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How the linkbuilding originated

More recently, the main tool for seo-optimization was the mass purchase of links. This is how many (barely all) resources progressed to take top positions in search engine output. With the development of Internet marketing and significant changes in search engine algorithms, such a wholesale purchase of external links is a thing of the past - such SEO method is already dead.

Now it’s unprofitable to engage in such a “provement” and it’s more expensive for yourself - the risk of falling under search engines much higher than possible pros from dubious activities. But this does not mean that external links have ceased to be appreciated and benefit the owners of the sites. And to this day without quality links to the site in SEO promotion can not do. In this regard, the “blind” purchase of the reference mass is replaced by a fully independent seo tool - link building.

What is Linkbuilding: A Concept and Decals

Link Building, or Link Building (from link building - “building links”) is a process external site optimization, associated with the "manual building a resource reference profile

Какие задачи решает линкбилдинг в seo

Linkbuilding differs from mass purchase of links as well as piece-by-piece acquisition of products in a store - from bulk purchases with packaging from a warehouse. In the first case, you have the opportunity to carefully choose each unit of goods, in the second - you can only hope for a happy case that will save you from an overgrown or loss of presentation due to improper storage or non-accurate delivery.

Serious seo specialist for the purpose of high-quality linkbilling does painstaking and time-consuming work for natural links. A large number of sites, the highest competition in almost all the niches of the business, the development of a host of new tools for optimization and the complication of the promotion process highlighted optimizers involved in the creation of a reference profile in individual specialists - linkbilders.

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Who is the linkbilder

As mentioned above, this is a narrow specialist whose activity is aimed at the external optimization of the site by increasing its reference mass “manual”. The essence of this particular direction can be understood by considering the features of the work of the linkbilder from his responsibilities.

Linkbilder must:

  • perform an analysis of the site and the thematic niche;
  • develop an external optimization strategy;
  • compile a list of resources and a plan for posting links;
  • register and keep accounts on link exchanges, partner sites and other sites;
  • prepare an anchor list for placement on donor sites;
  • control the placement, quality and effectiveness of links;
  • compile reports and adjust actions for the future period.

Linkbilder must great deal with SEO promotion issues. Also, for high-quality linkbilling, you need to clearly understand which links are good, and which can cause the site to fall under the filters of search engines. Only links with the right-chosen Internet resource will bring an increase in positions in the issue and even additional traffic.

How to become a linkbilder

The work of a linkbilder requires not only the presence of certain knowledge, but also care, accuracy and perseverance. Faithful is very important for linkbilling strategy selection and its consistent implementation.

The process of analysis, resource selection, filling out registration forms, monitoring and reporting is painstaking and may seem boring. At the same time, a good linkbilder must have excellent communicative qualities for conducting successful negotiations with owners of donor sites, bloggers, business niche leaders. In addition, without good written communication and literacy skills, such a specialist will not be able to fulfill his duties efficiently. Also, for convenient planning for posting links and reporting, knowledge is needed on working with Excel and Google Tables.

Что должен уметь линкбилдер и как им стать

Learn skills in building a link profile can be in several ways: 

  • undergo training in specialized courses;
  • independently study the basics of seo-optimization;
  • get an assistant SEO specialist practitioner.

Active development and growing demand in the field of seo-provement have generated many different training programs, video courses and literature for the preparation of linkbilders. Training is organized by both SEO studios and individual trainers.

Topical SEO methods for promoting and external site optimization tells course Search engine, Having passed which you will learn, among other things, to build a reference profile and get acquainted with the recommendations of practicing professionals regarding the production of quality links.

Practical work under the guidance of an experienced mentor will also help to learn about the specifics of the work of a linkbilder, which will be useful in future independent activities. And with the SEO-link promo code you will receive an additional discount on the course.

Get a free consultation from an expert on your project  

Linkbilling Strategy

For effective linkbilling is of great importance developing the right strategy. In this regard, the following are determined:

  • types of links (depending on link anchor, method and location);
  • sites for natural links;
  • key phrases and words;
  • schedule and placement plan for a given period;
  • budget.

Approving a strategy link profile construction it must be borne in mind that the linking process must be ongoing and consistent. Search engines may suspect something is wrong if a sharp surge in the number of external links is observed in a short time and this indicator is insignificant in the next few months.

Links in natural linkbilling harmoniously inserted into content. Therefore, the construction of the reference profile is closely related to copywriting. The nature of the content and its content depend on donors.

Effective Link Sources

Sources of links are donor sites on which links to the site are located. The main free sources include:

  • Social networks - A quick and effective way to get links that are highly valued by search engines;

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  • Recall Sites - in addition to placing links in comments, working on such sites is useful for company reputation and increase branded traffic;
  • Related Forums - the links can be placed in the signature, in the text of the message in existing topics or in independently created;
  • YouTube channel - not the easiest, but very effective way to promote and post links;
  • Company page on specialized sites (electronic directories, job sites, bulletin boards);
  • Electronic tutorials, including links to site pages;
  • Guest posting - writing articles for other blogs with links to your site.

In addition to these, there are others methods for receiving free links. Of course, they can only be called free conditionally. Placing them will not cost money, but temporary costs and expenses for preparing content, equipment for photo and video shooting, etc. may be required.

Paid link sources:

  • Fairytale exchanges - These are intermediary platforms between acceptor sites and donor sites, with which you can quickly select the most suitable places for placing links (GoGetLinks, Miralinks, Rotapost and others);

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  • Partner resources, who are willing to place content with reference to you for a fee.

When choosing a site for placing links, it is worth making sure that the resource is of sufficient age, well indexed, and has a decent traffic. It is also important to place content only on sites that are suitable from the point of view. 

One of the most effective methods of linkbilling can include posting on the site useful content in various forms (articles, photo and video materials, infographics). Creating interesting materials, users themselves will be happy to share them on the Web, leaving links to you. 

In conclusion, I want to note that although natural linkbuilding, in any case, requires investments - financial and temporary, but with the right approach it brings maximum benefit to promote the site. And who and how in your company is engaged in linkbilling and are you satisfied with the result?