The field of information technology (IT) is developing at a tremendous speed, and list of IT professions constantly expanding and complemented by new posts. Since these professions are only part of our lives, their names sound to a wide range of people is not quite familiar. Not everyone understands what they mean and what responsibilities their representatives should fulfill.

One of the pretty new, but already very demanded IT professions - Project Manager (Member) position. Many companies place job advertisements for such professionals, promising high salaries. Let's figure out what competence the project manager should have, and for what he is paid such money.


Профессия в IT проджект менеджер

Who is the project manager and what qualities he should have

To implement any serious project, a whole team of people is required. And for that, so that all work happens in concert and without interruption, at the head of the team becomes Project Manager.

Who is he and what professional and personal qualities should he have in order to be entrusted with such a responsible matter? Translated from English, “Project Manager” means “project manager”. If each member of the team performs only his own work area, and is responsible for its result, then the project manager is responsible for everything and for everyone.

Position project manager primarily implies:

  • Ability to lead;
  • Knowledge of the specifics of the project;
  • Knowledge of all project management intricacies.

The main task of the project manager is to organize the work so that everyone is ultimately satisfied with the result. His competence depends not only on his own professional prestige and salary, but also on the reputation and income of the company and each member of the team.

The most necessary qualities for the project manager:

  • Project Manager, as a commander, should be a great strategist and tactician, be able to see the overall picture of the project in the future and break it into small steps for ease of implementation.
  • To be a good psychologist, since one of the features of this position is constant communication with people. Customers, company management, team - you need to find your own approach to everyone. Everyone needs to be able to agree, to yield on time, or, on the contrary, to insist on their own.
  • A large amount of work implies the possession of excellent memory, the ability to keep a common plan in mind and notice all the little things.
  • Ability to work in stressful situations, take into account and resolve force majors and not get lost in the event of any unexpected problem.
  • Be hardy and ready for an irregular working day.
  • Project Manager must have creative and creative thinking - often the solution can be found faster and more efficiently if you look at the problem with a fresh look from an unusual perspective.

If you feel that these qualities are present in you, you can safely begin to study as a project management manager. But keep in mind that a high salary will not come to you right away. First you will need to learn a lot, and gain enough experience.

Средняя зарплата project manager

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Tasks and responsibilities of the project manager

Project management is a whole science that covers a huge area of necessary competencies and knowledge in many areas. We have already told about the qualities that the job seeker Project Manager must have. Now let's talk more specifically what tasks he will have to perform in the process of working in this position:

  • Work directly on the project. Here, the head has all the stages in his competence - the development and approval of a common project concept, launching it into work, dividing it into separate steps, control over their implementation, focus on the result and compliance with its planned deadlines. 
  • Communication with the customer. Project Manager should keep in touch with the customer, coordinating all controversial issues with him and reporting on the results.
  • Company interests. The project manager must act in such a way that the observance of the interests of the customer coincides with the interests of his company, and brings her benefits and profits.
  • Work with the team. The project manager forms his team, appoints the executors of each work site, gives them tasks and monitors their timely execution. He must also provide everyone with everything necessary to complete the task, come to the rescue in time and support any team member. Representatives of this position need to gain respect and trust, and become a recognized leader in their team.
  • Documentation. One of the main job responsibilities is maintaining documentation and compiling reports on each stage of the project.

As you can see, the Project Manager position is rather complicated, and the high salary is due to the quality performance of their duties. And they pay it precisely for a favorable end result, which can be achieved only with the necessary qualities, knowledge, experience and ability and desire to work.

How to become a project manager

Nothing is impossible, and learning the profession of Project Manager is quite real. Usually people come to this position who previously worked in other IT areas - developers, programmers, testers or SEO professionals. But, having proper motivation, you can learn a profession from scratch, after completing courses on project management and getting an intern. Of course, the salary at first will not be as high as that of the pros, but experience is a long-lived matter, and your future is only in your hands.

Having received the Project Manager position, remember - this is not the pinnacle of your career. The more you develop your skills, learn new tricks of work, the higher the heights you can reach in this field. Or, if you wish, move to another area in which your project management experience will come in handy.

And what attracts you to the IT profession of Project Manager, and in what do you see your career opportunities?