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Do I use automatic site promotion

Today, there are a fairly large number of services offering automatic website promotion that will easily and simply bring it to the leaders of searchable issues. 

The most cautious owners of sites who know about the existence of punishment by search engines in the form of filters in case of dishonest actions are naturally interested in: “How secure is automatic SEO website promotion?”.

To get an answer to this question, you need to analyze in more detail the possible benefits and risks when using similar methods.

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What is the automatic website promotion

Services providing such services promise their customers that they will only need to provide the address of the web resource, the automatic SEO promotion of which is required, and everything else (keyword selection, compilation of link texts, selection of donor sites for their placement) they will do it themselves.

You will only have to pay for their services on time and wait for the promised results.

Will automatic site promotion help

Unfortunately, in fact, not everything is so rosy. In most cases, the system of automatic website promotion will help... get under the filters. Why? Let's start with origins of this problem.

Quite a few years (since 2008) exist Sape service, who is involved in the purchase / sale of links. Search engines are aware of its existence and are diligently fighting those who use its services. How is he so different from others? His highlight is that almost all links, which he provides, are substandard

The result of this service is most often the placement of a link to your site on pages with bad non-thematic content, somewhere at the very bottom, next to another 10-20 purchased links.  And this is very carefully monitored by search engines, since it negatively affects the formation of truly relevant search results. 

Now to the point. Almost any automatic promotion system is an intermediary that purchases links from such services. The promised automatic promotion of the site means that you will even use the services for which you will be punished if you are identified. 

Final recommendations

Based on the reasons listed above, we highly recommend that you do not try to use automatic promotion.

Having bought promises of easy progress without your participation in this process, you are almost certain doom your site to the loss of existing ratings and getting under the filters of search engines, from which it will be very difficult to get out.

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