Methods for obtaining free links

Now, to promote the site, it’s not enough to think through the right domain, use an interesting design and fill the pages of the site with content. For maximum effect, you need to work both with internal optimization of the site, and with external - that is raise the discussion of your site on the Internet. In other words, to effectively promote the site, you need to get as many links as possible from third-party resources.

In this article, we will talk about the most effective proven methods for obtaining external links that will allow either completely cost-free or costing the minimum amount to promote your resource on the Web.


Method 1. Competitors Audit

The simplest but very effective method, the essence of which is to analyze link profile your competitors and try to place a link to your site where they managed to do it earlier. You can make a list of donor sites using special services, The most convenient of which are:

  • (free)
  • Serpstat

Competitors Audit - simple working method, which will not only allow you to place external links to your site exactly where they will be most interesting, but also get important information about your competitors.

Аудит конкурентов - рабочий метод получения ссылок

Method 2. Company catalogs

There are a huge number of sites on the Web that combine companies on various grounds, and they can become another source of white links. These can be territorial, general thematic or narrow-themed catalogs of enterprises. Registration and posting of information about your company with a link to the site will increase the number of external links to your site, and can also attract additional visitor flow.

To search for such online directories, just drive in any search engine “Catalog of Companies” and select the most popular of those that your company meets the conditions.

It is important to remember that automatic run on directories, which is often offered by dishonest optimizers, strictly forbidden, in this case, you risk getting under the approval of search engines.

Method 3. Article catalogs

There are special resources on the Internet on which you can place articles, corresponding to certain parameters. Some of them are paid, but there are free sites.

You need to prepare an article. In this case, it should not be 100 % unique, complex or narrowly focused - it will be enough to reverse the popular text on a given topic. When placing this text in article catalogs, source will be indicated - your site.

Get ready for not all resources your text will be placed, so try adding articles to a large number of directories to get more mention.

Источник бесплатных ссылок - каталог статей

Method 4. Site catalogs

About the same principle as company catalogs, site catalogs also work, only here are not company data indicated (property form, legal and actual addresses, etc.), and links to various sites, which also collected on a specific basis. Examples:


There is one important nuance: you can only place a link to your site in those catalogs that you found in the issuance of search engines, rather than using ready-made lists of site catalogs that may already be under the sanctions of search engines.

В каталоге сайтов можно разместить внешнюю ссылку

Method 5. Message boards

Most boards allow you to place a limited number of ads for free, while the links indicated in the text, not in all cases will be active. But do not neglect this method. First, you have the opportunity to declare your services or goods and, possibly, get new customers. Secondly, you can raise the company's discussion on the Internet, as texts posted on bulletin boards are very quickly indexed and counted by search engines.

For greater efficiency, it is recommended to paste into the text name of your company or website address. This will help any user who is interested in the ad you posted find you on the Web, thereby increasing brand traffic.

Method 6. Registration Profiles

We all constantly fill out registration profiles on various sites. It can be:

  • social networks;
  • bulletin boards;
  • online stores;
  • forums;
  • catalogs;
  • portals;
  • press release sites.

In almost all profiles there is a field "Site address" or "Link". When filling out your profile, be sure to insert a link to your site and mention your brand. Information from profiles is not always indexed by search engines, but still do not neglect this method, as it can become an additional source of obtaining high-quality free links to your site.

Оставить ссылку в профиле регистраций


Method 7. Press release

Another source of white links to the site are large news or narrowly directed portals, which have the opportunity to post your press release for free. There are many small portals that physically cannot generate large amounts of content. Some of the articles on such portals are placed by their owners, but often to fill the resource, some additional number of articles are required that they are ready to post using third-party sources, including from external correspondents.

For placement in top portals often required cool info and 100 % is the uniqueness of the article.

Method 8. Forums

On the network you can find many forums of different subjects and this is an excellent white method for obtaining external links to your site. It is forbidden to place links in some forums or you can share it only after any conditions have been met, for example, to be registered on the site for at least a year, or to pass the moderation. But you don’t need to be afraid of any prohibitions, even if you fail to place an active link, you will get just mention of your company, which is also taken into account by search engines.

In addition, you can always come up with a way, as unobtrusively insert link to some page of your site in discussions.
Suitable forums can be sought in the following sequence:

  • general thematic;
  • specialized;
  • city forums.

Размещение ссылок на форумах

Method 9. Social networks

Perhaps this will surprise someone, but in fact there are a huge number of different social networks, except for the largest and most famous everywhere. To find them, just drive in a request "list of social networks", all the options found can and should be used. You can place a link in the profile, publish posts with a mention of your company, as well as in the comments.

There is one small nuance - links from social networks are indexed, but perceived not directly as weight transfer, but more like social signals, therefore, Google Search Console and Yandex. Webmaster do not see them.

Увеличить количество ссылок в социальных сетях

Method 10. Guest posting

The method is that you send a request to other companies, predominantly working in your thematic niche, post your ad or publication on their website. Requests of this nature are not uncommon today. The percentage of failures, of course, is great, but at the same time there are most likely those who will meet you.

Given that you are not carrying any significant costs for the implementation of this method, and the return even from one ready to post information about your company as a market leader will give a tangible result, it makes sense to use it.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the method requires a special approach. Serious preparation and preparation of an interesting proposal for the recipient will make it possible to more often obtain consent instead of failures.

Method 11. Blog Comments

Skeptics argue that leaving a link in the comments on other people's articles is unrealistic, but this is far from the case. You can always come up with a way to place a link, which will not subsequently be deleted by the author. For example, you can ask to post the text of such a useful and interesting article on your website with its address. It is likely that such a post will not be deleted.

Разместить ссылку в комментариях в блоге

Method 12. Review Sites

Reviews are an excellent free tool for promoting any company. Very it is important to motivate customers and partners leave feedback about you on the web. It can be useful to independently use the opportunity to leave information about the company on top-end sites. There are two ways to get a link:

  • register the company on the reviewer website and in the description leave an external link to your site;
  • or the link may be in the text of the customer review itself.

Оставить белую ссылку на сайте отзовнике

Method 13. “Review of the book by [your subject]”

By entering such a request in a search engine indicating your subject, you will be able to place your link under a popular publication on your own subject. In the comment, it is enough to indicate that you studied the book and applied its methods in practice with a link to the site. Such a comment is unlikely to be deleted, and your link will remain there forever.

The special advantage of this method is relatively little popularity: while few people use it to advance, you may be in the forefront. At the same time, modern fashion for writing books on any topic allows you to find a large number of discussions in which you can always leave your mark.

Method 14. Video and resources (description for video)

Whatever business you do, try to share your knowledge, experience and thoughts. The more you give, the more you get. At the same time, you should not worry about the negative that you can observe in the comments, they will not greatly affect the result. There will certainly be people who are interested in what and how you do.

No need to purchase expensive cameras, look for a special photo studio, hire cool operators. It is enough to settle in the company's office or the trading floor of your store and use a regular smartphone. The more videos with links in the names and signatures to them you post on Youtube or any other resource, the more more people will know about you and will come to your site.

The same video is possible place at least 10 hosting, making it incredibly effective promotion tools.

Ссылка в комментариях к видео

Method 15. Comments on video

Go to any video and leave comments with links to your site. Pay special attention to the most popular videos that are watched by hundreds of thousands of users. Most likely, in this case, few people will see your link, in the turbulent flow of discussions, not many will have time to get acquainted with your comment. But they definitely won’t remove it.

Choose maximum amount online video on your subject and post pre-prepared text with reference in the comments to each of them is an excellent source for receiving free external links to the site.

Комментарии к видео - источник получения внешних ссылок

Method 16. Audio resources

Of all the videos you shot, you can easily cut out sound content and download to soundcloud and other similar resources where you can place an audio track. For this, you can also use any audio file containing a record of your product, news and any other information, when pouring on a resource, specify a link to your site.

Method 17. File Exchangers (Word and PDF)

The method is to download text documents or pdf files that contain a link to your resource to content sharing sites. Search engines perfectly index pdf files and links in them.

Method 18. Mentioning a competitor's brand

Drive your competitor’s brand in the search engine, go to the resource on which it is mentioned, and keep talking about him, including in the link dialog to your site. Using this method, you will find hundreds, and maybe thousands of sources where you can place your link in relation to your topic.

Method 19. Partner or sponsor

This method gives the maximum effect. from the point of view of both user transfers to the site and the weight of the transmitted site. The results from its use can be completely unexpected. Having become a partner or sponsor of any not even very promotional event, providing, for example, a certificate for their products as a prize, you can get an additional fairly large number of links when publishing information about the upcoming and, later, past event.

Very helpful participation in any events, that directly or indirectly affect your subject. It can be:

  • conferences;
  • courses;
  • services;
  • events and any other events.

Получение ссылок с сайта партнера

Method 20. Infographics

Infographics are a way of reporting graphic image information: graphs, diagrams, illustrations. Using this method allows you to achieve an amazing result by contributing to:

  • increase the conversion of the site;
  • easier assimilation and memorization of information;
  • facilitating communication;
  • increase sales;
  • increased interest in the site from customers, partners and the public;
  • increase in profit.

Infographics in our country, in fact, are only emerging. This method is used by few, since few people know how to efficiently create graphic objects that reveal a particular topic. Therefore, as soon as such an object appears on the network, it immediately diverges on thousands of sites related to a given topic, while often enough the source is indicated. If you can create a high-quality graphic image that clearly illustrates any aspect of your subject, the question of how to get white links without attachments will be resolved by itself.

Method 21. Satellites (site networks)

You can create a source for yourself from where you will make a link to your site. When creating a network of sites that will place links to each other or to the main site, it is important to understand how to get around and outwit search engines so that they did not suspect you of its creation and did not block the entire network of sites.

Initially, this method will require some costs to buy domains. After creating several sites, further costs will only be temporary.

Method 22. Creating a free service

This method of obtaining external links to the site is available only to those people who are familiar with programming and can create a network service that will be interesting and useful to users., establishing it for himself. Such services include, for example, SiteHeart - a convenient service that was initially only free, after a huge number of links were collected, paid tariffs appeared.

Link volume, obtained in this way, maybe just incredible. Therefore, it is worth considering the creation of such a service.

Источник белых ссылок - сетевой сервис

Method 23. Participation in ratings or nominations

The case when really the main part, not the victory. Therefore, one should not be afraid to participate in various thematic ratings with the idea that it will still not be possible to win. It is important to remember that in all the ratings and nominations in which you participate, links to your site will be posted, regardless of where you take a place in it, and it is very valuable. At the same time, taking part in any rating is not a difficult task.

Rating can be any: on topics, product, profession, employees, etc.

Method 24. Google alerts

Incredible convenient and useful service Google, which allows you to regularly receive notifications about specific words requested and used in the system.

Service will notify you of all articles, texts and generally any mention, a request of interest to you, after which it is enough for you to follow the specified link and post in the comments to this article a link to your site or offer to contact you a potential buyer who is interested in the group of goods you sell.

Увеличить количество внешних ссылок с помощью Google Alerts

Get a free consultation from an SEO expert on your site

Method 25. Reputation Management Services

Every day, discussions about your or competitive company / brand appear on the Web. This may be a mention on a thematic forum, a review site, on a social network. There are two open services that allow tracking any appearing on the Internet brand specific information and companies:


By entering one of these services your brand and brand of your closest competitors, you will see all references to them. Thus, you have the opportunity to support communication and, in this regard, once again place a white link to your site.

Method 26. Posting a tag about the work performed

Operating daily within your business, you accumulate a number of orders, projects, facilities, services, etc., delivered or completed daily. Offering your satisfied customers or buyers post information about you, you can get a large number of links to your site and positive reviews, in return providing, for example, a discount on the next order. This will not only increase the attendance of your site, but also get a real comment about your work in an extremely positive way.

Of course, there will be those who refuse to spend time writing reviews, but most of the customers who were satisfied with your work, most likely they will respond with consent to your request, and it will be really valuable and useful for the development of your site and brand.

Method 27. Link exchange or mutual PR

Recently, the exchange of links as such does not work, he has been replaced by such a concept as mutual PR, or VP. By contacting partners or colleagues from other companies that are somehow related to your business niche in your work, you are always may ask to mention you or post information about your activities, proposing in return, to publish an article or comment about a partner company on your site.

It completely normal phenomenon in modern business - to post articles on a friendly brand on your website, in response receiving the same thing. But such a method of obtaining free external links will not be possible if you yourself do not offer it.

Method 28. Positive review or case

Using any service or purchasing goods, you can write a detailed positive review, a case about your experience, which, among other things, will contain unobtrusive information about your company, and send it to the seller, who is likely to be happy to post it on his website with reference to you.

Such cases and reviews can be placed anywhere, not only by sending to a specific seller or partner: on social networks, on your own website, on forums, etc. In return, you will receive hundreds of links to your post and, as a result, your site.

This is another example of how giving can be of great benefit to yourself.

Метод получения бесплатных ссылок - положительный кейс

Method 29. Product or service for review by blogger

The complexity of this method is only to correctly find the right blogger: it should be a fairly twisted author who enjoys well-deserved popularity and somehow understands your product. The rest is simple enough. You send him a sample of your products with a proposal to test it in action and describe your impressions with information, including about your company.

It is not necessary to send an expensive product for description. It is important that it is of high quality and its value is high for a particular person. In this case you will receive excellent positive review without much cost. Typically, such links to your brand are very effective.

Method 30. Site or blog aggregators (creating a free site)

Now there is a huge amount services for creating free sites - These are small templates that can become a good source of external links. By creating such a unique, albeit simple site, you get the opportunity to leave a link to your main site on it, which will remain on the Web.

Method 31. “Home article from” + topic

Returning to the method of guest posts, when using which the percentage of failures is quite large for the reason that the addressee simply does not deal with such things, it is worth recalling companies, who just apply in their practice the placement of external links on their website. In this case the owner is ready to post high-quality content on his website from third-party authors, offering a link for this.

Under such articles, visitors to the site are indicated by the link to the author “Gost article from ...” or “Source: ...”. Therefore, in order to find resources on which you can place your own text, you need to drive this particular request in quotation marks in the search engine indicating your subject.

Method 32. Blog Platforms

Another source of receiving white links to the site is blog platforms. One of the most famous of them is Yandex Zen. By creating your blog in it, which is very easy to do, you can post any articles from your site in it. The uniqueness of the text on this resource is not checked, so there is no need to rewrite your articles, which have long been indexed. Under the text you indicate the source, that is, you leave a link to your own site.

Method 33. Marketplay

Marketplayers are large sites on which can place your goods, essentially an open platform for implementation, an online market. Many underestimate the benefits of using them, but in vain: without spending money, you acquire an additional “trading point” on the Web, while you have free opportunity to leave an external link to your site.

If your company is not engaged in the sale of goods, but provides any services, you should also not ignore marketplay, because you can register your company here and get a link to your own site, and, therefore, an additional mention of your brand on the Web.

Маркетплейс - источник получения бесплатных ссылок

Method 34. Linkbuilding on broken links 404

The method is in search and use of broken links on other sites.

There are special programs that allow you to find these links, including for free. One of them is Netpeak spider - makes it possible to detect broken links for free in test mode during the first 14 days. You need to make a link to any thematically close website to you, after which you will receive a list of links to articles that were posted earlier, but for some reason have been deleted. By studying the link, you can often understand what information the text contained, and offer the site owner your own article, revealing the same topic, indicating the source, i.e., the address of your site. Many are happy to agree to this, and thus you can get a lot of high-quality links.

Method 35. Publicity

By publicly telling and showing what you know and know how to do, covering the topic that you specialize in by posting video lessons, information articles and other data for a wide range of viewers, readers and listeners, you can get a huge number of high-quality effective external links during the overpasses. Try hard be as public and open as possible. Take an active part in various public events, it can be:

  • conferences;
  • online marathons;
  • profile reports and more.

Fame helps create some kind of addiction to your brand. It is not surprising that successful businessmen make every effort to become a famous person, to be as much as possible in sight and hearing. One of the advantages of this publicity is the ability to receive a large number of links.

Method 36. Wikipedia or any encyclopedia

Everyone knows that Wikipedia is very cool source of external links, but it’s not easy to get. Therefore, you can turn to a person who has already done this earlier and knows exactly how to write texts for Wikipedia. To do this, you can contact any author or editor of an article on a topic close to you posted on this resource, ask to write an article for you and leave a link to your site. But this option is likely to require financial costs.

Another option for using Wikipedia is do some research in your field, post it on your site and leave a link to it in an existing article that is suitable for the topic.

Do not forget that, in addition to Wikipedia, there are a huge number of online encyclopedias on the Internet, placing an article in which is much easier. In some of them, you can simply add your link to any posted article on your topic.

Method 37. Expert opinion or survey

If you are a professional in your field and have some degree of fame, you can be contacted for advice, advice or expert opinion, which later appears on the Web with reference to you. Yes, this method will only start working after you will achieve a special attitude towards yourself, trust in one’s own experience and knowledge.

If you have not yet achieved such an attitude and have not reached the required level of popularity in your subject, you can and should do it yourself seek the opportunity to share your knowledge, Speaking as an expert on any issue found on the Internet - you should never neglect this opportunity to receive high-quality links to your site.

Method 38. Conduct or participate in an interview

Finding an interviewer these days is not a challenge. Ask conduct and record an interview with you in video and / or text format. Having spent a little time and answering simple questions from your professional field, you will receive an excellent free link.

This method works in both directions:

  • if you are interviewed, a link to your site will be indicated under the text,
  • if, on the contrary, you are interviewing, most likely his hero will also post a mention on his website indicating the source.

Method 39. Point on the maps (Yandex Directory, Google My Business)

Another example of how you can get white links to the site is to register with Google My Business and Yandex Directory. Here you can place any information about your company - from contacts to products, but at least you need to leave your contact coordinates by indicating the point of your actual location.

метод получения бесплатных ссылок - карты

Method 40. Educational institutions .edu

Links from educational sites give incredible weight. Therefore need use every opportunity to receive them. There can be several ways:

  • sponsorship or partnership (which we spoke about above);
  • information exchange;
  • performances;
  • admission of students for an internship;
  • free training for N-students, etc.

Choose for yourself most suitable educational organizations from the point of view of the topic and the proposal, cooperation is useful to them and with the possibility of placing links for themselves. Think about how to make there as many links to your site as possible: organize student selection for an internship or training on a test posted on your site, write an appeal to the contestants and ask to post on the university’s website, etc.

Method 41. Question and Answer Service

Currently, there are an incredible number of such services on which collected questions from various areas, which means with their help you can significantly increase the number of external links. You only need to find those questions that relate to your topic and give a quality answer with a link to your site and brand. You can also independently leave the questions you need on these resources and answer them yourself.

Method 42. Job Search Sites

A very simple and effective method that will increase the number of links to your site. Register your company on all available job search sites. It is not necessary to even post vacancies, just enter maximum company data with a link to your site. These pages are quickly indexed, adding solid weight to your site.
Creating every new vacancy on different sites, you every time additionally get another link.

размещение бесплатных ссылок на сайтах поиска работы

Method 43. Accommodation on partner sites

Do not forget ask your partners (clients or suppliers) provide a link to you. So you can get:

  • a link to the customer’s website to which you provide the goods or service as a supplier;
  • a link to the website of the supplier who provides the goods or service to you as the best buyer.

Few in this situation will refuse to place your link.

Method 44. Slideshow catalog

Another source where you can take white links is special withservices for posting slides and presentations, for example, Under each laid out slide you leave a link to your site and get extra weight. Given that the number of such services is quite large, you can easily get a large number of free links.

Method 45. Digest or article selection

On some sites and resources, collections, events, articles or videos are added. It can be digests of the best articles, a selection of webinars per week, a list of the most interesting videos on a specific topic, etc. If your article has not been added yet, need to offer yourself to do this to the owners of such resources by sending them a link for consideration. Not everyone will agree to your offer, it’s normal, but it’s quite possible someone will be ready to post your text or video indicating the source.

Источник бесплатных ссылок - дайджесты и подборки

Method 46. Conduct a contest

Many people actively use this self-disseminating method. There are many options for contests that companies come up with in order to get as many external links as possible, usually offering their products or a discount on their purchase in return for a limited number of participants.

For example, some time ago, one jewelry store held a very curious contest among bloggers. It was required to participate in it in your blog describe your own story about how the proposal was made to get married, and in the text leave a link to the competition. The authors of the three most romantic stories received a cash reward that could be spent on the products of this store. The incredible number of girls, hoping to get a prize, posted thousands of stories from their lives, “giving” the salon a large number of links.

Come up with interesting conditions to participate and win in your own competition and you will not have problems with the question of where to get white links to your site.

Method 47. Rating in its subject

Everyone is pleased to be in the top of a rating. This is a great idea and an interesting solution to the problem, how can I increase the number of links to the site.

You can act as the rating organizer, in this case, the participants will post on their website a link to your resource indicating what place it took. Or vice versa, take part in the rating, where there will be a link to your site as well in the general list of participants.

Рейтинг компаний - источник белых ссылок

Method 48. Topic Awards

Sites that distribute various awards are often found. Among them there are those who do it for a fee, but there are completely free options. It is enough for you to find such a site and express your desire to receive a reward. In case of a positive result, a link to your site will definitely be posted on their resource.

The second option, which allows you to place white links using this method, is to start distributing free rewards to the best companies in your business math with the ability to post information about this along with a link to you on the nominee website.

Method 49. Info breeder

Organization and holding any public actions or flash mobs - A chic method to get a lot of external links from various sources. Come up with and send out information about this using your own website, social networks and any other communication channels to collect as many participants as possible on the occasion you invented.

An example of such a massive event on a global scale is the Hour of the Earth, organized annually by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Method 50. Content is the king!

Any sources of free links are somehow related to the quality content that people distribute. The best way to get links is when users themselves leave them to you, that is, they share the information presented on your resource.

Come as carefully as possible to create content. He must solve the problems of people, relieve their pain, honestly and clearly answer their questions, “speak” in their language. Any client who comes to your company does not matter which business you are engaged in, wants to solve any pain. High-quality content is a full-fledged product that is also designed to solve problems that have arisen in front of the client. Only high-quality content with which you can share something, give something, will allow you to receive honest links and well-deserved progress in response.

Summing up

All white methods for obtaining external links to the site, which we have listed above, one way or another associated with the use of a number of tricks: we must perform certain actions designed to artificially encourage competitors, partners or users to place a link.

It should be remembered that always you need to make every effort to ensure that satisfied partners and customers share information about you themselves, post links to your site and mention your brand or product. This is what should be the goal of your work, that is what you need to strive for. In this case, you will not need any white methods for obtaining external links at all. For this, it is important to conscientiously and efficiently do your job, produce or sell goods and provide services, to be responsible for creating and filling with high-quality content on your site.

The considered methods for obtaining white links do not require no investment except your time costs. Some are simpler and will be within the power of everyone, for the implementation of others some knowledge and experience will be required, but all of them are somehow quite accessible.

It is interesting to know about your experience in obtaining external links to the site. Perhaps some of the above methods you have already tried to use or successfully apply them in your daily work. Maybe some method previously had difficulties, now it became clear why. What tricks seem to you the most working and why? Share in the comments under the article.