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What is copywriting and what does copywriter do

The Internet has firmly taken a leading position in public life. One of the sides of its comprehensive influence is the emergence of new professions. These, of course, include a copywriter. Despite the demand from employers and a considerable number of candidates, the very the concept of "copyrite" as a profession is very blurry. Therefore, we decided to prepare separate material about the operation of the copywriter, to talk about what it is, who is such a copywriter and what he does to make money.

Чем занимается человек по профессии копирайтер

“Copywriting” - in a literal translation from English (from copy and writing) “writing text”(not to be confused with“ copying ”, this activity has nothing to do with it). One of the errors in determining what a copywriter does is related to the multi-value of the term copy. In the case of copiraiting, of course, we are not talking about a copy, but about a text. Moreover, about unique text.

But to answer the question of what kind of concept such a “copywriter” is in simple words, translation from English is not enough. You need to know what is originally put into this term and what responsibilities does the “text writer” actually perform.

Some, defining the profession of copywriter, insist that this is the writing of texts of only a commercial orientation designed to increase sales indicators or aimed at creating an attractive image (in fact, selling professional qualities of a person).

Many employers and copy specialists tend to have a broader interpretation of the concept of “copyrite”, saying that this profession is the writing of any texts without exception.

We believe that it is still necessary to specify and somewhat limit what a person with a profession copywriter does. This is the specialist creating text materials aimed at increasing customer income. It is in this definition that there is a secret why a copywriter is such a popular profession in the field of Internet marketing.

What texts does the copywriter write and where they are used

For texts that bring financial or other benefits to owners of sites or businesses, a huge amount of materials can be attributed. The main “beneficial” texts include:

  • thematic articles, including scientific ones aimed at the most complete and detailed disclosure of information; their purpose is to emphasize the expert opinion of the author of a blog or website;
  • scripts for various events that are designed to draw attention to the brand or company products;
  • news materials, also affecting site valuation by ordinary users;
  • slogans, promoting goods, services or brand;
  • product name, a direction or brand that should not only accurately determine the scope of activity, but also emphasize the main advantages (this includes, for example, the names of courses of online schools, product series or brand);
  • selling texts, revealing the usefulness and necessity of products to improve the quality of life of users and calling for the purchase of goods or services of the company;
  • marketing materials - advertising booklets, leaflets, presentations, etc.;
  • commercial offers, e-mail mailing texts;
  • any other texts, that bring the owner of the site or company closer to achieving the desired goal.

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Depending on the features of writing text and filling content, you can highlight styles and methods used in copywriting:

  • SEO optimized texts (we will talk about them separately);
  • the information style, which consists in the “serious” presentation of information without excess water, is clear and relevant;
  • scientific style - is a kind of informational, but is characterized by a narrower orientation, limitation of the target audience and the presence of special terms, concepts, formulas, calculations, data from experiments, etc.;
  • conversational - used in communication with a wide audience and is suitable for social networks and other sites where informal and more free communication is welcomed;
  • journalistic - refers to the genre of interviews, reviews and reports;
  • infographics - can be used both independently and in conjunction with text content, usually used in combination with information texts;
  • visual content - additional video and photo materials that illustrate textual content.

A special feature is the artistic style, which uses various literary techniques (hyperbols, inversions, metaphors, etc.). Such a text contains emotions, a description of the personal sensations and ratings of the author. Art style is an instrument of fiction. It has nothing to do with copywriting, as it is not aimed at gaining profit.

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Where copyrighted texts are used

Speaking about working as a copywriter, they most often mean that this activity is associated with the creation of content for websites. In fact, this is not so, copywriting also applies to “paper” editions. Copywriter Professional Product can be used for:

  • printed materials: periodicals, leaflets, advertising booklets, etc.;
  • sites of any orientation;
  • blogs;
  • social networking posts;
  • bulletin board (offline and, first of all, online);
  • Landing Page;
  • reference books;
  • any other sites on which you can place content in order to attract the attention of users.

What is a SEO copywriter

SEO copywriter is the one who prepares SEO-optimized content, containing search queries. The purpose of such work is to increase traffic, increase positions in searchable output according to targeted requests, etc. In addition to the benefits for the site owner, SEO-optimized texts are user-friendly. They help you quickly find the information you are looking for. Of course, all this works if the SEO copywriter knows what is required of him and how to achieve this.

It is important to note that a professional SEO copywriter should be able to harmoniously fill the texts with key phrases and know the basics of SEO. Otherwise re-optimized content will differ in “curvature”, users will have difficulty studying it, and search robots may suspect the optimizer in dishonest competition and apply sanctions to the site for a break.

Кто такой seo копирайтер

What a novice copywriter should know

If you plan to become a copywriter, but do not know where to start, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of necessary knowledge, without which you most likely will not be able to earn money by writing texts.

Minimum knowledge for a novice copywriter:

  • Literate Russian (or other working) language
    Do not neglect the ability to write competently, that is, without spelling, syntactic and semantic errors. Despite the fact that we are talking about our native language, far from all of us know how to write correctly. And it's not just about the assessment in the school certificate. A good copywriter has a sense of language. This is a true talent that only a few can boast of. Software products help correct some errors, but not all. At the same time, writing the text will turn into a routine and a long painful process of permanent edits, so you can’t rely only on them.

    В чем заключается работа копирайтера
  • Knowledge in various fields - from general to deep, ability and willingness to quickly learn new information
    Well, if you own some kind of narrow topic, for example, are well versed in medicine or metallurgy. In this case, you already have a thematic niche and it will be easier for you to find a customer, limiting the search to a specific specialization. On the one hand, creating borders can reduce the number of customers interested in your services, on the other, significantly increases your value to them.

    If there is no narrow-profile education, your interests are so wide that it is difficult to determine the main professional topic or your knowledge is excessively specific that there are very few hunters for them, do not despair. The ability to quickly find, filter, perceive and process new information will help become a universal master of the word. Just keep in mind that you will have to read, watch, listen and remember constantly and in large quantities if you count on solid earnings and permanent employment.
  • Psychology knowledge
    Without this skill, it is impossible to “reach” to users, and, therefore, your texts will not achieve the intended goal. And the customer does not pay the copywriter for symbols and volumes at all, he pays for solving a specific problem.

    Что нужно для того чтобы стать копирайтером
  • Text Structuring Skills, compilation of headings, wording of conclusions
    Understanding the “logic” of the text helps to create truly high-quality content that looks attractive, causes a desire to learn what is written, “brings” the reader to the cherished thought or act (transfer to the site, purchase, etc. d.).
  • Knowledge of the basics of SEO optimization, advertising and marketing techniques
    Be sure to learn the features of modern Internet marketing. This will help you not only write quality SEO and selling texts, but also better understand customer needs. To achieve your goals, you must speak the language of the employer.

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  • Ability to work with graphics
    Even surface skills with graphic editors and images will help make content more interesting and attractive for both the customer and users.
  • Fast print speed
    The customer usually determines the cost of copywriter services based on the number of characters in the text. In this regard, it is important not only to efficiently process information, but also to quickly print. About how else you can increase content writing speed and not lose in quality, we already wrote.

How to start working as a copywriter

You are sure that a copywriter is what you always wanted to do. Determine where to start your career take-off. Immediately make a reservation, as in any other profession, if you do not plan to develop, expand your knowledge and capabilities all the time, Most likely you will not be able to earn with dignity and achieve any significant peaks in the profession. But systematically developing and improving, it is quite possible to achieve outstanding results. Popular copywriters never sit without work, can afford to choose an employer and texts of the subject of interest.

Where to find a job copywriter:

  • Content Exchange
    Sites for searching for “one-time” performers or orders on the network appeared relatively recently, but have already attracted hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of performers. Such sites are suitable for starting a career, with their help you can work out your skills, gain experience in communicating with customers, understand what requirements (primarily technically) present for content. 

    Как начать работать копирайтером
  • Specialized employee search sites
    It regularly places vacancies of various companies - direct employers and recruiting agencies. Here you should start the search only after you already have a clear idea of who the copywriter is and what he does, as well as how much the specialist can cost. Often, employers are very expanding the list of responsibilities and requirements for the performer, adding work to the job description semantic core, content publications, content plan or even a company development marketing plan. It's great if you have all these skills and are ready to use them. But it is important to understand that for additional “plushions” it would be nice to get higher wages.

    Копирайтер что это за профессия
  • Freelance Community
    A good way to find orders for those who are already a former specialist. Here you can not only find out a lot of interesting and useful things for work, as well as see open vacancies of copywriters, but also place content on your own, who will show your “product” face and attract the attention of “advanced” employers, attracting only the best to cooperation.
  • Business Community
    An option for those who work with a specific topic (medicine, oil and gas, building bridges, etc.). Register on professional business sites, in communities, on forums or other venues where businessmen communicate and work on demonstrating their unique abilities. Most likely, soon you will be asked about a job proposal, evaluating your knowledge and skills in creating high-quality content in this thematic niche.
  • Self-accessing potential customers
    Like the previous option, it is most suitable for working in a narrow-themed niche. You will need experience, in-depth knowledge of the topic, carefully prepared portfolio and patience.
  • Own site, professional page on the social network, blog
    A way to find customers for experienced copywriters who not only have something to tell and show, but also whose name speaks for itself. Usually, such masters are quite expensive.

    Кто такой копирайтер и чем он занимается
  • "Sarafan radio"
    For obvious reasons, the option for proven specialists, as whom customers have already seen, is so happy with the work and grateful to the copywriter that they are happy to talk about a wonderful artist with their partner and friends. That is, work finds you on its own, but, of course, not without your active participation in creating a reputation and name.

Copywriter Profession High demanded and allows you to receive good income. Experienced specialists can earn from 1000 $ per month and plan their employment at their own discretion. But the path of the word lord is not easy, and take-off can take more than one year. But if the texts are your everything, develop your skills, acquire new knowledge and skills, create a reputation and do not be lazy to use various methods of finding customers, then money and fame will surely overtake you.

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