master this profession, the sooner you can start earning on the desire of customers to live with maximum comfort.

BIM Design Specialist
The ability to create a three-dimensional model of the building, design communications, plan and carry out operation and repair based on the database of the facility turns the construction and subsequent use of the facility into an IT programming process. BIM operators performing these actions will very soon become very popular specialists. This is one of the new professions in IT and innovation, the demand for which is high now, although there are not so many completely ready-made solutions for information modeling.

Information technologies have changed the approach not only to design, but also to the implementation of management and control in the construction process. Now the chief at the construction site checks the quality of work at each stage using special software. Automation tools allow you to effectively organize the work of personnel, track the consumption of materials, more accurately calculate and plan the timing of work, quickly track possible deviations from the project. The profession of foreman is still very young, but is already in demand.

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The robbery on the streets does not become smaller, however, a new kind of criminals has appeared who violate the law and encroach on security and property through electronic systems without leaving home. It was hardly more difficult to track down such craftsmen than to calculate a housekeeper or other specialist working in the old fashioned way. Therefore, information security specialists who are able to resist hackers and protect data, are already very popular and valuable, in the future, demand and salaries promise to grow significantly.

Новые профессии в it на рынке труда

IT Security Risk Manager
It is better not to solve the crime, but to prevent it in a timely manner. The tasks of the risk manager include constant monitoring of the state of the company's information systems in order to detect weaknesses with which criminals can infiltrate databases. In addition to tracking the operation of our own systems, it is important for the owner of this profession to know in a timely manner about all the new products and opportunities in the field of IT. All this allows you to assess in advance the possible risks of hacking and protect the data.

If the crime could not be prevented, quick action is needed to find the perpetrator and block the further dissemination of information. The cyber investigator must possess all possible IT knowledge and skills to calculate the attacker and prevent further data leakage. In addition, Network Colombo requires excellent analytical skills. Not everyone can become a professional, since not only a quality education is required, but also the natural abilities of the detective.

Personal IT Security Specialist
Personal security projectors will help assess existing risks and avoid them by planning the most effective customer-friendly action plan. In addition, specialists in this new field are studying personal data in order to identify and eliminate any information that could damage a person’s reputation. Creating a profitable attractive image allows you to solve a number of problems and achieve good results in a professional and personal life.

IT environmental
A narrow specialist whose activities are aimed at preventing environmental disasters using information systems. Progress brings not only benefits, but is often the cause of serious problems: ozone holes, overabundance of plastic masses, an uncoordinated system of disposal and processing, release of harmful substances into the atmosphere, global warming - all this leads to irreversible serious consequences. The lives of all organisms are irreparable damage daily. The field of IT ecology is directly related to the safety of our planet. This new profession will gain popularity from employers every year, especially in the public sector.


What could be more expensive than life? Healthy life. Medicine is always in price and is in high demand, because sooner or later everyone is sick. Diagnosis, surgical intervention, rehabilitation, development and production of medicines - each area of modern medicine is inextricably linked with information technology. The price includes specialists who can not just put a thermometer and prescribe a potion based on patient complaints. 

IT doctors are narrow specialists using or developing information tools in their daily activities. They are can greatly benefit humanity. Hence the high degree of interest on the part of employers and society, as well as substantial fees. New IT professions in the healthcare sector are already present in the labor market, in the near future they will thoroughly squeeze out familiar doctors.

Новые профессии в it и инновациях

Medical equipment designer
As such, a practicing physician is not. The tasks of the developer of medical equipment include the creation of technical means for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases that will be used by doctors. But a specialist should perfectly understand medical science, otherwise he will not be able to clearly understand the goals and features of the equipment, which will be convenient, informative and efficient.

Neurointerface Developer
The ability to control electronic devices by the power of thought is a necessary condition for the full life of people with the characteristics of physical development. Scientists around the world have been fighting this problem for more than a decade, now there has been a clear shift in the direction. There are few specialists working on the design of neurointerfaces, and even with the development of the IT industry, their number is likely to be not large. It is all about the complexity of this new profession and the need for continuous development of professional skills in several very complex areas at once.

Bioinformatic diagnostician
Such new specialists are needed when the disease occurs in an atypical way. Due to the ecology, mutation of viruses and bacteria and other external causes, doctors are increasingly confronted with similar non-standard cases. In the process of continuous diagnosis of the course of the disease, the bioinformatics using electronic systems creates a model of the patient’s body that takes into account changes in the entire body, and predicts further processes for the purpose of timely and effective therapy.

Genetics Consultant
Genetic consultants - IT specialists who review and evaluate the patient’s health status by studying his genes, predict the development of the disease and help identify possible treatment options, as well as the further possible spread of the genetic disease.

The growth in the number of new professions in the IT sector will continue further. Everything suggests that in the next decade, physical workers will be replaced by robots. But this does not mean that there will be no place for a person in the future. To manage and control the operation of information systems, narrow specialists of mental labor will be required everywhere who can transfer their field of knowledge to the field of information technology.

And in what direction do you plan to develop further?