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What is the work of an SEO specialist

The proliferation of the Internet, the emergence of a huge number of sites - both commercial and informational - led to a high degree of demand for the so-called seoshnikov. But not everyone knows what such an employee is doing, what he should know and be able to do, and what the work of an SEO specialist is. In this article we analyze what the work of the SEO optimizer is and who are the SEO specialists.

To answer the question of who the sandstone is, let's understand, what tasks does this employee solve. The main responsibility of the SEO optimizer is the effective promotion of Internet resources in search engines, the main elements of which are internal and external site optimization.

Что такое профессия seo специалиста

It doesn’t matter if a seo specialist is a full-time or freelance employee, but depends on the quality of his work, knowledge and skills, in what position in the search engine output is the site client company. Given the coverage of the Network, it is safe to say that in many respects the abilities of the seo-optimizer depend on how many visitors and customers come to the site. Thus, we boldly derive a direct dependence of the success and profitability of the company on the professionalism of the SEO specialist. This is important to consider when assessing the cost of the services of the sandstone both to the optimizer himself and to his employer.

In reality, the boundaries of the duties of an SEO specialist are very blurred. We often encounter situations where the customer expects much more from the optimizer than he really should do. For example, he is not obliged to engage in contextual advertising, this is a completely different activity that requires individual skills and knowledge. In small companies, the SEO optimizer often performs what a narrow specialist does in larger companies - a linkbilder, content manager, etc.

The main list of responsibilities of the SEO specialist includes:

  • site audit including usability analysis, technical and programmatic verification, content quality assessment and visibility of the resource;
  • analysis of competitor sites;
  • development of a plan for the optimization and development of a resource, content strategy;
  • determination of the budget for promotion;
  • clustering queries and semantic core creation;
  • SEO content optimization - writing meta tags, compiling TK for copywriter according to SI;
  • conducting work on internal site optimization and improving usability;
  • interaction with narrow specialists (programmers, copywriters) to implement the promotion strategy;
  • creation of a high-quality reference profile of the site;
  • analysis of the results of SEO promotion: dynamics of visibility, CTR, positions, traffic, behavioral factors etc.
  • monitoring changes in search engine algorithms and timely adaptation of the site to new requirements;
  • preparation and presentation of reporting data on the results of the work done, which should positively affect the change in the behavioral factors of users, an increase in the number of user transitions from the organics and by external links, growth of position in searchable output according to targeted requests.

The earpiece in the analysis should detect technical flaws and errors, but in most cases programmers are involved in their correction in accordance with TK and the recommendations of the SEO specialist. This division of labor contributes to better task execution. But what is the main work of the SEO specialist, is the competent compilation of TK for colleagues, monitoring and evaluating the work performed, because the optimizer is responsible for the whole range of actions.

Что входит в обязанности сеошника

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

What does Seoshnik need to know

The list of necessary knowledge consists of knowledge:

  • search engine operating algorithm;
  • the main techniques of Internet marketing;
  • basic copywriting basics and rules for creating useful content;
  • receptions reference mass buildup;
  • ability to work with SEO services and programs (Netpeak spider, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Yandex Wordstat and others);
  • basic programming technical skills are welcome.

This is a necessary minimum, without which there can be no talk of any effectiveness.

It is worth remembering that search engine ranking algorithms regularly change, competitors do not sleep, and Internet marketing tools are constantly being improved. When choosing the profession of SEO specialist, you need to understand that this is such a field of activity that requires constant development, training and advanced training.

How to become a SEO specialist

Despite the high demand and a significant list of candidates for the SEO professional vacancy, not a single higher educational institution provides training in this area. You can get the necessary knowledge and skills:

  • independently studying numerous literature, thematic blogs and video materials in the public domain;

    Как получить профессию SEO оптимизатора
  • visiting workshops of professional SEO optimizers that provide practical tips and tricks;
  • consulting on certain issues in specialized forums and in personal communication with the pros;
  • by enrolling in specialized online courses organized by professional SEO studios, which consist of theoretical lessons and practical classes led by experienced specialists;
  • having completed an internship at an outsourcing agency or becoming an assistant to the local team of the promotion department of any company.

Within Search Engine we reveal the useful secrets of the profession, including telling what is the responsibility of the SEO optimizer. After studying theoretical materials and performing practical work under the guidance of our seo-specialists, you will learn how to effectively promote sites and learn about many subtleties of the profession. And with the promo code: “15-SEO” you will receive a discount on the Business package. 

For career development you can choose one of four options:

  • Settle in a company engaged in the creation and promotion of sites
    In fulfilling your main responsibilities, you will expand your knowledge and skills by interacting with colleagues. Most likely you should not wait for huge earnings, but in this case you will be able to protect yourself from forced downtime, because the work itself will find you. Plus: career opportunities and professional development.
  • Hire a full-time SEO specialist
    Staff members have a stable and reliable income. Minuses include enough routine work to optimize the same resource. It often happens that the employer unnecessarily loads SEO specialists with responsibilities not related to his profession, and the office sessione often has to additionally engage in social networking, setting up contextual advertising, etc. However, such increased workload pays off with a high degree of “attachment” of the manual to the state SEO optimizer.

    Что не входит в обязанности seo специалиста
  • Work in freelance mode
    With a good combination of circumstances, quality work and the ability to find customers is the most profitable, but also the most risky option for employment. You can not always be sure of the full load and the absence of forced downtime. The first months will have to be spent on building a reputation, which will require several orders at a reduced rate. But patience and continuous improvement of skills will certainly bring results in the form of good income and interesting projects that you can choose on your own. Working as a freelancer, it is important to learn how to plan employment.
  • Organize your own website creation and promotion team
    This option is suitable only for experienced SEO specialists who have not only solid knowledge, but also reliable, proven colleagues who are ready to join in joint work on projects. Plus: the ability to receive good income, choose customers on your own, effectively distribute work among performers. Minuses include a high degree of personal responsibility to customers for all team members and the need to have effective management skills.

Clearly understanding that you must be able to have a SEO optimizer and what it does, you can build a training plan and develop your own skills for efficient work and high appreciation of services from customers. It is necessary to know what activities are not directly related to the duties of the sandstone and should be paid separately.